Almighty Latin King and Queen Literature...Real or Fake

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Re: Almighty Latin King and Queen Literature...Real or Fake

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Re: Almighty Latin King and Queen Literature...Real or Fake

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Re: Almighty Latin King and Queen Literature...Real or Fake

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Re: Almighty Latin King and Queen Literature...Real or Fake

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On the real though, no one should even care if its real,there are those who live by it and those who cant comprehend it lol

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Re: Almighty Latin King and Queen Literature...Real or Fake

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G-RED wrote:
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Re: Almighty Latin King and Queen Literature...Real or Fake

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The genesis of the Reyes Latinos took place on the West center side of Chicago (Chi-Town) on Laflin
and Van Buren, a Latin, Irish and Italian community separated by racial boundaries where the color of
your skin denied and permitted entry, depending on your destination.
The founders of the Reyes Latinos was a small group of Latinos under the leadership of Juan
Rodriquez (May he rest in peace), and Burgos Carrasco. They were brothers joined together by their
revolutionary mentality. Its creation was based on the ideology of being the vanguards and teachers of
independence for all Latinos, subjected to the constant harassment, abuse and other oppressive means
in this imperialistic country. Yes, its battles during those years were mainly against the white and black
people who felt threatened by our presence and show of unity which came from our Latin pride (Brown
It wasn’t until the 1950s that the full force of revolutionary mentality took effect upon the first chapter
under the sun. At no time did they, during the 1940s or 1950s go underground nor did they disband and
neglect their struggle. They merely stayed out of the media's eye, while continuing to groom their
young to lead, rather than to be led.

In the sixth decade of the twentieth century, the A.L.K.N. was formed. Generations after generations
of Kings have lived by a Constitution of principles based upon the ideas of Kingism. Those ideas, our
laws and principles we now impart to all Kings with this Constitution.
From this day forward we shall organize ourselves under Constitutional law to insure that we as a
Nation will lead the way to progress and no longer stand in the shadow of it: we as a Nation shall lead
the way for true Kingism.
Devoting your life to these principles implies a life of service to each other and to the Almighty Latin
King Nation.
Love - Honor - Obedience - Sacrifice - Righteousness
The name of this association shall be the Almighty Latin Kings & Queens Nation. An organization of
international Brotherhood, which exists for the purpose of:
1. Promoting prosperity and freedom through love and understanding to all oppressed people of the
2. To train our people to become aware of our social and political problems and of the conditions we
are subjected to live under as a third world people.
3. To provide the aid and way in our search for peace and unity.
4. To prompt and encourage educational and vocational learning in order to train our people in the art
of survival.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!
Membership shall be available to anyone who is willing to change his or her lifestyle for the doctrine of
Kingism. Membership shall be denied to anyone who has purposely taken the life of a Latin King or a
relative of a member of the Nation. Membership is forbidden to anyone addicted to heroin and denied
to rapists.
Membership is forbidden to anyone who is expelled from the Nation unless their re-entry is approved
by Las Coronas. Anyone seeking re-entry into the Nation must find an officer with the rank of Chapter
Enforcer, Chapter Crown Council Chairman, Inca or Cacique, to sponsor them before Las Coronas will
even consider them for re-entry.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!
Constitution members in good standing reserve their right to vote and elect their Chapter officers in
accordance with the procedures set forth in this Constitution. They may reserve this right to vote
providing that they have been in the Chapter for a period of three months. This is to gain experience
and knowledge so that they may understand the function of our Nation and to become fully acquainted
with his fellow members and the principles of Kingism.
Members are required to vote but are not allowed to vote in absence. The attempt to persuade,
intimidate or coerce votes is in violation of Constitutional laws.
Candidates have the right to run their own campaign. Supporters have the right to campaign for and
express their choice of candidates. The Chapter Crown Council shall conduct the election procedures.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!
1 Nation meetings involving the entire federation are left to the discretion of Las Coronas.
2 Chapter meetings are left to the discretion of the Inca, Cacique and Chapter Crown Council.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!
The Inca and Cacique are the only two elected officers of the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation.
Chapter Enforcer, Chapter Crown Council members, Chapter Secretary, Chapter Treasurer and Chapter
Investigator are appointed positions.
The Inca, as well as all other elected and appointed officers, may not hold two positions at the same
time and must follow the chain of command.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!
The Inca is the highest-ranking officer in every Chapter of the Nation. The Inca is elected by majority
vote of his Chapter’s membership. His term in office is indefinite. However, he must run in an
election for a "vote of confidence" every two years in order to retain his position as commander in
The Inca is responsible for the actions of his Chapter, its security, its treasury and the general well fare
of the membership. He is responsible for promoting academic and vocational skills and for providing
the aid and way in our search for peace, unity and freedom.
The Inca must file a “State of the Nation” report every three months with Las Coronas concerning the
affairs of his Chapter. Any action taken by the Inca shall be enforced through the Cacique.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!
The Cacique shall be second in command of his Chapter. He, like the Inca, is elected by majority vote
of the membership of his Chapter and his term in office is indefinite. However, he too must run in a
vote of confidence election every two years.
The Cacique is to work hand in hand with the Inca and assume the responsibilities of the Inca in case
of the Incas absence.
The Cacique is responsible for keeping the Inca informed on all actions taken by the officers of his
Chapter. Any action taken by the Cacique shall be enforced through the Chapter Enforcer.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!
Their system of unification remained the same under the leadership of Juan, until 1962 when he
committed suicide and the leadership was voted in favor of Papo King(Rest in Peace) [C.S.] (AKA)
Karate and Eddie LB. Together with Manuel Diaz Rodriquez (AKA Lil Man) (Rest in Peace), Rory
(Rest in Peace), Fonfy (Rest in peace), Sinbad (Rest in Peace), Celine (AKA Monteruna) (Rest in
Peace), Eddie (AKA Bronco) Tiger, Fat Carlos, Pacheco, Mash [S] brothers and [C] brothers,
originated the second chapter of Reyes on Leavitt and Schiller. There they were met with resistance by
gangs, until Papo King and Eddie LB, along with other Reyes were called to a universal meeting by the
Young Lord gang, (who had become Young Lords Party), with the revolutionary mentality under the
leadership of Jose (CHA-CHA) Jimenez.
Through this universal, the second national call was made for all the oppressed to unite. As the
ALKQN and the YLP joined forces, comrades (members) were being initiated as Reyes or YLP.
Together they were able to unite the Warlords, Young Sinners, Pierce Syndicates and other Latino
Those same peoples lost many of their members to our true revolutionary calling. During the early
1960s and not long after the universal, the third chapter of ALKQN was formed in the South Side of
Chicago, under the leadership of Dino (Rest in Peace),[S.D]and B.K. Like no other organization, they
started branching out all through the city; the heart of the United States of America.
It was 1967 when they received worldwide recognition through the media who was covering the stories
of the first Latino riot in the history of Chicago, ILL. It was on that date that the capitalist imperialist
storm troopers of this government saw and felt the true force of the Reyes Latinos (ALKQN), when
three calls from Papo King (Rest in Peace), Eddie L.B. and Bronco Tiger brought hundreds of
followers to Division Street in protest against (Imperialistic storm troopers) police and their beating of
Celine (AKA Monteruma). The police and protesters came toe to toe with injuries to both side and the
Mayor had to call in the national guards (Goon Squad) to bring back order to the city of Chicago,
which had also been cut off from any citizen attempting to enter the west side and east village. After
the riot, the Latino communities were placed on the map as battle zones and up to this day, they
continue to be targeted by the judicial system and other law enforcement agencies of the imperialist
The late 1960s and early 1970s brought about the outbreak of gang wars and drugs and for a time it
became difficult to control and maintain order. The ALKQN suffered a mental stage of separation,
where many remained true to the ideology and others strayed toward self-oppression. Of all obstacles
the ALKQN had been confronted with, it was the drugs, which were winning the battle and taking the
lives of many brothers and sisters. It also slid into the ranks of authority up to the president, Papo King
and vice pres.[c] (a.k.a. karate).
The death of Eddie LB (over a wrong call) made it clear that besides rules and regulations, written law
had to be implemented, which held no exceptions for anyone in the ALKQN. The year 1972 brought
with it the first most effective and still being followed Kings Manifesto of Chicago and other ALKQN
literature whose authors were Manuel Diaz Rodriguez (a.k.a. Lil Man, RIP)- Johnny Martinez (a.k.a.
Ringo), Eddie (a.k.a. Bronco Tiger), Dino (Rest in Peace), Sun Child, Gustabo and B.K.
New order was made law by this quorum of seven authoritative figures and New King Stage of
Kingism became the light in accordance to the KM/C. Through the authority of the KM/C laws, the
present leadership was asked to resign and other members were asked to kick their heroin habits or face
charges before the newly impromptu counsel.
Papo King (RIP) and Carmelo (a.k.a. Karate) resigned and others were made outcasts for setting bad
examples for our young revolutionaries and disrupting the ideology of our peoples in search for
freedom. The newly elected coronas brought the ALKQN back to its revolutionary ideologies as the
Lion Tribe and along with their faithful comrades, gave back to the people a sense of respect, power,
security and acceptance and also opened the path for other ethnic groups to become part of us.
The 1970s up to the present 1999 have also had obstacles being set up by the imperialistic agencies of
this government. These years have also been sad years, due to the deaths and imprisonment of many of
our beloved comrades, brothers and sisters, yet the teachings and spirit of our ancient forefathers live
with us, as do the love, support and encouragement of our revolutionary brothers and sisters, who
continue to assist us in upholding the youth centers, drug abuse programs, GED classes and other
programs which we have co-founded for the people.
The then present Las Coronas went into retirement and the Membership, Honor and Blessings of being
Las Coronas was bestowed upon the Old Man and B.K. They were to be the two new Coronas
(indefinite leaders) of every chapter of the ALKQN nationwide because, they also maintained a strong
revolutionary spirit and belief in the same goals for every chapter of the ALKQN under the KM/C and
other anti-imperialist literature.
Their principles are those of Love, Honor, Obedience, Sacrifice and Righteousness and bringing all our
international chapters to a greater unification with each other and other anti-imperialist organizations.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!

Almighty Father, King of Kings, maker of the universe and foundation of life, bring peace to our souls,
those present, to those not present, to the young and to the old.
As an Almighty Latin King Nation under one sun protected by your love and guidance we bring our
right fist upon our heart for sincerity, love, wisdom, strength, knowledge and understanding; three
hundred-sixty degrees of strong King wisdom.
Illuminate our minds and our hearts.
Guide our thoughts with your righteousness.
Guide and protect the thoughts of our Coronas and all those holy and righteous lovers and followers of
our beloved family and tribe - the Almighty Latin Kings & Queens Nation.
Let the manifestation of our departed Brothers and sisters be the path to thee and let it be as it was in
the beginning - strong King wisdom on both continents, peace in black and gold.
King Love yesterday, today, tomorrow, always and forever.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!

Who is a Nation man and who is not? The difference lies in what they do. How they carry themselves
and how they talk. But in order for one to really understand the contrast one must know and
understand the principles of the Kings manifesto and modern Kingism.
One of the clearest contrastive examples is when the so - called Nation man claims to be a Latin King,
a member of the Almighty Latin King Nation, and by the same token says: “I am little; a Coulter
King”; a peewee; I am from such and such a branch or Chapter, etc.” He might be a Latin King, that is
true, but he is definitely not a Nation man.
This clearly testifies that this so-called Nation man is really a demagogue, a preacher of a false
philosophy, agents of confusion and disunity. His mind is broad only to the scope of where his
particular "clique" is concerned. Outside of that clique mentality, his mind meets with the brick wall of
prejudice and individualism.
Nation men on the other hand are devoted followers and believers of unity, supporters of the
harmonious whole. For Nation men there are no horizons between cliques and branches for they
identify only with the Nation, not with a particular clique, branch or section. Natural Allies Together In
One Nucleus. One Nation, the Almighty Latin Kings Nation.
Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!
Tdog now you can be a King :umhm:

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