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Re: Craziest MOB

Post by Red3gale23 » February 18th, 2015, 1:23 pm

TWENTY74 wrote:
Red3gale23 wrote:^wasnt u reppin mexican mafia on your banner? fake a$$ n*gga :shoot:

what the f*ck diffrence between maniac Latin disciple and Spanish gangster disciples ?
:ohhh: :cmon: :killself: .shut up, how u gonna talk sh*t ,then turn around and ask a dumb a$$ simple question :lmao: .on BUll we da kraziest mobs besides our rivals :tiphat: :bow: the barksdales, crushers,valleys, sides, solids ,double solids n us Tp5n :stoned: bpsk,vlk,lkk, lck, :bow: :tiphat:
f*ck u f*ck bio.u had mexican mafia as your banner and now u got stone sh*t :facepalm: .u a poser.probably some fake a$$ n*gga who watch gangbanging onda side lines and think it looks cool.hang yourself b*tch :killself:

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