The truth about life in America, urban cities, and the real purpose behind gangs

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The truth about life in America, urban cities, and the real purpose behind gangs

Unread post by BeboDollaz » July 13th, 2018, 12:38 am

The biggest picture is that America is not a melting pot as they used to call it. It's the country of white people, sprinkled with different other races. More than 77% of America is white. If you know this, then its not suprising that Donald Trump is president right now and most certainly will be re-elected.

There has always from the beginning of time been a unspoken rule by the powerful white people and powerful white nations.. To be the most powerful, to work together and to never let any other race gain as much power.

There are many big dudes in governments and corporations across the world that reflect this idea and have even spoke about it on tape. From people in the FBI, to people in the cIA, and all branches of government, speaking about tactics used to keep blacks and hispanic people primarily down (the 2 biggest minorities).

Before the legalization of marijuana in different states, marijuana was concentrated in areas of blacks and hispanics.. the marijuana use was said to hinder progress in these inner cities and keep these people down. But they realized Marijuana was actually helping people, so they genetically modified the strains to make them 20x more potent, and introduced cocaine, crack, heroine and more drugs that were never native to America.. but actually extradited from developing countries.

In movies, films, etc... White people create the stereotypes.. for the longest time, they portrayed themselves as heroes, strong people, people to fear, people with power, authority figures and hispanics and blacks as poor and needy and useless, cept for a few. As time went on, other races really pushed to be apart of the media and get some kind of control in to how they are represented.

Do you know that most all hispanic aand black gangs started to help blacks, hispanics and even asians gain civil rights, and train themselves to get ready for the white mans world? But why did things go array and what went wrong? White people always had a hand in it.. With their powerful networks, from FBI, CIA, to the Fraternal order of police, etc.. they recruited and planted people in all gangs, organizations, civil and philanthropic or even religious.. Theres videos and tapes about it.. The purpose was to destroy the progress and deter these organizations from gaining any type of power or leverage in cities.. and how did they recruit the minorities to fuck their own people? MONEY. just like The Royal kid Jimenez who bought out different gang members.. except these dudes were actually FBI agents and such..

So wake the fuck up, try to make progress and do good and become successful. Stop being influenced by street culture, hip hop music, drugs and partying and get your shit together

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Unread post by SnitchKilla303 » July 13th, 2018, 12:20 pm

Community Reparation in Progress Community Resistance in Progress all that.
"The social philosophy of black nationalism only means that we have to get together and remove the evils, the vices, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other evils that are destroying the moral fiber of our community. We our selves have to lift the level of our community, the standard of our community to a higher level, make our own society beautiful so that we will be satisfied in our own social circles and won't be running around here trying to knock our way into a social circle where we're not wanted"
Malcolm X

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