Breakdown of VL and BD & LK relationship?

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Re: Breakdown of VL and BD & LK relationship?

Post by Heisenberg » February 12th, 2014, 8:43 pm

TWENTY74 wrote:
GDKnDieY wrote:Yea ok thx cus i heard of lords F*ck*n wit both but. I see u tvlk? Is u cvl ? N is it kinda like a gd n a insane gd beefin or what?
:lmao: bra u ,69murdamob,heavyhitta,cw kan look at my picture n sh*t n still kome out with the wrong answer but nawl it's all solidarity love to whole solid family n double family dis 2 piss off another 12 actually :bow: and u said cvl and lookin at dis picture with 638 & 438 :lmao:
that doesn't changed the fact that Angelo murdered his family and his own Vice Lords tho :rasta:

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