Internal Nation Beef and Fallouts

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Re: Internal Nation Beef and Fallouts

Post by Heisenberg » January 29th, 2014, 12:56 am

Heisenberg wrote:
GDKnDieY wrote:We all know how the structure within our hoods is f*cked up and how there is division between both nations internally So lets just make a rundown on what gangs/cliques parted ways, left a nation, or even drill other sets in they own nation.

Prime Ex: Most BDs n GDs (Newer Generation for the most part)
Kings n VLs

Say yall hood sh*t if theres internal beef
LBs vs Spanish 4CH
Insane Unknowns Vs Kings
Latin Pachecos Vs Kings
Solid 4CH *used to be Spanish 4CH* vs Kings
Famillia Stones Vs Kings
Mafia Insane Vice Lords Vs 4CH
Stones vs Vice Lords
Gaylords Vs Kings and Stones 4CH
Im hearing a rumor about LA Foes are angry at AC Foes cause they cool with LBs but I don't know if they about to war with themselves like that
and to add one more Latin Stylers vs IGs

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