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2wo4ourSpiddy wrote:i know a few black stones for a long time.. but all that moorish hebrew black power sh*t is fake. the real moors were all muslims. the reason the moorish empire and ottoman empires dominated is because of discipline and sticking to their script.. not becuase of anything to do with black power..

thats one thing i cant respect is a black stone who dont stick to what he raelly about.

i aitn gonna get into what we as kings believe though.. that aint for discussion.. im just commenting on this because you guys steady put it out there.. afterall you guys are "moes"

Black P Stones are our first cousins as . Us as in Latin Kings so i aint coming at you from nowhere.

But Stop mixing hebrew Israelite bullshit with What Real Black Stones believe in.

If you aint a black stone from chicago, I AINT SUPRISED.. Youz all caught up with the wrong lit... for real
Not all moors were muslims and being a moor has nothing to do with stones thats something they incorporated into their beliefs when moors had already existed more than a thousand years before the moors in Spain taught the anglo saxons and Europeans how to bath because they use to sleep in their own feces they were so dirty they caused the black plague

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