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Re: All The Gangs In Chiraq

Posted: February 12th, 2017, 10:27 am
by Allinyourhood
Allinyourhood wrote:
Pookie.. wrote:
Allinyourhood wrote:This list is gay as he'll only about 20% of chicago hoods on this list and learn Kevin cris said about 60% of only Southside which this lame list off. :facepalm: :cmon:
Hey Ganster...even tho our families our big time enemy's and at war this topic starter don't even know the AIGN was one of the 1st Latin folks to establish a big time hood in Chicago taking a main section from the whites in chicago hI story and this coming from a find all insane LB....power to the people..... :tiphat:
Nigga ain't nobody mad we insane fins just some hustlers and ya Latin folks know ya get ya work from us fins....stop it I even gave ya recognition and you still hate on us small finball mob who moved from 18th St and even gave ya food...lmao...ya IGZ about 3,000 thousand stroung on the north west side again my mexican,black,white 200 strong 40 yr hood and still can't take us out flake...ya snitch on monkey,wedo,evil,kk,flaco,GK,kill Bill and Flintstone for domes hotel on ya IGKZ fag like arturo g ..smallsg...shorty g...Casper g and smiley gk....ya snitches come to my hood on the 3 flat's apartment sniper shots .....All Well power to the people. ..... folks get treated on Cicero Ave 55555 Insane Fin5

Re: All The Gangs In Chiraq

Posted: February 13th, 2017, 4:43 pm
by BosKutthroat
81st- OBG/Barnone (GD), Ogelsby

Re: All The Gangs In Chiraq

Posted: February 15th, 2017, 12:57 am
by justenoughswag
feds bouta be all ova dis bih :hijack:

Re: All The Gangs In Chiraq

Posted: February 15th, 2017, 7:54 am
by BosKutthroat
2017 Edition

27th- RocNation/MWDG/757 (GD/EBK), State
29th- Dearborn (MC), State
29th- SCN/Solo City (GD), Indiana
35th- LawLess/Boonieboyz/757 (GD/EBK), Rhodes
37th- The Ave/The Burr/757 (BD/EBK), Indiana

Wentworth Gardens
39th- Murdatown/MTG/0439 (GD), Wentworth

39th- Suwu/TTB (BPSN-GD), Lakepark
39th- OBN/Oak Boys/0439 (BD-GD), Langley

Grand Boulevard
43rd- Welchworld/WWDC/0439 (GD-BD), Cottage Grove
43RD- Jigdogs/BGGS (GD), Calumet
43rd- TYB/Mafias (VL), Wabash
45th- Touchmoney/TMB/The Rows (GD), Evans
45th-5th Ward/Quint City (BD), Champlain
47th- Dellmob/O.J World (GD), Caulmet
49th- Hizsquad/AAB (GD/BD), Vincennes

46th- 4-6/THF (BD), Woodlawn
Fuller Park
43rd- Princeton Mobb/ PMBMB/Mafias (VL), Princeton
44th- 4-4/THF (MC), Princeton
47th- P-Block/PBE (MC), Princeton
47th-Backblock (MC), Shields
51st-Pocketboys/ATL World (MC), Princeton

Gage Park
57th-BoogieWorld (CVL), Artesian

Back of the Yards
50th- 50-Strong/OBE (GD), Peoria
51st- Folly/EBK/Moetown (BPSN), May
51st- Loc City (GD), Wood
52nd- GGE/Moetown (BPSN), Green
52nd- KTC/Moetown (BPSN), Sangamon
52nd- Lowelife/JBs/Moetown (BPSN)
52nd- MurdaField/JBC/LoveNone/Moetown (BPSN), Marshfield
52nd- D-Block/Moetown (BPSN), Morgan
54th- Backblock/Moetown (BPSN), Bishop
54th- L-Station/SODMG/Moetown (BPSN), Laflin
54th- RocNation/QMB (GD), Wood
54th- Damenville/BloodGang (GD), Damen
54th- 5th Ward/Tytoland (VL), Winchester

Washington Park
51st- Young Money/FatzGang/YMJaro (MC/BPSN), Cottage Grove
51st- Guttaville/Lexville/GVG (MC), King
51st- Metboyz (GD), Caulmet
52nd- ChopBlock (BPSN), Indiana
52nd- Drexside/Ishmoe City/Titanics (BPSN), Drexel
53rd- Geo Drive /GWDG (BPSN-GD/EBK)
54th- BlackGate/BGC (BD), Indiana
55th- VonWorld (GD), Wabash
57th and Prarie- DukeSquad (GD)
58th- NickoGang (GD/EBK??), Calumet
58th- SKD (GD), King Drive
59th- MOB (GD), Wabash
60th- 600/Brick City (BD), King Drive
61st- Frontstreet/Dipset (BD), Indiana

61st-800/Diddy Grove (MC), Cottage Grove
61st- Chieftown/NoLaw (BPSN), Evans
62nd- Jaro City/FYB/Tookaville/YMJaro (GD), Vernon
62nd- Tyquan World/TW/Tookaville (BPSN-GD?), Eberhart
62nd- Roc Creek/MCVW/YCE/Dro City (GD), Ingleside
62nd-Stony Spot/6200 (BPSN), Stony Island
62nd- Cranktown/YCF (BPSN), Kimbark
63rd-STL/ Tookaville/STLEBT (GD), ST. Lawrence
64th- Oblock/OBMG/Wic City (BD), King Drive
64th- EBT/Tookaville (GD), Eberhart
64th- BNC/Snoblock/Dro City (GD), Ellis ‘
65th- TYMB/Young Money/Dro City/Murda Maryland/TYMBDNK (BD), Maryland
65th- SawBlock/Rowlife/Dro City (GD), Minerva
65th- Dipset/650 (BPSN), Stony Island
66th- Chrisworld/CWBAS/0679 (BD), Langley
67th- Zone7/Trap City/0679 (BD/GD), Cottage Grove
67th- Hood Gang/Dro City (GD), Blackstone

55th- Westside/WMG/NoLuv City (GD), Union
56th- M.O.E/NoLuv City? (GD), Emerald
57TH- Landlord/COV/Viking/NoLuv City (GD), Carpenter
57th- Flinboyz/Maniac (GD), Laflin
57th- RowRow Boyz/Travis World (GD), Princeton
58th- Wally Gang/NoLuv City (GD), Peoria
59th- Wild9/ Dumpstreet/Nateblock (GD), Justine
59th- Freakyworld /NoLuv City (GD), Morgan
59th- SaintWorld (BD), Carpenter
61st- TayTown/300/TTE (BD), Normal
64th- Lamron/300 (BD), Normal
64th-MacBlock/AMG/HBE (BD), Peoria
64th- YNR/Drill City (GD), Throop
64TH- WillieVille/WVG (GD), Bishop
65th- Lowelife/HBE (BD), Lowe
65th- Creep City/Trig Ward (GD), Sangamon
67th-TunechiVille/Insane/6775 (GD), Morgan
69th- TSG (GD), Throop
69th- Pillzville/E-Town/6775 (GD), Racine
69TH- BlockBurna/Haiti Street/Insane/6775 (GD), Parnell
69th- Bricksquad/D-Block/JoJo World/Insane/6775 (GD), Eggleston
69th- CMB/Crazyville/Insane/6775 (GD), Peoria
69th-Dipset/SMB/HBE (BD), Halsted
71st- T-Luv (GD), Throop
71st- Dipset/TyGang (BD-GD?), Normal
72nd- Young Morgan Mafia/YMM (GD), Morgan
72nd- Dogg Pound/HBE/DPC/OTD (BD), Green
73rd-MayBlock/Brotherville (BPSN), May
73rd- Skeezeworld/AdaBlock (GD), Ada
74th-Red City (VL), Racine
75th-U-Block/Central City ? (GD), Union

Greater Grand Crossing
68th- DOD/DreGang (BD/EBK), Wabash
69th- HankSquad (GD), Calumet
69th- Kuwait City (BPSN), Indiana
69th-Eblock(GD), Eberhart
70th- Tay City/Insane/6775(GD), Perry
71st -Bashville/BVC (BD), Wabash
71st- 400E/Murda Drive (BD), King Drive
71st- D-Block/SBSG (GD), Rhodes
72nd- 7-Deuce (GD), Champlain
73rd- Pockettown/CTGMB (GD), Woodlawn
74TH- BodieWorld/Insane/6775 (GD), Wentworth
75th-WugaWorld/Insane/6775 (GD), Stewart
75th- Gottiworld (GD), Rhodes
75th- KTS/MoeBlock/E-Block (VL), Evans
77th- HittCity(BDN), Greenwood

Chicago Lawn
59th- OC City (GD), Rockwell
61st- DoonSquad/Hitzsquad (GD), Rockwell
63rd- Scrappville/1140 (GD), Rockwell
63rd- Rec City/732 (GD), Albany
63rd- A-Block/Sam City (GD), Artesian
64th - Squadville (GD), Richmond
65th- Gunnhead/BSC (BD), California
66th-Zone6 (GD), Mozart
66th-BocoHood/The Boc/Foxxville/1016 (GD/EBK), Oakley
66th- Camp City (GD), Campbell
67th- TrapSquad (GD), Claremont
69th-Faceworld/1017/J-Doe City/Bogus-Bogus (BD), Talman

West Englewood
55th- HB/Lordsville/Chrisville (VL), Hoyne
55th- Art Gang/BlockWorld/MoeTown (BPSN/MC) Hermitage
57th- WBMT/Titus Gang (GD), Winchester
61st- Madville/MVC/GMB (GD), Marshfield
62nd- OTD (?), Winchester
63rd- Nuneworld/ETS/Insane City (GD), Hoyne
64th-D-Ville/DVLB/LowBlock (?), Paulina
64th- Dipset/6040 (GD), Wolcott
66th- Warldife/LowBlock (GD), Justine
67th- Woods & Beyond/WNBNC/Breeds (BG/New Breeds), Woods
68th - 6Ward/BGC/LowBlock (BD), Hoyne
68TH- JoshBlock (GD), Winchester
69th- J-Town/Buck Town/Red Tape (BD), Justine
70th- Chunky City/Crashtown (GD), Damen
71st- S-Dub City/Frankworld (GD), Damen
72nd-7-Deuce/FBC (GD), Western
72nd- COB/365 (GD), Claremont
73rd- 3rd Gang/TGC/Red Tape (GD), Ashland

South Shore
67th- ChrisBlock (BPSN),Chappel
68th- Maul Town (GD), Eastend
69th- Zoland/ABM (4CH), Dorchester
71st- MooseBlock/LPC (GD-4CH), Eastend
71st-Paxtown/EJ City (GD), Paxton
71st- Will City (BD), Dorchester
72ND-Colesmob/ABK (BPSN?/EBK), Coles-Yates
72nd- Ghettoworld (4CH), Bennett
73rd- Ridgetown? (BD), Ridgeland ???
74th- Sircon City/1400e (GD), Dorchester
75th- Blackmobb/Maniac/Terror Town (BPSN), Phillips
75th- C-Block/500/Rawtown/Justoworld (MC), Clyde
75th-Guwop Gang/TTD/0T5 (BPSN), Ridgeland
78th- C-Block/CBG (BP), Constance
78th- BNC/Colesmobb/Ceno City (BPSN), Coles
79th-Lakeside/KTS (GD), Marquette
79th- NoLimit/NLMB/150/Terror Town (EBK), Essex
79th- MTG/DramaWorld (GD), Merrill

Auburn Gresham
75th- BAD/5Block/JayloWorld/Killa Ward?? (GD), Wood
78th-Killa Ward/Kutthroat/FreakoWorld (GD), Marshfield
78th-Central City/CCG (GD), Emerald
78th- Rock Island/ CakeBlock (VL/BPSN?), Sangamon
79th- G-Ville/DelloWorld/900 (GD/EBK), Bishop
79th-BBG/Terror Dome (BPSN), Damen
79th-H&M/ATM/BussGang/TrayTown (BD), Morgan
79th-Reb Luv(VL), Winchester
79th- Fuck City (GD), Justine
80th- E-Spot/SYS (BPSN), Emerald
80th-NewMoney/KillaWard/80th (GD), Paulina
83rd-Foster Park/RDC/HeatSquad/FLM (BPSN), Ada
84th- 8-Tray/ Marquiville (BPSN), Aberdeen
Stone Terrace/STB/OTM/K-Block (BPSN), Kerfoot and Vincennes
85th-Smashville/Pat World (GD), Ashland
86th-Mike City (BD), Morgan
87th-Georgetown/Cutthroats/CTG (GD), Sangamon
89th- Finntown/Sicko Gang (BPSN), Emerald
89th-Ducktown/CA (BPSN), Justine

79th- Stain Gang/Juice World/LoweBlock (GD), Western
79th- MOB/ABM (GD), Homan
83rd- TTM/Quietmoney (GD), Kedzie

79th-Drill City/BNC/DCMM/0679 (GD-BD), Ingleside
79th-MTV/B-Block (BD), Vernon
79th-Hitzsquad (GD), Langley
79th- Evansmobb (GD), Evans
79th- Bashville/ChrisWorld/1020 (GD), Wabash
80th- Faceworld/1017/8-0/TrueBlock (GD), Vincennes
82nd- Whiz City/WCBD/BrainDead/TYMBDNK (BD), Maryland
83rd-8Tre Mobb (GD), Vernon
87th- Bashtown (BPSN), Wabash
87th- STL/RayRayWorld (BPSN), ST.Lawrence
89th- CMB/Tinez City/7Gang/BMT (GD), Cottage Grove
92nd- GMC/D-Block (BD/4CH?), Dauphin

Avalon Park
79th- MixxMob/Lon City/DCMM/0679 (GD-BD), Avalon

South Chicago
79th-SMV/SMVGMB (BD-GD), Brandon
79th- EBE/Young Money/Jacktown/Titanics /GMEBE (BPSN), South Shore Drive
80th- WillGang/O-City/Mafias (VL), Exchange
81st- OBG/Barnone (GD), Ogelsby
81st- Triple B’z/Bingo Block (VL), Muskegon
81st- 081SG (4CH), Luella
82nd- 8-Deuce/Angel City (BPSN), Coles
83rd and Muskegon- QuillBlock (BPSN-EBK)
83rd- NoLimit/TonyWorld/358 (BPSN), Coulfax
85th-Deathrow/Mainstreet (VL), Exchange
87th-NoLimit/Murda Ave (EBK/BPSN?), Kingston
87th- GMB/Murda Ave/Nutville/SMVGMB (BD-GD), Manistee
89th- GME/South C/RoeBlock/GMEBE (BPSN), Burnley
91st-Bloodstones/BSC/5HB (BPSN), Commercial

Caulmet Heights
87th- Out7aw City/NoGoods/EA/Apache (BPSN), Euclid
92nd- ScoBlock (GD), Blackstone
91st- L’s City/YatesMobb (GD), Yates
93rd-Boss Pimp City/BPC (BP), Chappel
93rd-CHB (GD-BPSN??), Harper

93rd- Flipside/FSC (GD), Dobson
Washington Heights
90th- LosWorld/Chill City/JaJuan Squad/Serg Block (GD), Paulina
91st- Macheteville (VL), Loomis?
91st- D-Block/Stro City (BPSN), Ada
93rd-Rack City/Cel City (BPSN), Halsted
93rd- LaDave World (GD), Ada
93rd- Gusto Park/Brooks Town (GD), Racine
95th-Oakdale (GD), Halsted
98th-Nateville/NVS/TGE (BPSN), Throop
95th- Gutta Grove/GFM (BPSN), Woodlawn
98th- G-Block/TTG (GD), Greenwood
South Deering
95th- FBE/JMG/Murder Park (GD), Jeffrey
102nd-Lafas/5232/TonyWorld (EBK), Oglesby
95th-095Mob/Princeton Park (GD), Wentworth
99th- Larryland/RicoBlock (GD), Princeton
100th- Lack City (GD), Normal
100th- Main City/100st (BD), State
103rd- VA World/10Tre/ThotBoyz/OTB (GD), Indiana
103rd- MitchBlock (GD), Morgan
103rd- Shannon Block/TYS/Goontown (GD), Wentworth?
104th- Risky Road/Licksquad (4CH), Maryland
104th-10-4L/Wentworth Mob (BG/New Breeds), Wentworth
104th- 4-Block/Chill City (BD), Parnell
105TH- Trouble City/TGC/Wentworth Mob (GD), Wentworth
105th- 10-5/MMG/Goontown (GD), State
106th- Snake Pit/ 10-6/Wentworth Mob (MC), Wentworth
107th- D-Block/10-7 (BD), Indiana
107th- Louisville/10-7 (VL), Eggleston
109th- Rudeville/Dirty Perry/RMG/Wentworth Mob (BD), Perry
110th- Princetown/PTC/Wentworth Mob (BD), Princeton
111th- RocBlock/NPG/Reno City (GD), Normal
111th- UPT/Death Valley? (GD), Vernon
111th- Darkside/ScoBlock (BD), Edbrooke
112th- DBC/TVL (VL), Perry
112th- BAM/Aero City (VL), Wentworth
114th- StateBoyz/Stateville (BD-GD??), State
115th-Rookie Ville/RMG (GD), Stewart
Morgan Park
110th- New Park/Kush Cowboys/Swin Block/ Locs (LSG), Racine
112th- Ada Park/MooMooGang (BD), Ada
West Pullman
116th- Wildside/BMG (GD), Stewart
116th- The Jungle/MikeyWorld/7G (GD), Vincennes
117th- Cooper Park/SoBlock (LSG), Ada
117th- NGC/Town Boyz/Rag Town (GD), Sangamon
119th- Buff City (BD), Lafayette
119th- MBMG/11-9/Mayberry/HellaBandz (GD), Yale
119th- MBAM/Death Row (GD), Michigan
122nd- PacoLand/Kellz City (GD), Peoria
123rd- TriggaTown (BD), Emerald
123rd- 12Tre (BD), Lowe
124th- EJ World (GD), Racine

What is better to choose?

Posted: May 13th, 2017, 2:17 am
by VikaHoubcon
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Re: What is better to choose?

Posted: May 3rd, 2018, 10:05 pm
by Count Olaf