Young Latino Organization Cobras Nation

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Young Latino Organization Cobras Nation

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Young Latino Organization Cobras Nation is a Folks Mob made up of mostly latinos.

Their colors are Black & Green

Their symbols include a cobra snake, diamond with 3 dots.

The Young Latino Organization Cobras may have started in the late 1970's but were not known as YLOCs but simply as YLOs. The young shorties in the 1970s were YLOs related to both the Maniac Latin Disciple and Spanish Cobra nations. They were future Cobras and Disciples that were not quite fully into the gang until they could prove themselves worthy to join the full nation; therefore, they were not a separate independent gang. Since The Spanish Cobras were part of the United Latino Organization in the 1970's and so were Maniac Latin Disciples, they both used the YLO structure for their shorties to create future ULOs. Throughout the 1970s one YLO after another would join into the Spanish Cobras and Maniac Latin Disciples using YLO as simply a temporary, low rank, probationary thing to be a part of. Then the class of the early 80s of YLO came along. These particular youths had a different attitude about YLO then 1970s YLOs, they wanted to be well known as long as they were ordered to be YLOs so they created their own crew and named half the crew YLODs (YLO Disciples) and YLOCs (YLO Cobras). It was said that they attached the Disciple and Cobra onto their last name in order to show other gangs that they were affiliated with Disciples and Cobras. By the mid to late 80s the YLOCs and YLODs began to grow older and had really proved themselves worthy of becoming ISCs or MLDs and when they were told they could now become MLDs and ISCs they instead declined the offer and wanted to start their own nation and do things more of their own way while still having ties to the ULO and ISCN and MLDN and representing the Folk nation. The YLOCs soon gained popularity real quick as many of their members showed that they were hard core soldiers and could strike fear in their enemies. To this day YLOCs have a strong presence on the north side of Chicago.

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Why should we care

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