Romantic Violence in R World (People and Folks)

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Romantic Violence in R World (People and Folks)

Unread post by Greasers712 » October 17th, 2014, 10:12 am

The Folks Alliance was started in 1978 by Larry Hoover of the Black Gangster Disciples. In response, the People Alliance was started an hour or so later by Jeff Fort of the Black P Stones, formerly the Blackstone Rangers, now calling themselves El Rukns. Both alliances were created in the Illinois state prison in Joliet.

The best way to explain Folks and People is by comparing them to NATO and the Warsaw Pact - two alliances made up of independent organizations, pitted against each other. The main reason for the alliance in the first place was to create organized peace in the prison system with the BGD’s in charge. The violence did drop in the prisons, thanks to the policy of ‘mutually assured destruction’ that the two alliances had.

It’s funny, NATO, Warsaw Pact, Folks and People, are all remarkably similar. If I had to sum up the overall difference between alliances, it would be that Folks are money-oriented while People are philosophically-oriented. BD’s, GD’s, SD’s and SCR’s are all about selling drugs, robbing and money. GL’s, TJ’s and Freaks are White Power while VL’s and Stones are all about Islam. They’re two completely different mentalities.

The whole thing started out as a way of getting control of the prisons. No one group was strong enough to do it alone. So the Gangster Disciples and their Black Disciple cousins got together and hatched the idea. When the Black P Stones and Vice Lords saw what was happening, they made an official alliance with each other to keep from being enslaved or wiped-out by the Disciples. They were both arch enemies of the Disciples anyway, so it was a natural marriage.

When the new BGD alliance heard about it, they decided they needed to invite some more of their cousin gangs to join with them and make sure they always had the edge over the Stones and Vice Lords. At first, the Folks Alliance only included the Black Gangster Disciples, Satan Disciples, Latin Disciples and Simon City Royals. But after a few days, it also included the Spanish Cobras, Imperial Gangsters, Latin Eagles, Orchestra Albany and the Two Six Boys.

Within weeks, it grew even more to include the Two Two Boys, Ambrose and the North Side Insane Popes. Just two years later in 1980, the Folks Alliance expanded again to include the Brazers, Paulina Barry Community, Ashland Vikings, Latin Jivers, Latin Stylers, Milwaukee Kings, Sin City Boys and the Spanish Gangster Disciples.

When the Black P Stones and Vice Lords saw the Folks pull in the Satan Disciples, Latin Disciples and Simon City Royals, they knew they had to act fast and lock in pledges of unity from more of their allies. They immediately reached out to all of the Disciples’ arch enemies. Their first stop, the Almighty Latin Kings. After a couple days, the People Alliance had grown to match the Folks and now included the Black P Stones, Vice Lords, Latin Kings, Mickey Cobras, Spanish Lords, Insane Unknown Kings, Warlords, Puerto Rican Stones, Latin Counts and Bishops. Two years later in 1980, it grew to include the Gaylords, Jousters, Freaks, Deuces, Noble Knights, Twelfth Street Players, Cullerton Boys, South Side Insane Popes and Latin Brothers.

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