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Re: PalmBeach Gang List

Post by Greasers712 » May 6th, 2015, 3:32 pm

SGDZ wrote:
Greasers712 wrote:
SGDZ wrote:
Greasers712 wrote:West Palm Beach and Coral Springs FLA. GAYLORDS!!!
There's a lot of Chi mobs operating in SFL. Gaylords, Simon City Royals, Latin Souls, and a few others.

Cause Chicago does it best!

Started in Coral Springs in the late 90s and were in West Palm Beach by the mid 00s.

Next stop is Miami to flush out them Royals!

I don't know about Miami but the Royals I've known of are all in Coral Springs. Chi mobs do do it better.

Always thought Rodents had a hood Miami

Didn't know they was in CS but if they is I'm sure the Brothers give em that work.

Wolfman from S-A started that hood any they've been known gunners down there for yrs

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