Does Seattle get it cracking?

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Re: Does Seattle get it cracking?

Post by Westuce218 » August 26th, 2014, 11:23 pm

It's does and doesn't it's mainly the south end vs cd. The south end is Hoovers biggest set in sea gd and crip. Cd is bloods piru and gd's they get it bracken the most but you got the west side which is mostly bloods some gd and hoover Northside is mostly rich and white but there's is a couple sets tanaz and elm st piru and Avenue piru. TRG is the 3rd biggest gang 1st among Asians. There's the gang list I didn't make it but all the surat gangs is not accurate at all the only reason the guy say there's so much is because they tag it but they don't bang like so Cal


* East Side Piru
* East Valley Piru
* Elm Street Piru
* Lake Bity Avenue Piru (Lake City)
* Lime Hood Piru (Lake City)
* Low Profile
* Original Block Piru 151
* Seattle Mafia Piru
* South End Bloods
* Valley Hood Piru, 2900 Block
* West Side Street Mobb (Delridge area)
* West Side Mafia Blood Gang (34th AVE & 168th ST, Sea-Tac)
* Yesler Terrace Bloods
* 3rd & Pine (3P)


* 52 Hoover Gangster Crips
* Avalon Gangster Crips
* Family Mafia Crips (Federal Way)
* Genesee Blocc Crips, 3800 Blocc
* Hilltop Crip Gang
* Holly Blocc Hellraisers, 44th Avenue
* Holly Park Crip Gang, 3900 Blocc
* Insane Boyz Crips, 46th Avenue
* Neighborhood Crips, 46
* Othello Blocc Crips
* Rollin' 40's NHC (NeighborHood Crips)
* Rollin' 60's NHC (Renton Highlands)
Hard Knocc Hoodsta clicc
* Rollin' 90's NHC
* Santana Blocc Compton Crips, 32nd Avenue (Lake City)
* West Covina NHC
* West Side Marvin Gangster Crips

(Found all over King County, largest gang in Seattle)

* Highway Hoovers (Pacific Highway from Tukwila to Federal Way)
* Hoover Criminals, 74
BonesCizzles "C's"CurlsGamersLocsNuttsRatt Pack (Largest Hoover set)Shady BunchShine Squad 17th Murda BloccSmilesSpoonzTrain Gang* Hoover Criminals, 83 
BluesFace Family* Hoover Criminals, 92

(The CD and South End groups are fierce rivals with each other)

-Central District-

* Cherry Block, 3100 Block
* D-Block (24th & Dearborn)
* Deuce-0 (20th & Yesler)
* Deuce-8 (28th & Jackson)
* East Union Street Hustlers (21st-26th Avenues)

-South End-

* Deuce Jive Hillside (25th & Horton)
* Down Wit The Crew (53rd & Henderson)
* South Horton (34th & Horton)
* 30th & Angeline, Vista Block
* 46th & Juneau

-West Seattle/White Center-

* West Side Gangster Disciple Nation


* 18th Street Gang
* Barrio East Side 13th Street (Renton)
* Barrio Loco Humilde 13 (defunct)
* Brown Pride Locos 13 (Federal Way)
* Brown Pride Mexicans 13
* Brown Pride Soldados 13 (Bellevue-Kirkland)
* Brown Pride Surenos 13
* Callejones Escondidos 13 (CES)
* Crossroads Eastside Lokotes 13 (Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton)
* El Monte Flores 13 (Burien)
Tiny Midgets* Florencia 13
Neighborhood* Gangsta Surenos Cliqua 13 (South Park)
* King Underground Surenos 13 (Federal Way)
* La Posada Surenos 13 (defunct)
* Little Valley Lokotes 13 (Seattle, Kent, Renton)
* Marijuanos 13
* Mara Salvatrucha 13 (Seattle)
Criminal Lokote Salvatrucha 
Pasadena Lokote Salvatrucha 
Seattle Lokote Salvatrucha 
* Nortenos 14 (no known cliques)
* Rancho San Pedro 3rd Street (Auburn, Kent)
Pee Wees/ Pequenos (PWS/ PQS)* South Los 13
* South Park Lokotes 13 (South Park)
* South Side Clicka 13 (Kent)
* South Side Locos 13 (Beacon Hill/ County wide)
* South Side Playboys 13 (County wide)
ConejosRascalsWicked Bunnies* South Side Playgirl Surenas 13 (Female gang)
* South Side Watts Varrio Grape Street 13
* Sureno King Lokotes 13 (Federal Way- Des Moines)
* Surenas Malditas Locas 13 (Female gang)
* Surenos Callejeros 13
* Surenos Villains 13 (South Seattle)
* United Latinos, 33rd Street
* United Lokotes 13
* Varrio Locos 13, 17th Block (White Center & South King County)
* Varrio Surenos Lokotes 13
* Vatos Locos 13 (County wide)


* Asian Boyz (ABZ)
Asian Girls (Female gang)
* Crazy Brother Clan
* Crime Family Gangsta Crips

* Oriental Troops (Crips) 1st generation
* Young Oriental Troops (Crips) 2nd generation
* Ghetto Troops, 3600 Block (Crips) 3rd generation

* Loco Asian Boyz, 104th Street (Bloods) 1st generation
* Original Fantasy Boyz, 109th Street (Bloods) 2nd generation
* Little Ruthless Boyz (Bloods) 3rd generation

* Bad Side Posse
* Deuce 9
* Original Loko Boyz (Bloods) (Kirkland)
* Ruthless Asian Gang
* Scandalous Asian Gang
* Thuggish Asian Gang
* Young Seattle Boyz
* Tiny Raskal Gang
Drama FamilyKenyon Street DreamersSea Tac RaskalsSouth Park RaskalsLady Raskal Gang (Female gang)


* 4600 Brandon Street (Bloods/Crips mixed)
* Mad Pack
* Sons of Samoa
South End Duce1 Gangster Crips* Tongan Crip Gang
* Tongan Family Crips
* United Blood Nation
* Young USO Clique (Crips)


* East African Posse (defunct)
* Goonz
* Hunneds/100's Movement (mix of Central District sets)
* Klick Clack
* KnoccOut Bitches (Female gang)
* Lady Thuggin Savages (Female gang)
* Little Thuggin Savages
* Lucciauno's
* Maniyaks
* MOB Squad
* Point Side Gangsters 44 Strong
* Savages With Attitude (Bellevue)
* Section 8 or 8 Block
* Society of Kings (North Seattle/Greenwood)
* South Cloverdale 74-53 (mix of South End sets)
* The Squad
* 31 R.A.C.K.S. (East Cherry & MLK)
* 700 Park (86th & Fremont Ave)

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Re: Does Seattle get it cracking?

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Re: Does Seattle get it cracking?

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