-sneaker columnist give their favorite color way of Jordans ( #1- 20)

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-sneaker columnist give their favorite color way of Jordans ( #1- 20)

Unread post by Quiet-Q » May 17th, 2018, 1:15 am

Our picks from Air Jordans 1 through 32.

Air Jordan colorways come in every variety imaginable. While the line focused mostly on Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls colors early on, it has since expanded to pull inspiration from a huge range of sources. Whether it’s a shoe based on an ad campaign with Bugs Bunny, a memorable off-court moment from MJ, or even a lifestyle look, they each help tell the story of the player and brand (with varying degrees of success).

We’ve gone through the entire line and chosen the best look for each individual Air Jordan model. Check out our picks below.
Air Jordan 1 'Banned'

Air Jordan 1 (I) High
Image via Nike
This one is not really up for debate. While the "Banned" Air Jordan 1 may not have actually been banned by the NBA, it's still a game-changing sneaker that's stood the test of time through countless retro editions. This black/red colorway is still the boldest and best of Michael Jordan's first model.

Air Jordan 2 'White/Black/Red'

Air Jordan 2 (II)
Image via Flight Club
The Air Jordan 2 was the quiet answer to the Air Jordan 1 in terms of colorways, this model being much less prolific than the first go-round. Retro releases have helped close the gap a bit, but we're still partial to the pairs that made their debut in the 1980s. It's a toss-up between which of the originals reigns supreme, and we're giving the nod to the slightly more popular white/black/red look.

Air Jordan 3 'Black/Cement'

Air Jordan 3 (III)
Image via Air Jordan
Few sneakers on this list are as celebrated as this colorway of the Air Jordan 3. Sure, the Jordan 3 in general has plenty of hits, but the black/cement pair has always been the cream of the crop. While the white/cement Air Jordan 3 may have a stronger historical argument thanks to its place in Dunk Contest lore, this one always felt more special.

Air Jordan 4 'Black/Cement'

Air Jordan 4 (IV)
Image via Flight Club
Just like the Air Jordan 3, the black and cement colorway of Air Jordan 4 is one of the most popular Air Jordan styles of all time. The white version has been in the spotlight more lately thanks to the 2016 retro, but it's the black pair that is remembered and appreciated for being on MJ's feet as he hit "The Shot" to beat the Cavs back in '89 for one of the most memorable moments of his career. It's also rumored to be making a comeback in 2019.

Air Jordan 5 'Grape'

Air Jordan 5 (V)
Image via Flight Club
The "Grape" Air Jordan 5 isn't tied to as many on-court moments as other versions of this same shoe, but it's still the best. The sneaker was a stand out for its departure from the black, white, and red looks that dominated Jordans at the time. Retros may have watered them down a bit, but most sneakerheads have lusted after a pair of "Grape" Jordan 5s at one point or another.

Air Jordan 6 'Black/Infrared'

Air Jordan 6 (VI)
Image via Nike
It's so hard for a pair of black and red Jordans to not look good. While this take on the Air Jordan 6 wasn't exactly groundbreaking with its color choices, it did change the equation a bit by turning up the brightness on the sharp red accents. Plus, don't forget its role in Michael Jordan's first NBA Championship in 1991.

Air Jordan 7 'Hare'

Air Jordan 7 (VII)
Image via Nike
Bugs Bunny had his own colorway of Air Jordans—think about that for a second. With this sneaker, Jordan teamed up with an unlikely partner and created one of the best crossover moments in the history of sports footwear. Heck, the punny name alone might be enough to qualify the "Hare" Jordan 7 for this slot.

Air Jordan 8 'Aqua'

Air Jordan 8 (VIII)
Image via Nike
Remember when All-Star Game Air Jordans were this good? The "Aqua" Jordan 8 made its debut at the 1993 ASG festivities and has been celebrated since. Prior to its first retro release back in 2007, the "Aqua" Air Jordan 8 was one of the most coveted original Jordan designs thanks to the non-traditional color scheme.

Air Jordan 9 'Charcoal'

Air Jordan 9 (IX)
Image via Flight Club
The Air Jordan 9 is a tough one to love since the sneaker wasn't worn by Jordan in the NBA during its original release. While the model is considered by many as a low point in the first half of the Air Jordan line, it had its moments. Here, the "Charcoal" pair gets the nod off the strength of the versatile, black-based palette.

Air Jordan 10 'Chicago'

Air Jordan 10 (X)
Image via Nike
He's back. This colorway of the Air Jordan 10 is most associated with Michael Jordan's return to the NBA in 1995. The Chicago Bulls look was part of a wider pack of city-inspired releases, with this one reigning supreme for obvious reasons.

Air Jordan 11 'Concord'

Air Jordan 11 (XI)
Image via Nike
Worn by MJ almost an entire year prior to its release, the "Concord" Air Jordan 11 was like no other Air Jordan colorway before it. Not only did it utilize a unique combination of white, black, and concord purple, but the shoe was taken to new levels of flashiness with its contrasting patent leather overlays. A lot of people will pull for the "Space Jam" over this Jordan 11, but the "Concord" has a richer history at retail.

Air Jordan 12 'Playoffs'

Air Jordan 12 (XII)
Image via Stadium Goods
The Jordan 12 was best remembered for its sharply contrasting overlay colorblocking, and no version showcased it better than what has long been dubbed the "Playoff" Jordan 12. Worn by Jordan during Game 1 of the 1997 Finals—the night he sunk a game-winning shot from left wing after "the mailman didn't deliver on a Sunday"—this colorway has stood the test of time.

Air Jordan 13 'Black/Red'

Air Jordan 13 (XIII)
Image via Nike
Michael Jordan may have worn the 14 during the clinching game of the 1998 Playoffs, but it was this away-colored Jordan 13 that he did most of his damage in during that legacy-cementing run. The only Bulls colorway to feature a 3M mesh overlay rather than leather, this version's variety of textures made it truly stand out upon its original release.

Air Jordan 14 'Indiglo'

Air Jordan 14 (XIV)
Image via Nike
Sure, the "Last Shot" Air Jordan 14 is one of the most important Jordans ever, but colorways aren't on this list for historical significance alone. The "Indiglo" look brought with it an entirely new colorblocking and accent approach that captured the sleekness and speed of the shoe's design, a welcome change to the standard Bulls fare.

Air Jordan 15 'Stealth'

Air Jordan 15 (XV)
Image via Nike
You'd be forgiven for not having an opinion on the Air Jordan 15, a shoe even Tinker Hatfield admitted he's not a huge fan of. This take on the sneaker toned the colors down, a good choice on a model that didn't need to be any more bold. One of the few hits of color comes on the back via the Prada-inspired heel strip.

Air Jordan 16 'Black/Red'

Air Jordan 16 (XVI)
Image via Stadium Goods
Even though MJ appeared to be retired for good when the 16 released in 2000, it was pretty easy to envision Michael stepping out on the United Center floor for a playoff game in this launch colorway. The original featured a great full grain leather throughout, which was set off by a clean patent leather toe inspired by Jordan's dress shoes.

Air Jordan 17 'College Blue'

Air Jordan 17 (XVII)
Image via Stadium Goods
It may have been too tame upon its initial release, but as the years have passed this Wilson Smith-crafted game shoe has aged gracefully. With inspirations including Jordan's love for jazz and golf, and quality detailing like rolled edges, the 17 is best remembered as the model MJ wore as he returned to the game for a second time as a Washington Wizard.

Air Jordan 18 'Black/Sport Royal'

Image via Flight Club
Released at the start of MJ's second season with the Washington Wizards, this shoe's rich suede upper oozed quality, and the packaging even included a suede brush and towel to make sure you were taking care of your kicks. After getting used to so many Bulls-themed launch colorways, it was refreshing at the time to see the vivid sport royal accents on this pair, even if the Jordan 18 isn't among the best silhouettes associated with Mike.

Air Jordan 19 'Flint Grey'

Image via Flight Club
It's sometimes tough to top a Bulls-inspired black and red colorway, but there was just something about how the "Flint Grey" version of the Air Jordan 19 best showed off the shoe's woven Tech Flex shroud. Headlined at the time by Carmelo Anthony and Jason Kidd, this clean home-geared colorway marked a muted new look for the game shoe after Jordan himself was retired for good.

Air Jordan 20 'Stealth'

Air Jordan 20 (XX)
Image via Nike
While the laser pattern (a defining characteristic of the Jordan 20) wasn't as bold on this colorway as on others, it has its merits. The grey framing of the outsole and heel, combined with an all-patent upper, made this Air Jordan 20 stand out as a bit more aggressive and quick than the others.
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