4vL or just plain 4ch?

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Re: 4vL or just plain 4ch?

Post by SolidWop638 » September 6th, 2017, 8:09 pm

You got a few thats VL thats mostly down south sh*t tho...im from down south and im angelo crazy...i dont f*ck with every VL branch out here

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Re: 4vL or just plain 4ch?

Post by celph » September 26th, 2017, 10:13 pm

NorthPole MOE wrote:
July 3rd, 2011, 11:49 am
4CH wrote:
NorthPole MOE wrote:if u ask me they two separate gangs nowadays but there more like first cousins. Cause come on now 4oes pretty much got they own thang going own they have there own different branches of 4oes yall going by laws & stuff i bet if u ask most the 4oes on the street if they a 4 corner hustla vice lord ? they gon say they 4ch or angelo 4 or sum sh*t. There just there own gang but they f*ck with vicelords real hard like cousins dats how i see da two cause trust me if sh*t went down between da 2 4oes will :shoot: at vl's & vice versa
No man u got a misconception and I know why plus thats good because u not a foe so u don't need to know but its history not lit I can correct u.Foes repping the five star & foes repping the 4 point diamond is already at fault right there.Like I said every foe honors LTPFJ the five golden points.Foes DON'T REPRESENT A 4 POINTED BLACK DIAMOND it is a symbol for the 4 SIGN itself.Do I have to draw?THE 4 POINTED BLACK DIAMOND IS A MASTER SIGN OFF THE 4 CORNER HUSTLIN VICE LORDS.True enough north pole moe yeah u say foes got well yeah had they own thing goin way before the originators joined the Almighty Vice Lords Nation.That's a nation we being a smaller STREET GANG joined forces with the VICE LORD nation so we brung what we already had into the VLN on our(The Foes) behalf being the 4 Pointed Black diamond because that's how we represent that's why we throw up FOUR FINGERS to identify ourselves as 4CH or 4Corner Hustler Brothas.Now that diamond part is where our relation to the BLACK SOULS kick in before Foes was VL their had relative being Black Souls u see what i'm saying.King of 4s & the Founder of Black Souls were really related so they kept that relationship Black Diamond love because think about it back then Black Souls wasn't people or folks so the Black Diamond is not something to ride under as u brothas say we ride under the Five.Black Souls later down the line started fucking with Gangster disciples so some cliqued with folks in county or penitentiary jail.They started doing that heat with wings sh*t & the traditional Black Souls stayed on that 4 Point cross thing Idk cause i'm not an active Soul never read any of their papers so idk.4Corner Hustlers how ever got recognized & grew larger because Vice Lords was made up of several chapters so think about this north side moe if the foes joined Vice Lord they learned a lot from them because just like u said foes got some many different branches guess fucking what the Vice Lord Nation do too.I don't have to name them cause i'm sure u know many of them.Foes started gettin down like Vice Lords man plain and simple.Almighty was the way to go 4CH cannot be part of what the folks stand for or what they be on.Can u picture some foes out south or wherever on that Disciple sh*t>? Naw it just don't sound right so think north pole moe before u get to sayin sh*t that ain't true man.When u said if u ask a foe on the street if they a 4corner hustla vice lord? u said they gon say angelo 4 or sum sh*t well guess what majority of the different Vice Lord chapters have clique names, block names, neighborhood names as well example.The TVLN u got one way travelers, you got Holy City Travelers, K Town Travelers , L Town Travelers u get where i'm goin? Ok If U ask a UVL unknown Vice Lord what he gon say???? I'm A unknown notice he said unknown FIRST not Vice Lord.There's the misconception u get with the foes. U think if u ask a foe on the street if he a 4Corner Hustla Vice Lord u think at the point when he say i'm a Foe he disregarding the fact he a Vice Lord but that's not true.Every Lord branches do that u ask a MIVL he a lord he gon say i'm a MAFIA. U ask a IIVL he a Vice Lord he gon say i'm IMPERIAL INSANE.Another Foes have different names is because we have different chiefs.Every foe ain't gon listen to one guy and what that one guy on so he go j Down with some foes from another part of the land.Geographics has a lot to do with how AN INDIVIDUAL identifies himself.If u go out east and say u a 4 the n*gga might say i'm a Big Ol n*gga before he scream 4.A lot of times when u hit county jail it might be n*ggas in the same gang as u if u don't know them they may try u. They ask u who u know to see if u really from where u from and if the n*ggas u know really f*ck with u.Sometimes it ain't what u know sometimes its who u know.Why don't u think I thought Black stones was the best under the five star as ya'll say? u don't use your mind brother ? That's a weapon none of u n*ggas know about honestly.I hate when people say foes they own gang because they wared with other branches of Vice Lord brothers always fight I can tell u many other Vice Lord branches that will shoot the gun @ their own brother & even within the very same house....Of representatives that is.Y'all don't know our shindig so stay out our business and quit feeding people who not knows a bunch of JIVE TALK cause i'm sick.Let the outsiders stay outside PLEASE.OH and may I add northpole moe the part when u said foes they own gang because they got different branches.When was the last time u looked in yo own house Black Stones, Titanic Stones, Familia Stones & Familia not own y'all main 21 wasup with that?> U questioning and commenting on whats going on within my house clean yo sh*t up first PRINCE. Foes ain't go not n*ggas in california calling themselves no fucking bloodstones i know that or bloodfoes.U tryna throw down own my people joe u need help yoself PEACE ON.
Man 2 keep it real not on no internet banging sh*t but f*ck all yall Vice lord killa 4 killa hook killa ALL WELL STONE LOVE :shoot:

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Re: 4vL or just plain 4ch?

Post by choosta knicca » November 15th, 2017, 10:04 pm

King Walter wheat & Freddy gauge was lords B4 there was a 4 corner hustle nation & da foes share da same lit dey started from vice lords & evolved into they own gang but if n*ggas kno & honor dey lit dey a kno that da foes honor da ⭐️ I think da younger n*ggas on dat renegade sh*t dey prolly just honor da black diamond dey 2 different gangs with similar but different identitys

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