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blood knowledge

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Allies: Norteños, People Nation, Nation of Gods & Earths, Muslims

Enemies: Crips, Sureños, Folks Nation, Jews

The Bloods street gang alliance started in the City of Compton in Los Angeles County California in 1972. Female members of the Bloods are called Bloodettes. By late 1971 the Crip alliance was already very well established on the streets of Los Angeles County. In this same year the Avalon Garden Crips and the Inglewood Crips had joined forces with other Crip sets and began to target innocent civilians with random acts of severe violence for what appeard to be no reason at all. The Crips also began expanding in to non-Crip set territories controlled by other independent street gangs (gangs not in an alliance) including The L.A. Brims. The L.A. Brims started in 1969 on the west side of the City of Los Angeles and was also already a powerful independent organization by 1971. The Crips targeted these independent gangs because they were not part of the Crip alliance or any other street gang alliance and therefore lacked the strength in numbers that the Crips alliance had and were easy targets. The Piru Street Boys, who already represented a powerful force in the City of Compton at this time, actually collaborated with the Crips prior to 1972. A little known fact is that for a short time period the Pirus joined the Crips alliance as the Piru Street Crips, and they also wore the traditional blue flags of the Crip alliance and flagged to the left.

During the summer of 1972 the Piru Street Crips had a conflict with the rest of the Crip gangs and and a bloody war was started that would soon make history. The conflict was over a murder the Crips had committed on March 21st of that year at the Hollywood Palladium. After a concert at the Palladium, up to 20 Crips from various different Crip gangs attacked a small group of neutral young men and robbed them of their wallets and leather Jackets. During this attack a young man by the name of Robert Ballou Jr. was beat to death after he refused to give up his Jacket. Robert Ballou was not a member of any street gang so the Piru Street Crips had a problem with the other Crip gangs for attacking a neutral person. A neutral person is a person not in a gang, and is also known as a civilian or neutron. The Piru Street Boys were always strongly against the abuse of innocent civilians before they joined the Crips alliance and decided to wage war against the other Crip gangs over this event, but they were severly outnumbered by the rest of the Crip gangs and the Crips were easily winning the war. The Pirus made it known that they had dropped completely out of the Crip alliance and wanted to terminate all peaceful relations with all Crip gangs. Then they turned to the Lueders Park Hustlers, another Compton gang at war with Crips at the time, for a meeting. The Lueders Park Hustlers agreed and a meeting was called on Piru Street in Compton, California. The Pirus also invited every other independent street gang at war with the Crips in L.A. County to join the meeting. The Crips had murdered an L.A. Brim member by the name of "Lil Country" earlier that year, so the Brims attended the meeting as well. Others that attended were the Denver Lanes and the Bishops.

At the meeting, the groups discussed plans to combat Crip intimidation and abuse, along with the creation of a new alliance that other indepenent gangs were free to join at will to counter the Crips with. Before that time the color of flags (bandanas) was not important, but since the Crips were known to wear blue flags, the Pirus and the other independent organizations decided to discontinue the wearing of blue flags at this meeting. They decided to take on the wearing of an opposite color, red, and create a new street gang alliance which became known as the Bloods alliance. The word"Bloods" came from the local slang term at the time: "Young Blood", which is what older people reffered to the young gang members as. Even though all bloods wear red as their primary color, some sets and banners use secondary, and even up to 3 colors to distinguish themselves. The Athens Park Boys and Pueblos later also joined the Blood alliance, and soon after, other independent gangs who had been threatened or attacked by the Crips also joined the Blood alliance as well. Since Crips always flagged to the left, Bloods began to flag to the right side to signify that "your bloods should always be RIGHT by your side, and never LEFT behind".

Another organization, called the Black P Stones, also joined the Blood alliance in Los Angeles. The Black P Stones actually originated in Chicago, Illinoise and were brought to Los Angeles in 1969 by T. Rodgers, a young Black P. Stone who was moved to L.A at the age of 12 by his mother to keep him off of Chicago’s gang infested streets. T. Rodgers started 2 chapters of Black P Stones in Los Angeles very quickly. One chapter is called the Jungle Stones in Baldwin Village area of Los Angeles (the head quarters), an area that had an organization called the Jungle Boys which T. convinced to flip into Stones. The other chapter is called the Bity Stones (City Stones) in the West Adams area of Los Angeles. The People Nation street gang alliance did not yet exist in Chicago at the time, so the Stones joined the L.A. Brims in Los Angeles as the Black P Stone Brims before the L.A. Brims even joined the Blood Alliance. Even though the Black P Stones in Los Angeles joined the Blood Alliance with the rest of the Brims and soon became their own 2 Blood sets separate from the Brims, The Black P Stones in Chicago remained an independent gang untill the People Nation alliance was created in 1978. The Black P Stones in Los Angeles took on the wearing of red flags like all Bloods and incorporated the use of the number 5,the 5 point star and following the Moorish Science Temple of America like the original Stones in Chicago; thereby making the Black P Stone Bloods of Los Angeles the first official 5 riding Bloods set since 1972, before the People Nation alliance existed in Chicago. The Blood Stone Villains (also known as East Side Villains) and Blood Stone Pirus of Los Angeles are not part of the Black P Stone Bloods, they got their name from a 1970’s R&B group called “Bloodstone” and have no connection to the Black P Stone Bloods in L.A. other than being under the Blood alliance. Contrary to popular belief, T. Rodgers did not start the Bloods, and was not even at the meeting where the Bloods alliance was created. His gang just simply joined the Blood Alliance after the Blood Alliance was created and is regarded as part of the founding sets in the Bloods alliance.

Though most blood gangs (also known as sets or hoods) simply do they're own individual thing, there can be smaller alliances between Blood sets called "Banners". Banners are smaller alliances of individual Blood gangs within the Blood alliance itself, which gangs within the banners are known to put before the whole Blood alliance. Some Blood Banners include Piru, Brim, Family Swan Nation, UBN, NHB, NYB, NJB and many more. Although all bloods flag red as their primary color; Pirus and Brims use burgundy as their banner color, UBN uses black and green, NHB uses black, NYB uses Brown, and NJB uses gold. Within Blood Banners there can also be "divisions" which specifies specific groups of gangs within the banner. Some divisions include the W/S NHB's from L.A., the E/S NHB's from NYC and the NJNHB's from New Jersey within the NHB banner, the Neighborhood Piru division within the Piru banner, and the L.A. BBA, N.Y. BBA and N.J. BBA divisions within the Brim banner. Within each individual Blood gang or "set" there can also be "blood lines" or "lines" for short. Blood lines specify members within the set who are under a specific "Big Homie's" wing such as the "Machete Line" of 135 Pirus under OG Machete (aka Jiwe), the "Gotti Boys" line of Mob Pirus under OG Big Bob Gotti and the "Ragg Boys" Mob Piru line under YG P Ragg.

Blood gangs strictly bang (go to war) to defend their territory (hood, turf, block, building, house, park, etc), and are known to be very vicious in their attacks towards enemy trespassers; often murdering them on sight. Bloods do not let any person or business make any type of money whatsoever in their hoods unless they are part of or owned by the set that controls the hood or are paying a hood tax of at least $50 per day to a set member. Other ways Bloods make money is by selling drugs, selling guns, taxing drug dealers, prostitution, loan sharking and providing security services for paying clients. Bloods are also known to make legal money by taking advantage of the growing popularity of the Bloods alliance and entering the entertainment industry such as television, movies, rap music and the p*rn industry, publicly glorifying the lifestyle to paying fans. Blood sets are always trying to expand their territories and find new territories to take over and spread lines to which essentially makes their wars and recruitment never ending. Bloods are known to mark their territories and all boundaries by the use of extreme wall banging. Wall banging for Bloods consists of marking territory with graffitti of the gang and/or banner color which shows they own that turf or going into a rivals turf and crossing out rival graffitti to start a war or take-over. Every Blood set and/or banner has a handsign they use to show affiliation, and a handshake they use to greet one another with. Most Blood members around the country who are not in the same same set or under the same banner are known to greet each other by locking the "B" handsign together with their right hands and then flashing their set and/or banner handsign at the end; also with their right hands. In addition to wearing bandanas to show affiliation, Blood members are known to dress entirely in red and/or the colors of their set and/or banners. Bloods are also known to sometimes wear specific hats with team logos on them that pertain to their set and/or banner.

There are significantly more Blood gangs today than when the alliance was first created. This is because many independent organizations outside of Los Angeles County, even outside of California and across the United States have also turned into Blood sets. All it takes for an entire independent crew or gang to become a Blood set is the will to want to join the Bloods alliance, meaning any gang can become a Blood set if it chooses to do so. This was a rule established at the meeting when the Bloods alliance was first created in Compton in 1972. This rule essentially means there is no such thing as a "fake" blood set and is the reason why this alliance has spread so rapidly around the country and the world. Most Blood sets have names which include the name of their city or town, a street that runs through their turf, or the name of the projects, apartment complex, building, hood, community or park they control or originated at. Bloods are known to shout “SuWhoop” as a greeting to other Bloods and “Blatt” as a war call durring battle (Blatt = B.lood L.ove A.ll T.he T.ime). All bloods must shed Blood (”Blood In”) of an enemy with at least 5 other witnesses from the set before becoming a Blood to prove that he/she is really down to “ride” (put in work) for the set/hood. Bloods must also "shoot the 5" with another Blood member from the set, which is a fair one on one fight for 50 seconds with 5 other witnesses from the set, and then get jumped in by 5 members for another 50 seconds (this is called the 50/50) before being fully Blooded in 100%. The witnesses from the set are required to avoid "false flaggers", which are people who claim to be in the set but never got properly blooded in. Unlike other gangs, Blood are required to fight back when being jumped in, and if the person being jumped falls down that person must start all over again and the other members are not allowed to hit that person while they have fallen. Bloods are forbidden to attack any person in their turf/hood who is not an enemy nor any person who is not in a gang (neutral) without purpose, doing so will lead to being “Blooded Out” (killed). Bloods believe that they must protect their hood and anyone living in their hood from other bullying gangs (especially the Crips) and they take that belief very seriously as that is the cause of their creation in the first place. Bloods do not allow any enemies inside their turf and don't allow anyone to wear Blue bandanas/flags in their turf. Bloods have been known to talk to each other in the language of Swahili, a practice picked up from west coast Blood members in prison who once used the language to confuse prison guards and other prison gangs in the 1980's. Some Swahili words used most by the Bloods are: Damu (Blood), Penda (Love), and Jiwe (Stone).

Blood sets have a loose structure of rank (sometimes called "stain") based on how long a person has been banging for their particular hood and/or how much work they put in for the hood (how much enemy blood stains were caused by you). Eventhough some blood sets have their own unique set of rank; most blood sets around the country use the following 7 ranks: TYG (Tiny Young Gangster: members under 18 years old), YG (Young Gangster: first 10 years of membership for members 18 years of age and up), OYG (Original Young Gangster: members who have been banging for the set for 10 years and up), OG (Original Gangster: members who have been banging for the set for 20 years and up), OOG (Double OG: members who who been banging for the set for 30 years and up), OOOG (Tripple OG or simply "Tripple O": members who who been banging for the set for 40 years and up), GF or GM (God Father or God Mother: will also be one of the before mentioned ranks and is used to specify the founder(s) of a set, line, division, or banner). Bloods with higher rank are respectfully reffered to as “Big Homies” or "Big Dogs" by Bloods with lower rank. Bloods with lower rank are respectfully reffered to as "Little Homies" or "Pups" by Bloods with higher rank. All Bloods refer to each other as "Blood" and/or "B Dog". Once a person has joined a Blood set, it’s for life; meaning you can not leave the set or flip (switch) to another set or alliance. Every member of the Bloods alliance is required to have the name of their particular set, line, banner and/or division tattooed on him/her and is required to have a "hood name" so that nobody will call them by their real name. Each Blood set has it's own "hood day", which is a special day set aside every year for the entire set to get together and celebrate another year of existence. Every blood set holds a meeting (sometimes called a "pow wow") at least once a week to discuss ways to combat enemies, expand turf, increase profits and recruit new members.

Many Blood sets have grown a habit of using the number 5, and this practice traces it's roots back to the Black P Stone Bloods set of Los Angeles who use the 5 point star symbol from original Chicago Black P Stones but became a Blood set when they migrated to Los Angeles. These Bloods have incorporated the number 5 and the 5 point star deep into Blood culture since 1972. Since then Bloods have started frequently using the terms “5 popping”, “We ride the 5" and have been known to replace the letter “S” with a “5". Bloods have also taken the BPS 5 point star and made it stand for the 5 point star from the converse chuck taylor logo to signify a "BLOOD" 5 point star and Blood sets that operate in Chicago and other cities with People Nation influence have been known to collectively operate as a People Nation mob. Many Blood sets utilize the 5 point star, and the roots of this is with the Black P Stones of Chicago, so the Bloods alliance is widely regarded as part of the People Nation alliance of Chicago, and many Blood sets have begun to cock their hats to the left side to show this while maintaining their bandanas to the right. This shows that Bloods are now part of the People Nation as it's own mob. Not all Blood sets fall under the UBN /People Allliance, specifically those who are under the Piru and Brim Cards and prefer to keep the original California style culture of Blooding over the new hybrid way. Presently; the Black P Stone Bloods in both Chicago and Los Angeles continue to be the fundamental keys in uniting the Bloods alliance with the People Nation as it's own People Nation mob, with each Blood set/banner etc being a branch within this new "United Blood Nation" or sometime called "The Red Nation". The United Blood Nation is separated into 4 divisions: The West Side UBN based in California, the East Side UBN based in New York, The South Side UBN Based in Texas and the Mid Side UBN based in Illinois. When a Blood who is not a BPS Blood uses the number 5 it symbolizes the Chuck Taylor 5 point star and the Bloods have broken down each point of the star to the number of letters in the word B-L-O-O-D. When a Blood calls himself “5" he is infact reffering to himself as “BLOOD”. Bloods also break down the Word B.L.O.O.D. to mean B.lood L.ove O.verrides O.ppression & D.estruction. This behavior is most notable with the East Coast UBN Blood banner of New York, the South Side UBN Blood banner of Texas and the Outlaw Loco Bloods, Belizean Bloods and other various small Blood sets in and around the Chicago area. The Bloods are also enemies with the Sureños street gang alliance and allies with the Norteños street gang alliance. The Bloods alliance/nation is known to be enemies with the Folks Nation alliance in areas where these alliances make contact. Contrary to popular belief, bloods do not use any secret books of gang knowledge and gang prayers like most People Nation alliance gangs and other Chicago gangs do. Some Blood sets, however, simply use their own unique code words called "lingo" to communicate with each other along with the Swahili language. One very popular code word among many blood sets around the country is the word "dog food" or simply "food" for short, which in Blood terms means "enemy". The Bloods alliance as a whole is generally against it's members using hard drugs, but they make an exception for alcohol, marijuana and PCP. Bloods especially utilize PCP (also called angel dust, sherm or wet) right before battle because of it's astounding ability to drastically increase physical strength and it also makes members become more ruthless, fearless and violent when under the influence.

Many Blood gang members can be found on, which is a notorious virtual gathering-place for many other gangs as well. The reason many Bloods and other gang members choose to communicate with each other on over other sites is because of the ability to remain completely anonymous if you want and avoid being tracked by the "internet-police" while being able to communicate with other gang members from around the world. is also known to be frequented by local, state, and federal law enforcement so extra cautious members of the site have even created a unique method of communicating with each other called "starring", where they replace multiple letters in a word, often times already a code word for that particular set, with an asterisk(*) and only those who can fill in the blanks will know who or what they're talking about.

Blood sets:
075 Monroe Blood
110th Street Piru
135 Piru
145 Neighborhood Piru
456 Pomona Island Piru
52 Pueblo Bishop
59 Piru
64 Brim
793 Gangster Blood (Beven Nine Trey)
92 Bishop
737 Red Fam Piru
737 Red Dog Piru
901 Piru
Acre Hood Piru
Almighty Black P. Stone Blood
Almighty Piru Blood
Almighty Renegade Gangster Blood
Athens Park Blood
Avenue Piru Gang
Backa Town Blood
Bagdad Boyz Blood
Bay Side Gangster Blood
Bebop Watts Bishop
Belizean Blood Gang
Beverly Lane Blood
Black Heart Piru
Blood Stone Piru
Blood Stone Villain
Bloods On Point / Ballers On Point (BOP)
Brick City Gangsta Blood
Brick City Brim
Campenella Park Piru
Canarsie 90's Brim
Canarsie Gangster Blood
Cedar Block Piru
Center Park Blood
Center View Piru
Centinela Park Family
Circle City Piru
Cold Blooded Gangster Blood
Cold Stone Villain
Coney Island Rider Blood
Crenshaw Mafia Gang
Cross Atlantic Piru
Dalton Gangster Brim
Deep Valley Blood
Delmann Heights Blood
Denver Lane Blood Dorjil Gangster Blood
Doty Block Gang
Double 9 Gangsters
Dough Boy Brim
Double ii
Down Hood Mob
East Compton Piru
East Flatbush 50's Blood
East Homicide Brim
East Side 59 Brim
East Side Bounty Hunter Watts Blood
East New York Gangster Blood
East Side Uptown Blood
Elm Street Piru
Evilside Gangster Blood
Evil Side Piru
Family Swan Blood
Fruit Town Brim
Fruit Town Piru
Frontline Brim
Gangland Piru
Gangster Killer Blood / G Shine
George Street Gangster Blood
Gilbert Street Blood
Gill Street Gangster Blood
Ghost City Brim
Gorilla Stone Immortal Blood
Gorilla Stone Mafia Blood
Hacienda Village Blood
Harvard Park Brim
Hawthorne Piru
Hit Squad Brim
Holly Hood Piru
Hoover Family Blood
Infamous Gangster Blood
Inglewood Family Gang
Insane Blood Gang
Insane Red Devil Piru
Jane Usher Blood
Jarvis Street Piru
Kabbage Patch Piru
Kings Park Posse Blood
KrimeVille Gangster Blood
Kalas Park Lok
Kick Down Fence Blood
Komrad Militant Blood
Komrad Gangster Blood
Krook City Blood
Leuders Park Piru
Lil Zion Blood
Lime Hood Piru
Lincoln Park Blood
Louis Park Piru
Low Ryder Brim
Lynwood Mob Piru
Mack Baller Brim
Militant Gangster Piru
Mad Dog Blood
Mad Hatter Brim
Mad Stone Blood Mad Swan Blood
Manor Boyz Blood
Murderous Outlaw Blood
Mid Wilshire Blood
Midtown Family Blood
Magnolia State Blood
Miller Gangster Blood
Mob Piru
Nine Trey Gangster Blood
New Haven Trey Blood
North Side Piru
Omega Piru
One Eight Trey Gangster
Oriental Lazy Boyz
Original Block 151 Neighborhood Piru
Outlaw 20's Blood
Outlaw 20's Brim
Outlaw Loco Blood
Pacoima Piru
Page Boyz Blood
Park Nine Blood
Professionals In Violence Blood
Project Gangster Blood
Purple City Byrd Gang
Queen Street Blood
Red Breed Gorilla Blood
Red Side Gorilla Brim
Rocky Road Blood
Rolling 20's Neighborhood Blood
Rolling 50's Brim
Savage Life Dana Lane Blood
South River Piru
South Side Blood
South Side Piru
South Side Brim
Sepulveda Boys Blood
Seville Park Hustler Blood
Sex Money Murder
Skyline Piru
Scott Park Blood
Scottsdale Piru
South Side 59 Brim
South Side Brim
South Side Blood
Squiggly Lane Gangster
Tree Top Piru
Ujima Village Blood
Unton Brim
Valentine Gangster Blood
Valentine Outlaw Gangster Blood
Vampire Blood
Velt Gangster Lane
Victoria Street Blood
Village Town Piru
Water Front Piru
Webside Brim
Weirdos Blood
West Covina Mob Piru
West Side Original Blood
West Side Piru
West Street Blood

Add more to this if u know more :tiphat:

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UBN Knowledge

The United Blood Nation is an umbrella banner created by T. Rodgers, OG Reno, and other high ranking west coast Bloods in the west coast prison systems from Los Angeles to Seattle in the early 1980's to unify west coast Blood sets behind bars so they can better defend themselves against their enemies such as the Crips, Surenos and Nortenos. This umbrella banner was created with the help of the Black Guerilla family; creating the "United Blood Line". The United Blood Line is the connection between Bloods and the BGF, this connection meaning that high ranking Blood gang members can graduate into BGF members, the same way Surenos granduate into La Eme and Nortenos graduate into La Nuestra Familia and this gives the BGF board control over all Bood sets. Since T Rodgers is an Original Black P Stone from Chicago he utilized the 5 point star, the 5 principles of the Black P Stones and introduced them to Moorish Science to help guide the movement, keep stucture and uphold disciplne. Also T. Rodgers consolidated the Bloods into its own large People Nation Mob thereby successfully uniting Chicago and Los Angeles gang cultures into one huge hybrid criminal network. Though T. Rodgers first intended the concept of the UBN to stay in the west coast and midwest prison systems and he has shown that he does not approve of the concept spreading without his express guidance, by the early 1990's it had grown way out of his control and spread like wildifre to prisons and streets all across the US due to prison transfers and people being released and spreading these influences to their local neighborhoods. Today the UBN consists of 4 regional based sub-umbrella banners: The West Side UBN (west coast), the East Side UBN (east coast), the South Side UBN (down south) and the Mid Side UBN (midwest); which collectively operates as the United Blood Nation or "Blood Diamond" (each city representing a point on the diamond) under the People Nation alliance. Each point on the Blood Diamond stands for the postition of the UBN capital cities on the U.S. map: Chicago on the top center point to represent the Midwest UBN, New York on the right point to represent the East Coast UBN, Los Angeles on the left point to represent the West Coast UBN and Houston on the bottom point to represent the Southside UBN. Every Blood set operating under the UBN banner flags to the right to show their allegiance to the Bloods Alliance and cocks their hats to the left to show their allegiance to the People Nation. Even the Black P Stones in Chicago have begun flagging red bandanas on the right side while cocking their hats to the left to show their influence and approval of the Bloods joining the People Nation and the Stones turning into a Blood set under the UBN. Here is a video of Chicago Black P Stone Bloods showing this in action:

Here's another Chicago Blood set, the "61st Damenville Diplomats" in the Englewood neighborhood:

Blood sets under the UBN are known to use the term "UBN or UB Out" meaning "You be in, or You be out" which is a taunt to other Blood sets not under the UBN banner such as Blood sets under the Brim (B.lack R.evolutionary I.ndependent M.ilitant S.oldiers), Damu and Piru banners that choose not to also ride under the UBN. Many Piru sets outside of Compton are known to Align with the UBN banner, though not all. The Cedar Block Pirus from Compton have been known to function heavily with the Nine Trey Gangster of Harlem NY on both coasts, and rapper "The Game" has recently started adding hidden 5's in his album artwork, leading many to believe that the Cedar Block Pirus may be the first Compton Piru set to accept the UBN banner, though they have not confirmed. The "ProJect" line of Mob Pirus in Compton have officially aligned themselves with the West Coast UBN, though no other Mob Piru line has confirmed they have done the same yet. UBN Bloods are also known to use the number "500" and "500%" to show their allegiance to the 5 of the People Nation.

Below is a list of Blood sets from all around America known to align with the UBN banner

Nine Trey Gangsters (Manhattan, New York)

Beven 7hug Gang (Newark, New Jersey)

Samoan Tribe Pirus (Seattle, Washington)

Royal Samoan Pirus (Tacoma, Washington)

Sex Money Murder (Bronx, New York)

Gangland Pirus (Brooklyn, New York)

East Side Uptown Bloods (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Mad Pak Bloods (Seattle, Washington)

Double ii Bloods (East Orange, New Jersey)

Southside Bloods (Queens, New York)

Black P Stone Bloods (Los Angeles, California)

59 Pirus (Houston, Texas)

G-Shine Bloods (Brooklyn, New York)

and many more... add them if you know them

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T. Rodgers

"There is only one state in the nation that does not have a gang problem, and that's the great state of denial" - T. Rodgers
T. Rodgers was born and raised in the slums of the South Side of Chicago, specifically in the area around 47th Street where he was a prominent young member of the Blackstone Rangers gang. When T. was 12 years old, his mother moved him and his brother to the West Side of Los Angeles, in an area known as Baldwin Hills. Also known as "The Jungles" (originally called this because of its lush vegetation), Baldwin Hills was once a Middle Class haven for African-Americans but is now America's largest Blood gang neighborhood. It is literally a large haven for Bloods.

Like so many young black men in the turbulent 1960's, there weren't many opportunities available to T., and he quickly became embroiled in many gang-related conflicts. With the permission of the "Main 21" (a term used to describe the original twenty-one leaders of Chicago gangs who agreed to merge with the Blackstone Rangers), T. formed a chapter of the "Almighty Black P Stone Nation" in the Jungles. Since the People Nation Alliance did not yet exist in Chicago, T. Rodgers quickly alligned his chapter of the Blackstones under the Bloods alliance by making it a line of the already established Blood set known as the Brims, creating a gang temporarily known as the Blackstone Brims. As time went on and T.'s gang became larger, he separated from the Brims and turned his gang into it's own set officially known as The Almighty Black P Stone Blood Nation.

Under T.'s leadership, the Black P Stone Bloods became deeply rooted with the founding members of the Bloods alliance (who identify with the color red), mortal enemies of the predominant Crips (who identify with the color blue). The Black P Stone Bloods would thrive in "The Jungles" and become over five-hundred members strong, eventually controlling the largest territory of any other black gang in Los Angeles, and the largest Blood gang turf known in America. At their peak the Black P Stone Bloods became one of the most feared and infamous gangs in Los Angeles if not the entire United States because of their status as a Blood gang under the People Nation alliance effectively giving them power that stretched from the Midwet (Chicago) to the West Coast (Los Angeles). This dubious distinction would earn T. a position on the Ten Most Wanted Gang Leaders list by law enforcement in South Central Los Angeles. The Black P Stone Bloods is credited as the very first Blood set to start the tradition of using the 5 point star within the Bloods, the 5 principles of the Black P Stones, follow the islamic teachings of the Moorish Science Temple of America, claim allegiance to the People Nation and break their hats to the left side to show this allegiance, while flagging to the right. These traditions would go on to effect the majority of Blood sets around the country, especially outside of California.

T.'s gang activities and overall reckless lifestyle would cause him to be shot four times, stabbed twice and as T puts it, "have more fights than Mike Tyson and not get paid for none of 'em". T. was arrested dozens of times during the course of his life but managed to avoid any lengthy prison sentences. During one of his incarcerations he is credited with creating the UBN, an umbrella banner created by T. Rodgers and other high ranking west coast Bloods in the west coast prison system in the early 1980's to unify west coast Blood sets behind bars so they can better defend themselves against their enemies such as the Crips and Surenos. T. Rodgers is the single most important living figure not locked up within the Bloods alliance and People Nation National Alliance, as without him the Chicago to Los Angeles gang connection may have never been made. He is also very instrumental within the ranks of Bloods in New York City and Houston where he helped spread the UBN ideology.
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Piru Knowledge
Piru (P.imps I.n R.ed U.niform) is a blood banner that wears burgundy as a secondary color to signify "old blood" (the brim banner does the same), meaning bloods that stick to the original way of banging blood. This means they don't use the 5 point star like most new-age blood sets do, and some will even flag to the left which is the original side Bloods flagged. Another Blood banner, the Damus (Damu actually means Blood in swahili), also sticks to the original way of banging Bloods without the 5, but they wear Red exclusively and are based out of the City of Los Angeles, while the Pirus are based out of the City of Compton. The pirus actually originated as an independent gang called the Piru Street Boys in Compton along Piru street before the Bloods and Crips existed. The Piru Street Boys, who had represented a powerful force in the City of Compton, collaborated with the Crips prior to 1972 and joined the Crips alliance as the Piru Street Crips, as opposed to Bloods in Los Angeles, who have never been associated with the Crips ever. The Pirus also wore the traditional blue flags of the Crip alliance and flagged to the left at one point as a full fledged Crip gang. The Piru Street Crips eventually dropped out of the Crips alliance in 1972 to create the Bloods alliance after the Robert Ballou incident. As the very first Blood set, the Pirus would go on to grow and splinter/branch out into various piru blood sets throughout the rest of the 70's, 80s and 90's until the early 2000's when they were so large they created the Piru banner. They created the piru banner do differentiate themselves from the rest of the Blood who they felt were watering down their sets and picking up foreign customs and integrating them into Blood politics such as the 5 riding hybrid Blood sets who ride under the people nation from the influence of the Black P Stones. Most Pirus use the saying "No Kuts" meaning "No Cuts" signifying they are "pure bloods" with nothing added to water down their "DNA". They refer to other blood sets who ride the 5 and flag left as people nation members as "Hybrids". Not all "No Kuts" and "Hybrid" Blood sets have beef with each other, but "No Kuts" Blood sets have been very vocal about their dislike for watering down the original Blood politics. Lately though, many piru sets have been known to incorporate the 5 into their graffitti, tattoos, hit-ups and lingo showing that they are slowly embracing the National gang alliance known as the People Nation. This behaviour can be heard in their music where Mob Pirus (Young Money), Elm Street Pirus (Brick Squad Monopoly), and Cedar Block Pirus (Black Wall Street) spread their Blood influence. The Cedar Block Pirus have been known to work very closesly with New York Blood sets like Nine Trey Gangsters (Dip Set) and Sex Money Murder (Mysonne) which may have helped speed up the process of uniting all Bloods sets around the Country under the People Nation.

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blood pics
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^^^chick up there is p*rn Star & Blood Gang Member Chyanne Jacobs. Born in Seattle Washington in the early 80's, this West Coast professional thotty does not hide her affiliation to the Bloods!

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Bloodettes, Female members of the Bloods.

Female Bloods, or Bloodettes, play an important part in the Bloods Alliance. They are a major money force within the ranks of the Bloods. Their bodies, alone, generate massive amounts of income for their set. Bloodettes are known to escort for the set, lure unsuspecting men thinking they are local prostitutes into robbery situations for their set, help the Bloods get contraband into prison and make legitimate money in the p*rn industry for their set like Chyanne Jacobs. Another aspect of the female Bloods are the "Red Rubys". Red Rubys are the spouse of a Blood gang member, but are not actually part of the Blood gang. They may where the colors of the set their spouse is in, but are not allowed to hand shake, throw the hand sign or take part in any set actiities but funerals and parties. The 3rd aspect of a Bloodette is a "Worker B" which is a female member who's only purpose is to prostitute for a specific Blood member. Though a worker B is a respected member and under the protection of the set of the Blood or Bloodette she works for, she can never raise above the lowest rank of the set and if she quits working she is usually murdered. Worker B's have to partake in the same initions, meetings and wars every Blood does, but a worker B must give all of her income to the specific Blood or Bloodette she works for in exchange for food, clothing, shelter and protection/security from the set.
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Allies: Norteños, People Nation, Nation of Gods & Earths, Muslims

Enemies: Crips, Sureños, Folks Nation, Jews

Nigga, yxu can be a jew and be a blxxd and yxu can be a Mu$lim and be crip, religixn i$nt a fuckin gang. 2nd in chiraq nx zne give$ a danm about cxlxr cuz if yuh knxw what la raza i$, yxu wxuld knxw them niggaz are folkz that wear red. ur $hit i$ hella inaccurate. in chiraq it$ abxut left vs right not blue v$ red, or $um other cxlxr banging $hit. if u a blxxd and u came tx the we$t side of Chiraq wearin that red rag on the right like yuh alwayz dx, YXU WILL GET CAPPED PERIOD. Vice lxrdz wxuld cap u, LK will cap u. the only rea$xn why yall allyz i$ becau$e of the fxrmatixn xf UBN, that cxnfu$ed the f*ck xutta everyxne, when bringing the 5 pointed tx the blxxd $et$. if u go tx the cali YXU WILL NEVER CATCH A BLXXD REPPIN THE 5 POINTED. $um crip $et$ like the hxxverz rep the 5 pointed, and they repped the 5 pxinted lxxxxxng befxre that B$ that UBN pulled wit them $tarz. i per$onally hang out wit blxxdz and GDz, they both got no i$$u$e$. matter of fact they Clo$e. nx blxxdz be shxxtin GD and nx GD be shxxtin Blxxdz

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How do I put my homies on and make a blood set in my hood ?

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