holding down AP

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Re: holding down AP

Post by CullomKkrazy » February 12th, 2016, 7:36 pm

sin1077 wrote:
Greasers712 wrote:
sin1077 wrote:@cullom^^^ Hey remind me again why r SGDz & Royals into it again considering they used to be so tight back in the day?

I mean u should know this right since ur supposedly a K.C. Royal right :lol: :lol:

Let's see if he answers this time or just plays dumb again SMH!

SGDn Tk 1974

I heard it has something to do with the GDz that had bought that building on CPWst where both SGDz/GDz would trap outta :2cents:

After the SGDz saw their big brother (the GDz) bully the Royals off CPWst I supposed the SGDz wanted to follow suit after the GDz gave them St.Louis/Ainslie which lasted became DAst :tiphat:
Damn I never even saw this post before cause I don't come on here no more.
Bro ur hearing some straight up fairy tales You think GDz are even in any way involved SMH.
In the 1st place CPW didn't even want it they still remembered the last war from da 90's when SK gave em the business. 2nd place I ain't saying why cause I ain't feeding all you fucking trolls, but it was over the STUPIDEST sh*t with KC thats how I know cullom krazy ain't one cause he should know cause his set specifically started it.:facepalm:


nikka y'all mad cuz we got kc y'all started the war with us we didn't like y'all hanging n living all thru the hood nikka i knew RIP porky the only sgd i will ever Respect much love to that brother n i knew his bro negro he was my homie to n them dudes old heads i been around for a long time kid i heard capone trick on his on guys from his own hood but now he got all the shorties out there thinking they tough not valid bt hey i don't know sh*t cuz I'm not in tune i knew demon to from d.a

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