Southside Chicago Gangs

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Southside Chicago Gangs

Unread post by BosKutthroat » April 25th, 2017, 4:23 am

3rd Edition

P.S- Thier are maps of this list going around online, they are completely inaccurate. People try to mix this list, and info from a website called ChicagoGangs.Org. Info from that website is outdated, and many hoods have changed names or even locations.

Rodgers Park/Uptown- Coming in weeks.
Westside- Coming Soon.
Hispanic Hoods- Coming Soon

27th- RocNation/MWDG/757 (GD), State
29th- Dearborn (MC), State
29th- SCN/Solo City (GD), Indiana
35th- LawLess/Boonieboyz/757 (GD), Rhodes
37th- The Ave/The Burr/757 (BD), Indiana

Wentworth Gardens
39th- Murdatown/MTG (GD), Wentworth

39th- Suwu/TTB (BPSN-GD), Lakepark
39th- OBN/Oak Boys (BD-GD), Langley

Grand Boulevard
43rd- Welchworld/WWDC (GD-BD), Cottage Grove
43rd- Jigdogs/BGGS (GD), Calumet
43rd- TYB/Mafias (VL), Wabash
45th- Touchmoney/The Rows (GD), Evans
45th-5th Ward (BD), Champlain
47th- Dellmob (GD), Caulmet
49th- Hizsquad/AAB (GD/BD), Vincennes

46th- 4-6/THF (BD), Woodlawn
Fuller Park
43rd- Princeton Mobb/ PMBMB/Mafias (VL), Princeton
44th- 4-4/THF (MC), Princeton
47th -Backblock/DoggPound (MC), Princeton
50th- OutLaw (MC), Princeton
51st-Pocketboys/ATL World (MC), Princeton
54th- f*ck City (MC), Princeton

Gage Park
57th-BoogieWorld (CVL), Artesian

Back of the Yards
50th- 50-Strong/OBE (GD), Peoria
51st- Folly/EBK/Moetown (BPSN), May
51st- Loc City (GD), Wood
52nd- GGE/Moetown (BPSN), Green
52nd- KTC/Moetown (BPSN), Sangamon
52nd- Lowelife/JBs/Moetown (BPSN)
52nd- MurdaField/JBC/LoveNone/Moetown (BPSN), Marshfield
52nd- D-Block/Moetown (BPSN), Morgan
54th- Backblock/Moetown (BPSN), Bishop
54th- L-Station/SODMG/Moetown (BPSN), Laflin
54th- RocNation/QMB (GD), Wood
54th- Damenville/BloodGang (GD), Damen
54th- 5th Ward/Tytoland (VL), Winchester

Washington Park
51st- Young Money/FatzGang (MC), Cottage Grove
51st- Guttaville/Lexville/GVG (MC), King
51st- Metboyz (GD), Caulmet
52nd- ChopBlock (BPSN), Indiana
52nd- Drexside/Titanics (BPSN), Drexel
53rd- Geo Drive /GWDG (BPSN-GD)
54th- BlackGate/BGC (BD), Indiana
55th- VonWorld (GD), Wabash
57th- DukeSquad (GD), Prarie
58th- NickoGang (GD/BD?), Calumet
58th- SKD (GD), King Drive
59th- MOB (GD), Wabash
60th- 600/Brick City (BD), King Drive
61st- Frontstreet/Dipset (BD), Indiana

61st-800/Diddy Grove (MC), Cottage Grove
61st- Chieftown/NoLaw (BPSN), Evans
62nd- Jaro City (GD), Vernon
62nd- Tyquan World/TW/Tookaville (BPSN-GD?), Eberhart
62nd- Roc Creek/MCVW/Dro City (GD), Ingleside
62nd-Stony Spot/6200 (BPSN), Stony Island
62nd- Cranktown/YCF (BPSN), Kimbark
63rd-STL/ Tookaville(GD), ST. Lawrence
64th- Oblock/OBMG/Wic City (BD), King Drive
64th- EBT/Tookaville (GD), Eberhart
64th- BNC/Snoblock/Dro City (GD), Ellis ‘
65th- TYMB/Young Money/Dro City (BD), Maryland
65th- SawBlock/Rowlife(GD), Minerva
65th- Dipset/650 (BPSN), Stony Island
66th- Chrisworld/CWBAS(BD), Langley
67th- Zone7/Trap City (BD/GD), Cottage Grove
67th- Hood Gang (GD), Blackstone

55th- Westside/WMG/NoLuv City (GD), Union
56th- M.O.E/NoLuv City? (GD), Emerald
57th- Landlord/COV/Viking/NoLuv City (GD), Carpenter
57th- Flinboyz/Maniac (GD), Laflin
57th- RowRow Boyz/Travis World (GD), Princeton
58th- Wally Gang/NoLuv City (GD), Peoria
59th- Wild9/ Dumpstreet/Nateblock (GD), Justine
59th- Freakyworld /NoLuv City (GD), Morgan
61st -FuckTown/ TacoGang ( GD ), Throop
61st- TayTown/300/TTE (BD), Normal
64th- Lamron/300 (BD), Normal
64th-MacBlock/AMG/HBE (BD), Peoria
64th, - WillieVille/WVG (GD), Bishop
65th- Lowelife/HBE (BD), Lowe
65th- Creep City/Trig Ward (GD), Sangamon
67th- D-Town (GD), Throop
67th-TunechiVille/GMB/Insane/6775 (GD), Morgan
69th- TSG (GD), Throop
69th- E-Town/6775 (GD), Racine
69TH- BlockBurna/Haiti Street/Insane/6775 (GD), Parnell
69th- Bricksquad/D-Block/JoJo World/Insane/6775 (GD), Eggleston
69th- CMB (GD), Peoria
69th-Dipset/SMB/HBE (BD), Halsted
70th- Crazyville (GD), Morgan
71st- T-Luv (GD), Throop
71st- Dipset/TyGang (BD), Normal
72nd- Young Morgan Mafia/YMM (GD), Morgan
72nd- Dogg Pound/HBE/DPC/OTD (BD), Green
73rd-MayBlock/Brotherville (BPSN), May
73rd- Skeezeworld/AdaBlock (GD), Ada
74th-Red City (VL), Racine
75th-U-Block/Central City ? (GD), Union

Greater Grand Crossing
68th- DOD/DreGang (BD), Wabash
69th- Kuwait City (BPSN), Indiana
69th-Eblock(GD), Eberhart
70th- Tay City/Insane/6775(GD), Perry
71st -Bashville/BVC (BD), Wabash
71st- 400E/Murda Drive (BD), King Drive
71st- D-Block/SBSG (GD), Rhodes
72nd- 7-Deuce (GD), Champlain
73rd- Pockettown/CTGMB (GD), Woodlawn
74th- BodieWorld/Insane/6775 (GD), Wentworth
75th- GMB (BPSN ), ST.Lawrence
75th-WugaWorld/Insane/6775 (GD), Stewart
75th- Gottiworld (GD), Rhodes
75th- KTS/MoeBlock/E-Block (VL), Evans
77th- HittCity(BDN), Greenwood

Chicago Lawn
59th- OC City (GD), Rockwell
61st- DoonSquad/Hitzsquad (GD), Rockwell
63rd- Scrappville/1140 (GD), Rockwell
63rd- Rec City/732 (GD), Albany
63rd- A-Block/Sam City (GD), Artesian
64th - Squadville (GD), Richmond
65th- Gunnhead/BSC (BD), California
66th-Zone6 (GD), Mozart
66th-BocoHood/The Boc (GD), Oakley
66th- Camp City (GD), Campbell
67th- TrapSquad (GD), Claremont
69th-Faceworld/1017/J-Doe City/Bogus-Bogus (BD), Talman

West Englewood
55th- HB/Lordsville/Chrisville (VL), Hoyne
55th- Art Gang/BlockWorld/MoeTown (BPSN/MC) Hermitage
57th- WBMT/Titus Gang (GD), Winchester
61st- L-Block (GD ), Laflin
61st- Madville/MVC/GMB (GD), Marshfield
62nd- OTD (?), Winchester
63rd- Nuneworld/ETS/Insane City (GD), Hoyne
64th-D-Ville/DVLB/LowBlock (?), Paulina
64th- Dipset/6040 (GD), Wolcott
66th- Warldife/LowBlock (GD), Justine
67th- Woods & Beyond/WNBNC/Breeds (BG/New Breeds), Woods
68th - 6Ward/BGC/LowBlock (BD), Hoyne
68th- JoshBlock (GD), Winchester
69th- J-Town/Buck Town/Red Tape (BD), Justine
69th- CrashTown (GD), Paulina
70th- Chunky City (GD), Damen
71st- S-Dub City/Frankworld (GD), Damen
72nd-7-Deuce/FBC (GD), Western
72nd- COB/365 (GD), Claremont
73rd- 3rd Gang/TGC/Red Tape (GD), Ashland

South Shore
67th- ChrisBlock (BPSN),Chappel
68th- Maul Town (GD), Eastend
69th- Zoland/ABM (4CH), Dorchester
71st- MooseBlock/LPC (GD-4CH), Eastend
71st-Paxtown/EJ City (GD), Paxton
71st- Will City (BD), Dorchester
72nd-Colesmob/ABK(EBK), Coles
74th- Sircon City/1400E (GD), Dorchester
75th- Blackmobb/Maniac/Terror Town (BPSN), Phillips
75th- C-Block/Rawtown (MC), Clyde
75th-Guwop Gang, (BPSN), Ridgeland
77th- RBG (GD), Ridgeland
78th- C-Block/CBG (BossPimps), Constance
78th- BNC/Colesmobb/Ceno City (BPSN), Coles
79th-Lakeside/KTS (GD), Marquette
79th- NoLimit/NLMB/150/Terror Town (EBK), Essex
79th- MerrillTown /BiyoBlock (GD), Merrill

Auburn Gresham
75th- MayBlock / Rock Island (VL/4CH/ BPSN??), May
77th- RMG / 7-Block (BD? )
78th-Killa Ward/Kutthroat/FreakoWorld (GD), Marshfield
78th-Central City/CCG (GD), Emerald
78th- RocIsland/ CuttaGang (VL/?), Sangamon
79th- G-Ville/DelloWorld (GD), Bishop
79th-BBG/Terror Dome (BPSN), Damen
79th-BussGang/TrayTown (BD), Morgan
79th-Reb Luv(VL), Winchester
79th- f*ck City (GD), Justine
80th- E-Spot/SYS (BPSN), Emerald
80th-NewMoney/KillaWard/80th (GD), Paulina
83rd-Foster Park/RDC(BPSN), Ada
84th- 8-Tray/ Marquiville (BPSN), Aberdeen
Stone Terrace/K-Block (BPSN), Kerfoot and Vincennes
85th-Smashville/Pat World (GD), Ashland
86th-Mike City (BD), Morgan
87th- Cross Ashland ( BPSN ),
87th-Georgetown/Cutthroats/CTG (GD), Sangamon
89th- Finntown/Sicko Gang (BPSN), Emerald
89th-Ducktown(BPSN), Justine

79th- Stain Gang/Juice World/LoweBlock (GD), Western
79th- MOB/ABM (GD), Homan
83rd- TTM/Quietmoney (GD), Kedzie

79th-Drill City/BNC(GD-BD), Ingleside
79th-MTV/B-Block (BD), Vernon
79th-Hitzsquad (GD), Langley
79th- Evansmobb (GD), Evans
79th- Bashville/ChrisWorld/1020 (GD), Wabash
80th- Faceworld/1017/8-0/TrueBlock (GD), Vincennes
82nd- Whiz City/WCBD/BrainDeads (BD), Maryland
83rd-8Tre Mobb (GD), Vernon
87th- Bashtown /Apaches(BPSN), Wabash
87th- STL/RayRayWorld (BPSN), ST.Lawrence
89th- CMB/Tinez City/7Gang/BMT (GD), Cottage Grove
92nd- GMC/D-Block (4CH), Dauphin

Avalon Park
79th- MixxMobb(GD-BD), Avalon

South Chicago
79th-SMV/SMVGMB (BD-GD), Brandon
79th- EBE/Jacktown/Titanics /GMEBE (BPSN), South Shore Drive
80th- WillGang/O-City/Mafias (VL), Exchange
81st- OBG/Barnone (GD), Ogelsby
81st- Triple B’z/Bingo Block (VL), Muskegon
81st- 081SG (4CH), Luella
82nd- 8-Deuce/Angel City (BPSN), Coles
83rd QuillBlock (BPSN), Muskegon
83rd- NoLimit/TonyWorld/358 (BPSN), Coulfax
85th-Deathrow/Mainstreet (VL), Exchange
87th-NoLimit/MedinaTown (BPSN), Kingston
87th- GMB/Murda Ave/Nutville/SMVGMB (BD-GD), Manistee
89th- GME/South C/RoeBlock/GMEBE (BPSN), Burnley
91st-Bloodstones/Slaughter Town (BPSN), Commercial

Caulmet Heights
87th- Out7aw City/NoGoods/EA/Apache (BPSN), Euclid
92nd- ScoBlock (GD), Blackstone
91st- L’s City/YatesMobb (GD), Yates
93rd-Boss Pimp City/BPC (BossPimps ), Chappell
93rd-CHB (GD-BPSN??), Harper

93rd- Flipside/FSC (GD), Dobson
Washington Heights
90th- 9-0 (GD), Paulina
91st- Macheteville (VL), Loomis?
91st- D-Block/Stro City (BPSN), Ada
93rd-Rack City/Cel City (BPSN), Halsted
93rd- LaDave World (GD), Ada
93rd- Gusto Park/Brooks Town (GD), Racine
95th-Oakdale (GD), Halsted
98th-Nateville/NVS/TGE (BPSN), Throop

95th- Gutta Grove/GFM (BPSN), Woodlawn
98th- G-Block/TTG (GD), Greenwood

South Deering
95th- FBE/JMG/Murder Park (GD), Jeffrey
102nd-Lafas/5232/TonyWorld (EBK), Oglesby

95th-095Mob/Princeton Park (GD), Wentworth
99th- Larryland/RicoBlock (GD), Princeton
100th- Lack City (GD), Normal
100th- Main City/100st (BD), State
103rd- VA World/10Tre/ThotBoyz/OTB (GD), Indiana
103rd- MitchBlock (GD), Morgan
103rd- Shannon Block/TYS/Goontown (GD), Wentworth?
104th- Risky Road/Licksquad (4CH), Maryland
104th-10-4L/Wentworth Mob (BG/New Breeds), Wentworth
104th- 4-Block/Chill City (BD), Parnell
105th- Trouble City/TCG/Wentworth Mob (GD), Wentworth
105th- 10-5/MMG/Goontown (GD), State
106th- Snake Pit/ 10-6/Wentworth Mob (MC), Wentworth
107th- D-Block/10-7 (BD), Indiana
107th- Louisville/10-7 (VL), Eggleston
109th- Rudeville/Dirty Perry/RMG/Wentworth Mob (BD), Perry
110th- Princetown/PTC/Wentworth Mob (BD), Princeton
111th- RocBlock/NPG/Reno City (GD), Normal
111th- UPT/Death Valley? (GD), Vernon
111th- Darkside/ScoBlock (BD), Edbrooke
112th- DBC/TVL (VL), Perry
112th- BAM/Aero City (VL), Wentworth
114th- StateBoyz/Stateville (BD-GD??), State
115th-Rookie Ville/RMG (GD), Stewart
Morgan Park
110th- New Park/Kush Cowboys/Swin Block/ Locs (LSG), Racine
112th- Ada Park/MooMooGang (BD), Ada

West Pullman
116th- Wildside/BMG (GD), Stewart
116th- The Jungle/MikeyWorld/7G (GD), Vincennes
117th- Cooper Park/SoBlock (LSG), Ada
117th- NGC/Town Boyz/Rag Town (GD), Sangamon
119th- Buff City (BD), Lafayette
119th- MBMG/11-9/Mayberry/HellaBandz (GD), Yale
119th- MBAM/Death Row (GD), Michigan
122nd- PacoLand/Kellz City (GD), Peoria
123rd- TriggaTown / Hoolies /12Tre (BD), Emerald
124th- EJ World (GD), Racine

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Unread post by BosKutthroat » April 25th, 2017, 4:41 am

Also, Don't Confuse EBK with Insane. Some have made lists equating the two. Alot of Gangs are renrgade, this list posts thier traditional Affiliation.

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Unread post by BosKutthroat » April 25th, 2017, 4:42 am

****87th- CA (BPSN), Hermitage

757K 051K SuwuK
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Unread post by 757K 051K SuwuK » April 27th, 2017, 1:04 am

This pretty accurate for the most part :2cents:

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