Misguided IGDs

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Misguided IGDs

Post by Mackmiller974 » March 1st, 2017, 8:53 pm

The poblem with today's generation is there is not a strong structure where it's needed. B.O.S went worldwide and all the out of state n*ggas look to the chitown Gs to show them the authentic knowledge. But yet there has not been any real there for years unless you 720 GD. So all the knowledge you get is a bunch of he said she said have a$$ lit Then that gets spread out threw the states and gets even less authentic. For instance tell some a sentence and get them to tell it to someone else and so on. By time the sentence gets back to you it's completely different then what you said. If you go from state to state really city to city and ask a G to spit knowledge with you everyone of there bibles will be different then the other. You will for the most part see the same knowledge within a 50 mile radius. I've lived in south alabama and Lakeland fl and got put down with 974 in Bama and 720 GD in Lakeland. I layed my Gs down when I was set up by my superior shot 3 times and now I'm in a wheelchair because of it Its crazy how different Disciple Sets sets are within just 5 hours from each other . But I'm not speaking in.proper code and what not because I'm not bos anymore I wouldn't be posting this if I was. But let me enlighten yall on how misguided Disciples out there. In Alabama it's mainly IGD and BGD Sets there are GDs But Not many in south bama They misguided and under the old concept there are some Legit 720 GDs in Birmingham and northern cities thay have structure and are plugged in with Nation . But anyways IGD is not a fake set there are thousands of them in the south. They spread threw the prison system thats how they reached new states and the new IGDs who got out of prison would start the set in there cities. But this is why IGD Knowledges vary from region to region. they were Founded By King solomon in secret. What people are mislead about is IGD is Not BOS They are Not Under any nation they are there own thing. They do not follow hoover or even show him love they are straight B.O.S.S 360 king David knowledge. They allow any race to join but it's always going to be a black before anything set. If you white and a igd you are basically the crash dummy of the set or you are established in the dope game. The brothers are going have your back but the will choose there own race over the whites except maybe one or 2. Then there is BGD in Bama and most of them have not dropped there B. There king David 360 as well they basically the same as igd very similar knowledge. The reason hoover calls IGD brain dead is cause they do not serve him they follow king davids teaching. Now for lakeland Gs and these cities only 5 hours apart. in Lakeland there are not any IGDs or BGDs they consider them fake and enemies. They are straight 720 GDs. Thats all there is there. They are more organized and have more structure. Race does not mean anything anyone can join. You dont get jumped in either. You get blessed in and have a ton of witnesses standing together with there Gs locked. the highest ranking g in the set is always who does it. its like a ceremony to them it feels more authentic like you joining a family it's nothing but love and you get introduced to Gs from other cities as well. They are far more organized they have a basic g shake and they do not stack. In Bama there is no structure. When you get put in its whoever is around at the time as long as u have the right number of people. I did a 63. 6mins with 3Gs after it was over I still felt like a outsider you get treated the same way. 720 GDs are organized and have structure put in place . You can tell some O.G.D from chicago went there and got established. It's all about growth and development. You will never be put on a mission your superior wouldn't do himself. And you don't get your lit for along time until you have been established. The only way you learn lit is by listening to others around you. In Bama IGD and BGD books of knowledge go around like there worthless. You will have non members being able to spit false knowledge that's half right they found on the internet and know how to stack. The sad thing is these two cities are just 5 hours apart and 2 completely different Things. This is why IGDs are called fake. There is no damn structure. No organization gs kill other Gs your rank does not matter. You get put on crash dummy missions it's nothing but chaos 974 has fallen and I can't really speak about bgd because I have never been apart of them. But let me spit some knowledge with you. 360 concept has basically fallen atleast where I have lived. No real structure or anything. It's all 720 7-4-14 GDN. There concept and structure is still holding strong this concept it's the one true one that's works. I blame the orginal GD BGD I'm Chicago for this. They let IGDS and BGDs spread from city to city and did not lay down enough authentic knowledge and structure for 360 concept to thrive. You can't just go to one city and lay down real 360 concept and structure and expect it to spread and stay authentic. You have to go to every city that has IGD and BGD sets and lay down through same 360 concept in structure. This is the only way for everyone to follow the true meaning of the 360 concept. But they failed the nation . What happened was you got 974s who got put down in prison who are low ranking members getting out and spreading it to there city and starting sets there. But they don't have the full authentic knowkedge concept so all there doing is teaching bits and pieces of the truth so every g is getting misguided.. This is the reason why just about every boss outside of Illinois follows different sh*t that's why the 360 concept failed. This is why hoover calls igds brain dead. This is why IGD has fallen. 720 GD sets are more linked from city city as well. Let's just accept the facts that the original members failed us there are way to many misguided IGDs spitting false knowledge. This is why I think igd has fallen.

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Re: Misguided IGDs

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My man you repeated the same sh*t over and over bout 20 times.....for the record most igds I ever knew of was white

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Re: Misguided IGDs

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Paragraphs are your friend...

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Re: Misguided IGDs

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Infinite Growth & Development

honorary BOS

Money Team Biz :killself:

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Re: Misguided IGDs

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I'm from Roanoke, VA. GD was basically passed down to me. When I was about 13-14 I joined a clique called IWB (Insane White Boys) which is under 974 (IGD). I didn't get RR (Real Right) until I was about 16. Everybody over here that ain't crip or blood was IGD but some people are starting to speak up about it and a lot went renegade (such as me) but everything's different in every state as they say and I be damned if I'm any bodies "crash dummy" we respect each other black or white. What's race supposed to mean? But I got with 7414 when a few homies sat me down and really schooled me on the lit

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Re: Misguided IGDs

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Insane or imperial

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Re: Misguided IGDs

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Re: Misguided IGDs

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IGD David Prayer

As I lay down to rest

Please realize Kind David I did my best

On the six points I do swear

Forever for life I do bare

The pledge of honor to you from me

The beloved King of all the Gs

Your blood was spilled and tears were shed

I remember this and what you said

A G is a G and always a G

I give you honor forever to you the King of me

4.10 G forever for always

David’s Prayer should be said by all Foot Soldiers 6 times a week in front of a Knight
Folk Nation Colors
Blue – Nobility
Black – Militant
Gray – Insane
White - Purity
Folk Nation Codes
FOLK – Followers of our Last King
FOLKS – Followers of our King’s Steps
KSWISS – Kill Slob When I See Slob
ADIDAS – All Day I Dream About Sheba
ADIDAS – All Day Insane Disciples Against Slobs
REEBOK – Read Each & Every Book of Knowledge
BK – Blood Killer
CK – Crip Killer
BOS – Brothers of the Struggle
BOSS – Brothers of the Strong Struggle
BOSS – Brothers of the Street Struggle
Q. How many Bricks are in the Yellow Brick Road?

A. 360

Q. How many coming back?

A. 720

Q. How many all around?

A. 1440

Q. What’s on the right side of the Yellow Brick Road?

A. A golden apple tree

Q. What’s in the bird’s cage?

A. A crow’s nest

Q. What’s in the crow’s nest?

A. A golden key in the shape of a pitchfork, it’s to open the golden book of knowledge

Q. What’s on the left side of the Yellow Brick Road?

A. Death or a cemetery full of dead slobs

Q. What do you see at the end of the Yellow Brick Road?

A. A gate

Q. What’s at the gate?

A. “G”

Q. What’s his name?

A. Gatekeeper

Q. What’s with him?

A. A two headed Rottweiler

Q. What’s his name?

A. Siberious

Q. What’s on the right side of the gate?

A. Two criss cross pitchforks

Q. What’s on the first pitchfork?

A. The Golden Book of Knowledge

Q. What’s on the second pitchfork?

A. The Blue Book of Knowledge?

Q. How do you greet the Gatekeeper?

A. As a “G”

Q. How do you enter the gate?

A. Knock 6 times; turn 360 degrees 3 times; then stack your rank; spit your set and say Gatekeeper it is I a loyal “G,” please open the gate and let me into Gangsta City.

Q. How do you enter?

A. Stackin’

Q. What’s at the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road?

A. Life

Q. What’s at the end?

A. Death

Q. What’s in between?

A. Your life’s journey

Q. Who’s your father?

A. David

Q. Who’s your mother?

A. Sheba

Q. Who’s got your back?

A. Hoover

Q. How many pitchforks have you got?

A. Two

Q. Why?

A. One stands for peace the other is for war
180 Degrees of Knowledge
Do not give knowledge to a non-G
Introduction to the Nation, Folk is an organization that is based on the principle of unity.
Different Initiations
- Blessed In: Lowest initiation = Pee Wee “G”
- 336 Initiation: 3 Minute 36 Seconds against 3 Gs (1 Pee Wee, 1 Lowfoot, and 1 Midfoot), Overseen by 1 Highfoot & 1 Knight = Rank: Lowfoot Soldier
- 636 Initiation: 6 Minutes 36 Seconds against 6 Gs (2 Lightfoot, 2 Midfoot, 2 Highfoot) = Rank: Midfoot Soldier
- 720 Initiation: 7 Minutes 20 Seconds against 3 Gs (3 Midfoot) = Rank: Highfoot Solider
- 1440 Initiation: 12 Days of Hell: 6 Days of 336, 3 Days of 636, 3 Days of 720 = Rank: Little G
Rank of Insane Gangster Disciples

Pee Wee
Lil G (Training to be at least a Knight)
Sergeant of Arms
Knight 2
Knight of the Round Table
1 Star General
2 Star General
3 Star General
Kings Right Hand
Folk Nation was created out of two different organizations.

1. David’s Disciples
2. Hoover’s Gangsters

The 3 heads of the Dragon represent the 3 people that developed the G concept out of the foundation of the wise men. The 3 wise men came from 3 other organization.

1. Black Panthers - oover’s father was a Black Panther
2. Masonic Order of The Free Masons - David’s father was Masonic
3. NAACP - Jeffery Fort’s father was NAACP (Fort is called Jive)

David because of his organization skills was deemed the top leader then Hoover followed by Jeff Fort.

The Dragon was the code name for the organization, which is why the Dragon had three heads. Each heads job:
David – Organizer
Hoover – Militant Trainer
Fort – Recruiting

Hoover and David merged their two organizations and created the Gangster Disciples. David made his most trusted his assistant, this was Solomon. Hoover did the same with Dundee.

Fort was recruiting from the southside kids 13 and up. The 13 and 14 year olds were called Peewees and later they turned it to Peewee Gs. 15 and up were made Foots or Foot Soldiers.

The six-point star was David’s disciples symbol. G was Hoover’s gangster symbol.

So David came up with the points of the star off the 3 wisemen’s concept. LLLWKU the G was put in the center.

Life, Love, Loyalty, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding

Life: meaning dedicating your life to the Gangster Disciples organization
Love: your G family
Loyalty: to your organization
Use Wisdom
Gain all Knowledge around you
Always Understand the reason for brotherhood and code
Numeric Codes

4.10 = Much Love Much Respect G

11.20 = Beware Danger

9.11 = Ride with G, meaning follow me into whatever! Fight, Kill, whatever.

360 = Surround a person “All Gs”

360 Check it = Surround and kill

2.14.13 = Keep watch for me

0.1 = Don’t claim G. False claims is present, keep it all low.

2.3 = A Blood or Vice Lord is near

6 up = All Gs pay attention and get ready

14.4.14 = BGD

7.4 = Growth and Development or GD

9.7.4 = IGD

7.9.4 = Scrambled code for IGD

6.F = Family or Folk

F.6 = Friend of Folk

0.0 = Enemy

0.Blue = Cop or Guard

4.5 = Gun = Get out, make a break

G.12 = Break Bread, G in need

Black 13 = Hit is out on rival

White 13 = Hit is off or on hold

Gray 13 = Insane takes the hit contract

Blue 13 = Hit on a Folk member so be careful. Post or be on guard
Business Codes

C.10 = Drugs

4.5 = Gun

1.Drop = Pick Up

Make 18 = Book making “target bets”

7.14 = Debt keeping

B.15 = Going into rival area to drop or pick up

2.Charlie = Need some Peewee to horse something from one point to another

1 Pick = Dropping someone off

D.4 Corner = Prostitution

Daddy or Stick = Pimp

Candy Man = Sales dope on the streets

House Man = Crack house or drug supplier

Caddy = Delivery coming

Poes = Police undercover around

Triggers = IGD is looking for someone = hit or hurt

11.4 = Information
The Yellow Brick Road has two reasons for being in Folk Knowledge

1. It tells how high a soldier or officers rank by how much he knows

2. And some of it is symbolic

360 bricks means 360 degrees of knowledge
720 coming back means 720 degrees of knowledge tells you what 360 really is and also the next level of knowledge
1440 all around is what the combination of 360-720 creates and what it means and how to apply it and control the Gs through rank earning and the use of G queens
The golden apple tree is on the right because we follow the right, but what the golden apple tree is – is the first step of knowledge splitting. The bird’s cage is the holder of the nest, the nest is the holder of the key, and the key is the symbol for opening your mind to a new concept of thinking. Now knowing what the tree is, is knowing the crows home is in the tree meaning the crow is the watcher which in turn the crow is really the guy teaching the Knowledge to the G. It’s rebuilding a person’s mind to think one way and to crave the knowledge like a drug, so you give the knowledge in pieces.
Why we follow the right. Bloods and Vice Lords, and Latin Kings follow the left so we follow the right. Right over wrong.
But the real reason is if a G goes into a room or in a mall or on a street, they are going to stay to the right because they have been taught right over left so it keeps Gs on one side and enemies on the other. It’s so Gs of rank can tell them from the enemy. Also, the post stance is a way for people of rank to know who in an area are Gs. It’s called using the 3rd eye.

The 3rd eye is just knowing what to look for:

Post stance
Pants leg rolled up below knee = peace
Pants leg rolled up above the knee = war
Hat turned to the right
Colors; blue, black gray or white head bands or bandanas, tattoos
Teardrops tattooed on left eye means he has killed an enemy
Skulls tattooed on left arm means he has killed for rank or 1 headed cobra or dragon with skulls in it tells how many Blood or Vice Lord was killed for rank.
Dagger with skull on right arm, if it has Cs detailed in it, it means he killed a cousin if it has upright or inverted forks he killed another G because he was a spy or worse.
Gangsta with pitchfork on right back shoulder means GD, BGD, GG, and ID from day one.
Gangsta with pitchfork on right back shoulder means Insane from start all day every day.
Pitchfork on right upper arm means Soldier
6 on right wrist means Insane Foot Soldier
5 on left wrist shows disrespect – killed 1 slob in a non-mission fight
Rectangle containing two triangles with one darkened in on the back right shoulder of a female is an open queen, which means any G can have sex with her.
Pitchfork with tail on right buttocks of female means that she is a committed queen and no one but her G can have sex with her.
Six point star on right breast of female means she was brought in as an individual queen and she could be given to another G as a gift.
A G with a six point star honors David. If a G has a tattoo of a 3 headed dragon, he is violating because now the dragon only has one head – Hoover.
Then a few years later, when the first mixed person joined the GD, (Shorty Mac), David, Hoover, and Fort decided to go to an aristocratic ranking system. David was ordained King and Folk Nation was created off of GDs.

FOLK originally meant Followers of Our Lord King, then BGD was formed as a militant unit and Hoover was made King of the BGD, and Fort controlled the GDs but Fort wanted to be the King of the Nation.

The 3 point crown was adopted and the 3 points became as LLL; Look, Listen, and Learn.

The pitchfork was adopted as a symbol of war, also the points of the pitchfork became a standing creed; Mind, Body, and Soul.

This was the first form of the pitchfork. Then came the Yellow Brick Road Knowledge. Then Shorty Mac created stacking to symbolize each level of rank.

Years later, Prince Peter Paul perfected and modified stacking so you could sign stories and messages without speaking a word.

The left side of the Yellow Brick Road is death or a graveyard of dead slobs.

The Bloods or Vice Lords or anybody else that rolls with them are our enemies and they deserve death. That way it makes it far easier to program a G to kill. Over a period of time, a G gets used to knowing he should kill his enemy.

This is another form of manipulation, cause it makes a young person think he’s got to try to live a man’s life while he’s a kid because in the streets; a lifetime is less than 20 years. This also motivates them to want money, sex, and bragging rights of activities.

Missions are what help a G get rank in his eyes, but really what it is, is a way to make him a criminal and to cause him to want to prove himself of his use to the Nation and his manhood. Missions are to form a person into a job description, i.e., thief, drug dealer, bookie, pimp, extortionist, black mailer, loan shark, fence, gun runner, horse, con, killer.

These jobs are the moneymakers but officers mostly do them not soldiers. But soldiers are aloud to petty hustle on the streets, just the big stuff is out of their hands.

Queens come in as a factor to help control Gs and also to give incentive for young guys to want to join.

Kind David made Sheba his Queen and she controlled the other queens that joined. Drugs, family, clothes, to be popular, and money caused girls from 13 and up to want to be queens. Queens have their own book of knowledge called Book of Sheba, wrote by David and Sheba, this was to program girls.

The gate and the gatekeeper are to build an impression into the subconscious mind that there is something beyond death.

It “the gate” is there to confuse reality in the young G.

The Rottweiler represents the heads of the Nation’s ranks.

IGD two heads David and Solomon

GD and BGD three heads David, Hoover, and Dundee

GG one head Shorty Mac

IG “Imperial” 2 heads two false ranks, Peter Paul controls Imperials now.

GD three heads Hoover, Dundee, and David

GD new concepts fall under Growth and Development

The reason you greet the Gatekeeper as a G it’s important for young Gs to know that is how a low rank recognizes another G, and also when they stack in a certain order they can show a high rank how long that a G has been in and also how fluid the hands flow also tells the higher rank the young Gs level of dedication. Which knowing the level of dedication helps spot Gs to move up in rank.

Stacking is also a form of sign language; if learned properly a G can tell a long story in a fraction of time.

Shorty Freeman created stacking but Prince Peter Paul perfected it and modified it from its original form. Shorty Mac created it in a simple form to give a G a way to sign his rank, now it has been modified to the extent of a very intricate form of communication for Gs.

Stacking is considered to be a great accomplishment for a G and it is customary to praise a G for learning to stack with dexterity. Now these are the reasons for this, excluding what was said before:

If you keep a young G busy learning something it keeps them from asking a lot of questions, or remembering questions, this is a form of control.
Signifies dedication
Another form of reputation for programming
Gives higher ranks something else to test with
The Story of the Two Panthers

Queen Sheeba and Hoover both had panthers. Sheba’s was white and David’s was white, and Hoover’s was black.

Hoover sat one day with King David and was talking about the different natures of man and a woman when Sheba came walking up with her panther. Sheba’s panther was female and Hoover’s panther was male, so Hoover said, “David, let’s cause the two panthers to fight and see which one will win.”

David agreed.

They kept tapping the panthers faces together until the white panther struck out at the black panther until it drew blood then the black panther struck back in defense but it was already hurt and Sheba’s panther after a while killed Hoover’s.

David told Sheba to take her panther back to their castle and told a G to get the black panther removed and buried.

Hoover said, “I can’t believe Sheba’s panther killed mine.” Because mine was a male and should have been stronger than her female panther. David smiled and said, “It happened as it should have.”

Hoover asked, “Why do you say that David?”

First, women are the birth givers and the white panther is like our queen, they secure the future of the Nation, so therefore the queen or the woman is one of the Nation’s most important assets.

Now, in reality, this story is to train Gs to want to find girls to become queens because they are the future of the Nation but how are they the future of the Nation? For the most part, not by giving physical birth to Gs but because of man’s craving for sex she gives birth of a Gs life by his desire for sex, because this entices young guys to become Gs for free and willing sex partners.

Folk has different sets, this is the order:

GD – Gangster Disciples = Growth and Development
BGD – Black Gangster Disciples = Military
IGD – Insane Gangster Disciples = Assassins
GG – Ghost Gangsters = Unknowns
IG – Imperial Gangsters = Universal Rank
MLG – Maniac Latin Disciples = Latin cousins
SD – Satan Disciples = Fighting Soldiers

Insane Gangster Disciples – Code Name “Cobra”

Solomon created IGD after David’s death; it was created to have a set dedicated to extracting vengeance for David’s death and also to police the other sets. To gather info and intelligence on not only the other organizations but also different sets of the Folk Nation.

IGD was formed by the hands of Solomon. No other Folk person had any control in its creation or its development. Solomon conducted his strict teachings through total secrecy. He used outside methods to mold IGD and its members. IGD’s main code is Money, Mac, Murder, we don’t maintain.

Solomon formed IGD (The Cobra) after King David’s death. At first, Hoover didn’t want IGD to exist in any form. His reason was, “We have to keep a four directional war from taking place.” But Solomon convinced him, Shorty Mac, and Dundee that he could create a set that would be entirely secret and could strike fear into all the enemies of the Nation.

Solomon recruited these people:

2 former Black Panthers from Washington
1 former Green Beret
1 former Cop (dirty narcotics officer)
1 local hitman
2 local street bums from the southside
2 bums from outside the southside, 1 from west and 1 from east Chicago
He hired these people for training except the bums. The bums were used to gather intel on the west side of how many Bloods were where and to find out who was called OGs; same with the east side and the Vice Lords.

The southside bumbs were to watch Gs and to look for people they have never seen before and when they spot an unknown young person they were to report it only to Solomon and to also listen for treachery in the Nation.

Solomon picked 8 kids to train:

6 were teens
2 were 9 year olds
2 of the teens were 13; 2 were 15, and 2 were 16.
One of the 9 year olds was white and one was black

The teens were taught sneak attacks, ambushes, set up kills, observation (look, listen and learn), hand to hand, get-a-way plans and techniques, defensive posture and stances, false relaxation or false comfort, levels of awareness, use of weapons, guns, knives, chains, sticks/staffs, socks with powdered soap and black pepper in it, homemade slapjacks or homemade arson tools, poisoned dope, spiked coke, and strychnine laced dope, weapon marking, weapon dumping, weapon relay, and weapon maintenance.
The Code of Insane: Taught by Solomon
Creed of IGD: Taught by Solomon
All Folk Knowledge: Taught by Solomon

IGD is more deeply trained than any other part of the Nation. The reasons being that IGD not only does the day to day street hustles but they also perform the need of assassinations because it’s easier to control a single set than it is to control the Nation as a whole.

If a G kills a rival or a civilian, whether the G being Insane or not without a high ranks consent, he is considered an Outlaw G. The only time this does not apply is a kill or be killed situation.

IGD controls and performs all controlled or sanctioned hits. An Outlaw G is no longer trusted by the Nation and is considered “at risk.” An Outlaw remains a G but is no longer used for anything important. They are still a G cause a G is a G and is always a G.
The Death of David

Queen Sheba was raped and went to Solomon and told Solomon that two Vice Lords defiled her. Solomon went to David and told David what happened. David went out in a rage knowing that Vice Lords hung out outside of the doughnut shop. Solomon tried to stop him but David told him to go get Hoover. Solomon went and searched for Hoover after about 45 minutes Solomon found Hoover and explained all to him. They went to where he left David but David wasn’t there. They went to where the doughnut shop was located and found David on the sidewalk with 5 bullets in him so Hoover pulled out his gun and shot David in the left leg so he wouldn’t be marked with the five but would be marked with the 6. Myth says David died there but he really died at the hospital with fluid in his lungs.
Solomon’s Vow

Solomon made a vow that he would do whatever it took for him to extract revenge for the death of King David. Through investigation, he found out that Jeff (Fort) betrayed David by helping Queen Sheba’s father; a Blood OG, come up with a plan to kill David. Solomon went to Hoover and told him the things he knew. Hoover would not let Solomon kill Jeff (Fort) and quoted King David, “A G is a G and is always a G.” It was decided that he (Jeff Fort) would be bit off from the Nation, but he wasn’t to be killed. This angered Solomon and he plotted to create a new order that would try to keep this from happening. Hoover didn’t like the idea of the new set but agreed to it only after Solomon promised on his pitchfork to leave Fort alone and to never send anyone on a mission to kill Fort. Solomon honored his sacred vow and his promise.

Solomon handpicked all of his set in the beginning; he had no recruiter because he trusted no one. After he got 60 Gs and 20 Queens, he slowly implemented his true direction of IGD. IGD has become the holders of all knowledge and feared in all ways.

Solomon introduced into the IGD a strict order of secrecy but also told his Gs to always claim, because it was a form of psychological mind games and it showed no fear to all whom encountered his Gs.

Insane Code is deeper than GD, BGD, GG, MLD, SD, and IG because it makes its members want to have their chance to kill in David’s name.

The average IGD member has killed at least 2 times within the first 6 years. Once to show he can do it and the second to show he had no problem doing it again. If a person shows signs of remorse or guilt, he is given a street hustle as a job.
The Code of the Insane

The code is different than all others of the 6

Money, Mac, Murder We Don’t Maintain

Life, Love, Loyalty, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding

Mind, Body, Soul

Look, Listen, Learn

We are the Assassins of the Nation; our concept is 360

We acknowledge 720 but we live 360; Life, Love & Loyalty forever Insane

We look learn and listen because we are IGD; Mind, Body & Soul

Insane claims no matter what.

Insane to the membrane 6 poppin 5 droppin all day every day forever for always for life

We ride under the 6 and walk under a 3 point crown; nothing else matters.

We don’t trust any other; only Insane.

Street IGD

Serve, Silent and Secrecy = SSS

Kill, Destroy, Terrorize = KDT

Provide, Protect, Practice = PPP

This means provide all you have to learning the code of Insane. Protect your knowledge, self, and other with force. Practice all you learn.

SSS – Serve the Nation and IGD with full loyalty. Silence is golden so knowledge is the key. Keep all knowledge secret. IGD is IGD; the other sets are the rest of the Nation.

KDT – Kill because your King was killed. Destroy because they tried to destroy the Nation. Terrorize because they terrorized your Queen.

To see the Blood of your enemies is good because right over left is righteousness over wrongdoing. They are the ones one the left and under the 5 and they are evil and evil should be in eternal darkness.

The 5’s killed your King and defiled your Queen.

None of them are worthy of life. The Yellow Brick Road was laid by the wisemen and David told of the Yellow Brick Road, by knowing what is under it will prepare you for your life’s journey. Walk under the eyes of David. Love your brothers. Protect your Nation and follow the Yellow Brick Road to 1440 “life’s perfection,” the Gs perfection.

Honor your fallen King and your beloved Queen for not to honor them is to show honor to those that unworthy of life. For 1 King down – all IGD need to take 5. Honor your destiny and your Dynasty.

Remember forever; Life, Love, Loyalty, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Mind, Body, and Soul. 6 poppin, 5 dropping like popcorn popping. Slobs be dropping like raindrops dropping.

Death to those on the left under the 5. This is your code; Money, Mac, Murder!

Kill Slobs when I see Slobs = KSWISS

Because if you don’t kill them they will kill you. (Note: GD, BGD, and all other Folk sets are now under Growth and Development, but IGD doesn’t – Money, Mac, and Maintain)

All 5’s are treated as a slob and slobs are unworthy. Bloods, Vice Lords, Latin Kings, Black Peace Dogs, P Stones, or any others that may roll. Forever all Gs will ride 11.20 – Ride with and die in honor.

Gs Ride 5 Roll

6 popping 5 dropping

IGD always Plots, Plans and Follows Through.

Do not do anything without plotting a course of action. Plan for reaction and follow through with your mission.

Do not fail because to fail is to show a weakness and IGD is not weak. We are the strong of the strong and brave of the brave.

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Re: Misguided IGDs

Post by Shaggy662 » March 11th, 2017, 1:46 am

Why claim a renegade branch not 7-4 don't even approve yall just crash dummies for gd

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Re: Misguided IGDs

Post by Lilshinymack² » March 26th, 2017, 3:37 am

[quote="Shaggy662"]IGD David Prayer

Im sure real gangsta disciples dont got nothing in the knowledge about no slob this slob that only fake fugazy disciples outta town think gd and bloods are rivals they stay getting into it with fake five riding bloods so they added bloods in the fake gangsta disciples knowledge n*gga Lmkpaoo :lmao:

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