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Alliance: People
Colors: White & Black
Ethnicity: mostly White & Latino
Symbols: Playboy Bunny w/Bowtie, Cane, Tophat, Shield, 5 point Star
Alias(es): Players, TSP's, TP's, TPN, ATPN

The 12th Street Players originated in the suburb of Cicero

on Roosevelt (12th street) and Austin in the mid 1970's. The Players are accredited for being the first "street gang" known in Cicero. The 12st. Players joined the "People Alliance" in the 80's, as they once were allies of uch People organizations as the Latin Kings, Bishops and Latin Counts. After a strong alliance with the Latin Kings in throughout the 80's, the two gangs began to feud for drug territory in and around Cicero.

In around 1987 the TSP's expanded their operations throughout Cicero along with suburbs, Berwyn and Lyons. The gang remained based in the Roosevelt & Austin area until around 1996 when a war erupted between the Players and the Latin Counts street gang. The Latin Counts, along with Police intensity forced the TSP's to "lay low", and abandon their stronghold. The Twelvth Street Players set up operations in the Clearing district in the early 1990's. They formed a strong alliance with the Insane Popes (South Side), who were setting up operations in Clearing around the same time. The relationship deteriorated after tensions arose between the Players, and Almighty Popes street gang (which was an off-shoot of the Insane Popes).

The Players retain a strong relationship with certain factions of Vice Lords in the correctional facilities, and recently attempted to regain a foothold in Cicero, although police pressure limits the gangs operation. Primarily concerned with the earning of funds through the sell of narcotics, the 12st. Players continue to operate in the Clearing area and Cicero, IL. They are relatively small in number, but won't hesitate to engage in violence to protect their drug turf. The gang's primary criminal involvement has consisted of graffiti, drug trafficking, assault, shootings, and murder.

The Twelfth Street players started in the year 1972 on the corner of Roosevelt (12th street) and Austin in Cicero, IL. The Twelfth Street Players are reported to be Cicero's first street gang. The Twelfth Street Players soon grew to large numbers. By the early 1980s the Twelfth Street Players expanded their operations to Chicago (mainly in the area where South Side Insane Popes and Latin Kings were). In 1980 the Twelfth Street Players joined the People nation as a result of their friendship with Latin Kings and South Side insane Popes. In the early 80s the Players became "first cousins" with the South Side Insane Popes and the two gangs merged to become known as the "Player Popes" gang. This merge only lasted until about the mid-80s (2-4 years) then the two nations wanted to do their own thing.

In 1987 the TPs expanded their operations to Cicero, Berwyn and Lyons. They also arrived in Brookfield, and Countryside. In these suburbs their main concern was a growing number of Two Two Boys and Two Sixs and alot of BGDs in Lagrange. The conflicts ended up at the doorstep of LTHS High School between TPs and Folks.

The TPs fought hard in towns like Lagrange and Countryside but do to lack of recruitment they faded from the area by 1990. In the early 90s the Players began to feud with Latin Kings very heavily in cicero as the Latin Kings became more powerful in Cicero, also in the early 90s the Players expanded to the Clearing district in chicago. In 1996 the Latin Counts and the police forced the Twelfth Street Players to abondon their original set of Roosevelt and Austin. The Players lost other sets in Chicago as well.

In about 2000 or 2001 the Twelfth Street Players came roaring back and reclaimed neighborhoods in Chicago around 63rd street, which is an incredible accomplishment for a gang to be removed from Chicago then force their way back in years later. The Twelfth Street Players still mantain a presence in Cicero and Berwyn to this day.

64th & Nottingham Ave. "Players Alley"
Roosevelt Rd. & Lombard Ave. "Bunnyside" in Berwyn, IL
13th & 61st Ave. and 18th & 61stct. in Cicero, IL
62nd & Nagle Ave.
62nd & Melvina Ave. (Nathan Hale Park)
63rd & Normandy Ave.
63rd & Parkside
37th & East Ave. in Berwyn, IL
Brookfield, IL
<_"The Island", Arthington-to-Roosevelt Rd., 61st Ave.-to-Central Ave.
Roosevelt Rd. & 59th Ave.
Roosevelt Rd. & Austin Blvd.
Roosevelt Rd. & 61st Ave. in Cicero, IL_>
45th & Gage Ave. in Lyons, IL
Stickney, IL
Cicero,Illinois :
Roosevelt Rd. to 14th & 61st ct.
18th & 61st
Berwyn,Illinois :
.Roosevelt Rd. & Lombard "Bunnyside"

. 64th & Nottingham "Players Alley"


. Head Quarters: The Island , Cicero,IL
. Roosevelt Rd. & Austin

. 37th & East Ave. , Berwyn,IL

. 45th & Gage , Lyons,IL

. 62nd & Melvina (Hale Park)
. 62nd & Nagle
. 63rd & Normandy
. 63rd & Central , Parkside , Major

. Brookfield,IL
. Stickney,IL

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63st and Archer have Popes are still around
Same with the players Long St, And Lawyer park

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