Alimghty Fourth Generation Messiahs

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Alimghty Fourth Generation Messiahs

Post by LouieG » August 13th, 2010, 10:48 am

Alimghty Fourth Generation Messiahs is a People/Brother Mob made up of mostly latinos with some whites.

Their colors are Gold & White

Their symbols include roman numeral 4 (IV), and a 4 point crown.

They are known to use the phrase "Quad Love" to show their affiliation.

The Fourth Generation Messiahs (4GMs) were founded sometime in the 1980s by �Bongster� and others in Cicero, IL. The original name of the crew was �Busting Shitty Styles.� The crew was mainly a tagging crew. In 1993 the crew changed their name to the �For Give Mes.� They continued on as a tagging crew until 1997 when some of the older members decided to turn 4GM into a gang. Many older members disagreed and retired while other converted the crew into a gang. The name was then changed to �Fourth Generation Messiahs� and they did not represent People nation or Folk nation. The 4GMs then swelled to about 50 members by 1997. During the late 90s the 4GMs would often be mistaken for being a Latin King branch because of their colors of gold and white, even though 4GMs had a moderate relationship with the Latin Kings, they were not Latin Kings. This mistaken identity led the 4GMs into war with the Latin Counts who were bitter enemies with the Latin Kings. Because of an incident that occurred in 1999 where a Latin King killed a Latin Count, the Latin Counts were especially angry with the Latin Kings and wanted even further revenge on the Kings in June of 2000. The Latin Counts rode out by 16th and 58th in Cicero and opened fire on 15 4GMs mistaking them for Latin Kings. Two young kids were killed including a 4GM gang member and an Aztec Warrior gang member. Afterward the 4GMs went to war with the Latin Counts, but still decided to join the People alliance in the year 2000 because most of the People gangs were at peace with the 4GMs. The 4GMs have since spread to such suburbs as Berwyn, Brookfield, Romeoville, 43rd and Drake, and Racine, WIS, and their may still be a branch in Redwood, CA.

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Re: Alimghty Fourth Generation Messiahs

Post by IlDuce » December 8th, 2013, 4:27 am

Quads havent made noise since 2009 or 2010 when a couple of their guys got the brakes beat off them in Berwyn. As far as I am concerned they are extinct. The Pachucos make more noise than them and they are in hiding!

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Re: Alimghty Fourth Generation Messiahs

Post by BarryBK65 » December 21st, 2013, 12:21 am

4GMz Bkeen lame :lmao:

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