Whats up with this sh*t?

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fresh meat
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Whats up with this sh*t?

Post by GML » April 1st, 2012, 7:24 pm

how come when im not high no one trys to pull sh*t but once I smoke a blunt I get zoned out and people be trying to take advantage of you or trying to treat I hate that sh*t, what a person cant come at me when im sober you gotta wait till im high or drunk to talk sh*t to me or try to pull some sh*t wtf n*ggas be on some shiesty sh*t on everything

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Re: Whats up with this sh*t?

Post by LaMeRaMeRa5 » April 1st, 2012, 9:00 pm

you just sounded lame as hell....

why the f*ck would it matter if you were high or drunk?
would you react differently if you were under the influence than if you werent? :cmon:
I dont get it...whats the big deal?
When im getting high or when im buzzed that sh*t does not effect the way i handle things...

You sound like you pullin that " that n*gga got me cuz I was drunk" card, making up excuses
cuz you flat out got T R E A T E D...

amarrate los huebos cabron y no te dejes!

IM JUST SAYING!!! :cheer:

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