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The God Body Nation (or God Body / GB / GBN / TGB / TGBN for short) is a large fluidly connected international black organization. This organization is a unity of smaller individual sub-groups known as Ciphers. Each cipher is known to have their own distinctive name, but all use the number "7" hand sign when saluting one another. God Body also has another hand sign they throw up which resembles the peace sign, but with both fingers together.


God Body started in 1976 by members of the Nation of Gods and Earths in the Rikers Island Correctional Facility in New York City and uses the lessons of the Nation of Gods and Earths to live by.

God Body members are mainly identified by their tattoos of the flag of The Nation of Gods and Earths and their beads which consist of 360 or 120 black beads and a single gold bead which is sometimes substituted with a yellow bead, or a gold medallion of the NGE flag.

They can also be identified by their extensive use of the colors black with a hint of gold, such as black bandannas, black durags, completely black hats (sometimes with a gold design), and wearing completely black clothing with just a hint of gold like a gold design or gold laces, jewelry, gold teeth, etc.

God Body was started to create organization and structure for members of the NGE in prison so they can unite and strategically combat the menacing latin gangs who targeted members of the nation with violence due to their peaceful nature and lack of structure. Before this newly found stability and unity within the nation, they were just scattered members of the NGE throughout the prison system who, more often than not, ended up dropping the NGE teachings to try to fight the gangs on their own instead. Loyal members of the NGE frowned upon any member fighting, but most members had no choice or to be a victim of the latino gangs violence.

Throughout the early 70's there were isolated groups of NGE members who banded together to strike back at anybody who targeted them with violence. They called it "practicing justice" and they preached "Freedom and Justice For All". They were not accepted by the majority of the NGE, who preferred a non-violent approach (Peace). By 1976 as more and more groups of NGE members splintered off to practice justice, those groups decided to unite and create an organization which they called "The God Body Nation". God Body members still considered themselves members of the Nation of Gods and Earths and still used the NGE lessons to live by, even though the majority of the NGE didn't accept them and considered them a violent fringe extremist gang that shouldn't call themselves real members of the NGE.

By the 1990's the concept of God Body had already rapidly spread throughout all prison systems on the East Coast and into the streets of various cities along the eastern seaboard bringing with them the NGE lessons. As time passed a lot of the individual Ciphers within God Body began to operate as gangs and participate in bloody turf wars on the streets and prisons because other gangs viewed them as a gang and engaged them as such so they really had no choice. The gangs they defended themselves from in prison regularly seeked revenge on the streets. The biggest rivals of God Body throughout the 70's to the mid 90's was the Universal Zulu Nation, which is a much larger, older and racially diverse gang and the Netas which is a very large Puerto Rican based gang. Many Ciphers of God Body also participated heavily in the drug trade to fund themselves in order to buy arms to protect themselves from raging crack crews during the major crack era that hit NYC in the late 80's and continue to do so today.

Today the Nation of Gods and Earths laregly view God Body as a separate but accepted vanguard group used to protect and safeguard the ideology of the NGE and serve as protection and security to members of the NGE and innocent civilians on the streets and in prison who decide to practice Peace over Justice. Each cipher in God Body has a rank structure as follows:

Captain: The Duty of a Captain is to give Orders to the Lieutenants to be passed on to soldiers. Each Cipher must have a Captain. There can only be one Captain in each cipher which is voted in by the majority of the Lieutenants. A member of the NGE can appoint himself Captain only if he is starting his own Cipher, which any member of the NGE who is not a part of and has never been a part of any God Body Cipher has the right to do at any time.

Lieutenants: The duty of the Lieutenants is to teach, train and pass orders from captain to soldiers the soldiers in the God Body cipher. Lieutenants are chosen by the Captain. There can only be up to seven Lieutenants in each Cipher, but each Cipher must have at least one to be considered complete. Lieutenants must have served time as a Soldier, with the exception of new Ciphers in-which the Captain can immediately appoint up to seven Lieutenants to fill the spot.

Soldiers: The Duty of the soldiers is to carry out the orders given by the lieutenants. Potential soldiers can only be chosen by a Lieutenant (not Captain) but have to be brought before the Captain for acceptance. If the Captain doesn't accept, then that person cannot join that Cipher but still has the right to join another or start his own. There is no limit on the amount of soldiers a Cipher can have, but each Cipher must have at least one to be considered complete.

Once a member has joined or created a Cipher he must stay a part of that Cipher for the rest of his physical existence or until he chooses to retire from that Cipher which he can do at any time. Upon retiring from a Cipher that person gives up the right to join a Cipher ever again and also gives up the right to start a new one, however that person is still a respected member of the Nation of Gods and Earths if he chooses to remain a member of the NGE.

Every God Body Cipher is required to assist any other God Body cipher if needed for any circumstance. This is a rule strictly enforced by every member of God Body. Failure of one Cipher to assist another Cipher when needed has been known to end with entire ciphers being wiped out as every other Cipher in existence works to hunt and exterminate it for "failure to assist". They call this act "healing the wound" meaning ciphers who don't assist are a "wound" on the "God Body" that must be "healed" (exterminated). They also call snitches in a cipher "wounds" and snitches/enemies outside of a cipher/NGE "mosquitoes".

Three very well known God Body Ciphers include the "Supreme Team" in Queens, NY (the infamous Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff was the Captain of this Cipher, which flipped into the SouthSide Bloods set in 2000); the "Killer Bees" in Staten Island, NY (a lot of members of the Wu Tang Clan belong to this Cipher) and "Lords Never Worry" in Harlem, NY (A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob are members of this cipher).

Both the NGE and the God Body entity greet each other by saying "Peace God" and/or "Peace Lord" and engage in the NGE handshake as follows:


[youtube]<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/rAOCpvl7eb8?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/youtube]

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What We Teach

1. That black people are the original people of the planet earth.

2. That black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization.

3. That the science of Supreme Mathematics is the key to understanding man's relationship to the universe.

4. Islam is a natural way of life, not a religion.

5. That education should be fashioned to enable us to be self sufficient as a people.

6. That each one should teach one according to their knowledge.

7. That the black man is god and his proper name is ALLAH. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head.

8. That our children are our link to the future and they must be nurtured, respected, loved, protected and educated.

9. That the unified black family is the vital building block of the nation.


What We Will Achieve
1.National Consciousness: National Consciousness is the consciousness of our origin in this world, which is divine. As a nation of people we are the first in existence and all other peoples derived from us. National Consciousness is the awareness of the unique history and culture of Black people and the unequaled contributions we have made to world civilization, by being the fathers and mothers of civilization. National Consciousness is the awareness that we are all one people regardless to our geographical origins and that we must work and struggle as one if we are to liberate ourselves from the domination of outside forces and bring into existence a Universal Government of Love, Peace and Happiness for all the people of the planet.

2. Community Control: Community Control of the educational, economic, political, media and health institutions on our community. Our demand for Community Control flows naturally out of our science of life, which teaches that we are the Supreme Being in person and the sole controllers of our own destiny; thus we must have same control on the collective level that we strive to attain on the individual level. It is prerequisite to our survival that we take control of the life sustaining goods and services that every community needs in order to maintain and advance itself and advance civilization. Only when we have achieved complete Community Control will we be able to prove to the world the greatness and majesty of our Divine Culture, which is Freedom.

3. Peace. Peace is the absence of confusion (chaos) and the absence of confusion is Order. Law and Order is the very foundation upon which our Science of Life rest. Supreme Mathematics is the Law and Order of the Universe, this is the Science of Islam, which is Peace. Peace is Supreme Understanding between people for the benefit of the whole. We will achieve Peace, in ourselves, in our communities, in our nation and in the world. This is our ultimate goal.


Why We Are Not Muslim
Throughout the various religious Muslim communities there have been wide discussions pertaining to the Nation of Gods and Earths (5% Nation). The charge that we are not Muslims and that we represent "true" Islam in a false way has been laid against us. The following will give some insight on why we don`t consider ourselves Muslims yet still utilize words such as Allah and Islam within our paradigm.

The Science of Islam v.s. The Religion of Islam: We of the Nation of Gods and Earths study Islam as a Science not as a Religion. A Science must follow in the exact scientific method in order to come to a right and exact conclusion. One must apply observation to extract immutable laws. The outcome must be able to be retested under similar circumstances and the same data must come into existence. A Religion is defined as a set of beliefs. In the case of Religion it is belief in that which cannot be detected by the senses. It is the belief in an astral, invisible God. A Muslim, by definition, submits himself to Allah. In the religious paradigm Allah is not Muslim for he does not submit to Self. In the Nation of Gods and Earths the Black man is defined as God. God does not submit. A Muslim upholds the 5 pillars of Iman (Faith) declaring there is no God but Allah, Salah (Prayer), Zakah (the tax for the poor), Sawm (Fasting), and Hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca). The Nation of Gods and Earths does not hold itself to any of these. We do not claim to be Muslim.

Why We Utilize Words Such As "Allah" and "Islam": First there is a distinction between what is to be considered "Muslim" and what is just "Arabic." The two are not interchangeable. There are many who are classified as Arab whose Religion is Christianity, Judaism, etc... They all speak Arabic. Allah and Islam are "Arabic" words and not "Muslim" words. Islam means peace. The word "Islam" is not "owned" by the "religion" of Islam. We utilize its "original" definition. Allah translates as "The God." Does the "religion" of Islam own the concept of "God?" No. God in Arabic is ilah and since there are no capital letters in Arabic, the il in the form of Al was added to make this rendering unique. Yet, all in all, it is still the God. We utilize "Arabic" for it underscores our utilization of Mathematics as the Foundation for our Science. Numerals are represented as "Arabic" numerals in Mathematics. Therefore we utilized various "Arabic" words to show this connection. Even in the religious paradigm the prophets of the Bible practiced "Islam." They did not have to wait for the prophet Muhammad to come and reform the religion of Islam for them to be accepted by the creator. If they utilize the five pillars they were not Muslim, yet they practiced Islam.

Conclusion: In closing I would just like to say that we are not Muslim, nor do we claim to be. A Muslim is 5, God is 7. God is not a Muslim. God does not submit.


The Origin of The 5% Title
Five Percenters teach that Black people specifically, and the entire world population more generally, can be divided into three groups:

-The 85%, easily led in the wrong direction hard to be led in the right direction, who are the humble masses, mentally deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth about themselves and the world in which they live.
-The 10%, who understand much of the truth but use it to their advantage to keep the 85% under their control through religion, politics, entertainment, economics, and other methods.
-The 5%, who are the enlightened divine beings, having repossessed knowledge of the truth regarding the foundations of life and of oneself, and seek to punitively liberate the 85% through education.

The percentages presented are not meant to be exact but are instead meant to represent the public, the religious and political rulers, and the few truly enlightened people on earth, respectively. The numbers used point out common traits to identify the members of these three groups and can be fully understood using the language of Supreme Mathematics.


The Science of The Universal Flag

Ans. The flag represents the original family of the universe, the Sun, Moon and Star; which is the Blackman, Blackwoman and Blackchild, held together by God Allah.

Ans. The proper name for the flag is the "Universal Flag of Islam"

Ans. Because Islam is the science of everything in life. It is the law governing the universe and everything in life can be made understood by understanding the principles of the Sun, Moon and Stars and their relationship to the blackman, woman and child. Universal means including, involving or intended for all. It is that which can be used or understood by all. the Universal Flag of Islam is the symbol of the universal order of life and the force by which it is maintained and controlled.

Ans. The sun, which is represented by the sphere having eight points, symbolizes life activity in a constant state of building to be born; mathematically expressed in this manner:

7. GOD
And by building with these mathematical units or rather these principles of life, a more in depth understanding can be found. There are eight levels of study that formulate the foundation of our (5%) teachings as revealed to us by the Father. They are as follows:
5. ENGLISH LESSON NO. C-1 (1-36)
As mentioned before there are eight points on the sun, four long points and four short points. Between each like point (long to long or short to short) there is forty five(90) degrees (4x90=360) and between each long and short point there is forty five(45) degrees (8x45=360).
Ans. For life is a constant elevation, therefore the process of elevation is seen in the observation of life. Knowledge added to build borns born and in life one either builds or destroys, there is no in-between. The sun is the builder of life, the sustainer and source of all energy. Without light, we have no sight, without heat, life would freeze. The Sun, giving life to all, is symbolic to the Blackman, being as he is the giver of life, the builder, destroyer, protector, provider, maker, owner and nourisher. Just as without the Sun there would be no physical life, without the Blackman NOTHING and no one could or would exist. The Blackman is the source of all existence.

Ans. The Moon, the reflector of light (life), is the equality of Earth represented by the cresent moon in its first quarter, rising in the world under the divine guidance of the true and living God..The (awakened) Asiatic Blackman. Thus, we cee her standing at the at 90 degree, a right angle for the new Blackwoman (renewed through knowledge and culture), The mother of civilization, is being born in the cipher of Allah's truth. The moon should never rise above the seven in any representation of the flag, for that would mean that it is possible for her to rise above God and as long as God is radiating the mannerisms and characteristics of the True and Living constantly remaining in a progressive state of building to be born...this is emphatically now cipher. Upon careful examination we will cee that the crest of the moon and the top of the seven appear to be equal, the is a testement to the moon(blackwoman), being raised to her fullest equality by God, also the position of the seven in front of the moon is one of the protector and guider, which is the capicity tha God exists in.

Ans. The five point star represents the black child (the fruit of Allah's Nation) it is symbolic of power and authority existing in the Child to rule the future (Stars are distant planets and/or suns symbolic of future rulers). The Star also represents the Human body in its five point position, we ourselves having five modes of power, existing at 72 degrees one from the other. thus, we cee the Stars manifesting the power of God's Wisdom and through the union of knowledge and wisdom; Blackman and Blackwoman, being born complete (5x72=360).

Ans. The mathematical unit seven(7) which embraces the Moon and Star, within the center sphere of the Sun, represents the Supreme contolling force and power of the universe...God. For within God's power, all heavenly bodies (families, communities, nations) are held together. God Borns build or destroy and it is understood that the conscious blackman is God and has the responsibility and is endowed with the power to control, protect and provide for the Black Family and Nation as a whole. The seven should have seven points and seven sides.

Ans. Allah is the Asiatic Blackman who has acquired the proper knowledge of himself and his culture which is I-God. Allah is charactarized as the supreme and divine intelligence housed in the physical composition of the blackman. In Arabic, Allah is used to describe the Supreme Being...the lord of all worlds and source of all existence...and is translated as "Life Giver". On Earth, Allah is manifested by and projected through the intelligence and life existence of the Universal Family (Blackman, woman and child) and they who have been influenced by them. In the universe, Allah is seen through his attributes of power and in the laws of Nature and the Blackman by manifesting this inherent and inveterate power can create a world of Love, Peace and Happiness.

Ans. Colors are different intensities of light rays made visible when refracted from an object. In Physics, colors are understood to be waves of radiant energy projected from the Sun and made visible by refracted light, which stimulates the retina of the eye and its neural structures.

Black is not a refraction of light, but rather the state of being from and by which light(life) was and is made manifest. So, as not to make truth perplexing, for it should not be, let us call these energies different degrees or shades of life. The Black in the flag represents life's essence, in that it is first and yet itself having no beginning nor ending. Black is the fundamental principle, the foundation of the basis of life; it is that which upon everything rests and has its beginning. Such is the essence of the black family, we have no birth record. We are the Original Peoples of the Planet Earth and Black being Original it pertains to Originality. It is the creative force and power in us to build. Mathematically, black is symbolic to knowledge and unlimited resources and reality. Black is dominant and supreme...Black is life.

The Gold or Yellow in the Flag represents purity, wealth and endurance. It is also the last shade of Original. Pure means free from mixture or contact from that which weakens, impairs or pollutes, containing no foreign or vitiating material. Islam is pure truth and righteousness. In cannot be diluted, mixed or tampered with in any form. Islam is our natural way of life. When we live it out, we are being our TRUE selves. This is our gold, our wealth our very lives. The lives of the original people is of supreme value and has no comparison or equal. Gold is a precious metallic element (symbol AU..Atomic Number 79), it is highly ductile, malleable and resistant to oxidation. From Black to yellow spans alll the shades of original people.

The Earth and the Moon were at one point during there existence ONE planet. So the Earth and the Moon are one and the same, one of the main reasons why the Moon does not have the capability to support life is due to the fact that it has no atmopshere. But the 2 of them are symbolic to the Black Woman as is she is the Original Woman who sincerely reflects the Knowledge giving off by the Sun of Man who is God Allah. The Moon in it's Cresent form has exactly 2 points, because it Reflects the Originator or the Sun which the Knowledge, and the Universal Originator Mathematically as we all Know it is One (1), and 1 add 1 borns 2. This represents Wisdom which are the Words, Ways, and Actions reflecting the will of the Mind which is the Knowledge being Born within and expressed on the out. The Earth, which is covered approximately under Water or Wisdom 3/4 of its surface reflects Light, is the 3rd planet outside the Sun, exactly 93,000,000 miles away, and has the ablity to Born Understanding or bring forth life. The Home of I Self Lord And Master (ISLAM) which is the planet Earth is the only planet able to support life, being that it is the 3rd planet away from the Sun and because of its distance apart from the Sun makes this posiable. The only reason why the other 8 planets cannot or lack the ability to support life is because they are either to far or too close to the Sun to do such. A made planet must be 93,000,000 miles away from the Sun exactly in order for it to Born Understanding or bring forth life. The Moon is Yellow because it Reflects Light which is the Wisdom.

Ans. There are twenty two(22) total points on the flag. The Sun(8), The Moon(2), The Star(5) and the Seven(7)..8+5+2+7=22, showing and proving the victory of our culture over the devil's virulent teachings and malicious attempts to keep our people and selves blind, deaf, and dumb tools and slaves.


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The Supereme Mathematics
(1)Knowledge: is simply the accumulation of facts through observing, learning, and respecting. Knowledge is the foundation of all in existence, for it must be known in order to make it manifest. Knowledge is the light given off by our sun, which is the foundation of our solar system.

(2)Wisdom: is wise words being spoken, or to speak knowledge (or a wise dome, meaning a wise mind) and act according to it. Wisdom is water or the vital building block of life. Wisdom is the Original Woman because life is continued through her cipher (womb). It is also a reflection of one's knowledge and is shown and proved by the earth, being a reflection of the sun's light (knowledge). Knowledge plus the reflection of Knowledge equals Wisdom (1 + 1 = 2).

(3)Understanding: is what shows and proves the completion of knowledge and wisdom (man, woman, and child). Understanding is a clear mental picture. It is the Original Child, which is the star. The highest form of understanding is love, the bond between man and woman, or Knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge plus Wisdom equals Understanding (1 + 2 = 3). If you knowledge my wisdom you will understand what I am talking about.

(4)Culture/Freedom: is one’s way of living, meaning one’s language (wisdom) and customs (ways and actions). The Original Man’s culture is Islam: freedom, justice, and equality, which is peace. Free to practice one's own culture,which is Islam. without conflict.

(5)Power: is the force or creative energy. Power is the truth, which is Allah's mathematics. To have knowledge of the Culture of Islam is to have Power.

(6)Equality/Truth/Justice: is the state or quality of being equal, meaning to deal equally with all in existence. Equality is achieved by teaching others Knowledge and Wisdom, and making it understood through Understanding. Truth is achieved through the actual and factual Wise words spoken. Justice is accomplished when Equality is applied and Truth is manifested. Their emergence will bring about Justice.

(7)God: Allah is God. The supreme-being Black man, who is the original, is God Allah, Lord of All the Worlds, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, which is everything: sun, moon, and stars (God is the sun in the solar system, Man is the sun, Woman is the moon, Child is a star).

(8)Build or Destroy: To build is to elevate the mentality of self and others around the self to add positive energy to every nation. To destroy is to ruin by allowing negativity to outweigh the positive.

(9)Born: To be born is the completion of all in existence, which is to manifest from Knowledge to Born, the law of mathematics, to be complete in itself.

(0)Cipher: is the completion of a circle consisting of 360 degrees (120 degrees of Knowledge, 120 degrees of Wisdom, 120 degrees of Understanding), which is a whole. All in existence pertains to a cipher.


The Supereme Alphabet
A - Allah: The Asiatic Blackman. “Asia” is the body; “attic” is the mind; “black” is the dominant force; “man” is the higher intelligence; a backronym for arm, leg, leg, arm, head; the Father of the Universe; all in all.

B - Be or Born: to exist. To be born is to bring into existence mentally through the Nation of Islam by way of the old Earth’s womb, Life.

C - Cee or See: to see is to have insight, to comprehend through the mind’s eye; to see is to have insight to see through the physical, to understand.

D - Divine: the essence of self, Godly by nature, which can neither be added to nor taken away from; can't say “Allah” without saying “all.” One’s nature is pure and untampered-with.

E - Equality: to knowledge your knowledge, you will deal with everything within your cipher equally, which gives birth to Wisdom that is showing and proving. Everything is everything, which equals one. Equality gives birth to Wisdom, and Mathematics do not lie.

F - Father: To father mentally as well as physically. to father means to further, to further ones physical and mental development by way of proper education, history and proper nutrition, diet, the proper foods.

G - God: The Original Man, the Blackman of Asia, the supreme form of life manifested, the mind of human beings; and humans are here to attain perfection by building and destroying, which shows and proves that Mathematics do not lie.

H - Him or Her, who have the power to build or destroy based on their level of intelligence.

I - I or Islam Islam is our Culture not a religion like traditional Islam. We are a culture that lives in tune with our divine nature. This means to live in tune with the Universe and the mathematical principles that govern it. We are the essence of the very universe that surrounds us.

J - Justice This is the Divine balance of the universe. It is the reward or penalty for one's ways and actions. The rewards for embracing Islam are love, peace, and happiness. The penalty for living in discord is hell (suffering, stress, lack of understanding/confusion, mental and physical death due to a life of savagery).

K - King or Kingdom

L - Love Hell or Live Right (the correct way): You would go through hell to make what you love right. Daily we are given the opportunity to love Hell or Right. It is the crossroad one faces each and every day. When you chose to love Hell, you accept your hellish predicament in life. If you chose to love Right, then you are blessed with the good that is returned for your right actions.

M - Master

N - Now-End Nation

O - Cipher or Completion. A circle consisting of 360 degrees. Every person, place, or thing pertains to a Cipher.

P - Power

Q - Queen

R - Ruler or Rule

S - Self, Savior

T - Truth or Square

U - You or Universe and U-N-I-Verse

V - Victory

W - Wisdom

X - The Unknown

Z - Zig-Zag-Zig meaning from Knowledge to Wisdom to Understanding.


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Nation of God and Earths (FAQ 1-16)
Note: These are questions and answers that are frequently asked by those who are seeking knowledge of the Nation of Gods and Earths.

1. Why do the 5% teach that man is the Supreme Being? Answer: Because the word Supreme means: Highest form and the word Being means: to exist. It is a known fact that man is the highest form in existence that is known on the planet earth, because of all the living creatures on the planet earth, it is man who has the ability to think and bring his thoughts into a reality and with this mental ability, man has ruled over every living thing that walks on land, swims in the ocean, and flies in the sky. Therefore, mans is the Supreme Being without a doubt to those who understand.

2. Why do the 5% teach that man is GOD? Answer: Today many people have different interpretations and opinions of the word “GOD”. To some, GOD is a spiritual force, a Supreme Being who lives somewhere in the sky above the clouds, who no one will ever be able to see until they die. There are those who teach the GOD is a spook or unseen being that exists everywhere. The 5% teach that GOD is made according to the original meaning of the word GOD. When one researches the word GOD, he will find that the word GOD comes from the Greek language. It is taken from the first letters of the Greek words: GUMAR, OZ and DUBAR (G+O+D=GOD.Gumar means: Wisdom, Oz means: Strength, and Dubar means: Beauty. Thus it is plain to see that Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty are the attributes of a Man with sure knowledge of self.

3. Why do the 5% teach that they are not Muslim? Answer: Muslim is an Arabic term which means: Submission to the will of Allah. It is the teachings of the 5% that the first Muslim was the black woman, who was created to submit to the will of her man (GOD), as Eve was made to submit to the will of Adam. Thus the courage of the man is in commanding, that of the woman is in obeying. This is an ancient teaching.

4. Why do the 5% teach that Islam is a culture and not a religion? Answer: Islam means: Peace. Therefore the greeting of the 5% is peace. Islam is not something that is given to the Blackman, Islam is the very essence in which the Blackman is created, like light is the very nature of day and darkness is the very nature of night. Religion is a way of life that can be made, un-made or re-made by mankind, but Islam cannot be re-made or un-made for Islam always existed. It has no beginning nor ending.

5. Who is the Father of the 5% Nation? Answer: An original Blackman, who is known to the government in the Western hemisphere by such names: Clarence Edward Eugene Smith, Clarence 13X Smith and “Puddin”. He was born February 22, 1928, in Dansville,Va.

6. What year did he found the 5%? Answer: 1964 is recognized as the year “1” of the birth of the 5% nation of the Gods and Earths.

7. What is the difference between the term GOD and Allah? Answer: There is no difference between the term GOD and Allah, for Allah is GOD and the proper name of GOD is ALLAH! We teach that the proper name of GOD is Allah because ALLAH is from the language of Arabic, which is the original tongue of the Blackman, who is Asiatic.

8. What is the Original meaning of ALLAH? Answer: From the original language, which is Arabic, the true and correct meaning of Allah is: The Life Giver (AL: the, LAH: nothing: The one who creates from nothing)

9. What must one do to become a 5%? Answer: One must strive for their own perfection of self-knowledge, educational growth in the higher sciences, to learn vocational trades, to abstain form eating of the poisonous meats, to abstain from the use and abuse of drugs or anything the pollutes the body, which would in turn pollute the mind. We do not believe in race mixing, homosexuality, or any other un-natural sex act which goes against the laws of nature. To become a 5%, one must study and live in accordance with the laws of civilization.

10. Are there any other requirements? Answer: Yes, when one enrolls to become a 5% he or she must dedicate themselves under the guidance of an Enlightener to the study and memorization of the 5% Eight-Point Lessons of Self Awareness, called One-Hundred and Twenty degrees of Truth and Righteousness from the Book of Life.

11. What are the 5% Eight-Point Lessons of Self Awareness? Answers: 1. Supreme Mathematics 2. Supreme Alphabets 3. Student Enrollment Lesson 1-10 4. Lost-Found Muslim Lesson # 1 1-14 5. English Lesson No C #1 1-36 6. Lost-Found Muslim Lesson #2 1-40 7. Actual Facts 8. Solar Facts

12. What is an Enlightener? Answer: A administer of Truth: One who has dedicated themselves to the mastery of the 5% Eight-Point Lessons of Self Awareness from the Book of Life, and who by that mastery is qualified to teach and propagate the constitutions, values and culture of the 5%.

13. Can anyone be a Representative? Answer: Yes, The term 5% is a sociological term applied to that percentage of people who have or is striving to achieve, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Culture and Refinement and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, a 5% is a civilized person, Muslim or Muslim Son. To the surprise of many, there are even those of the Caucasian race who are taught and are even recognized as a 5% representative. For we are not anti-white or pro-black, but prolong in unity and in the advocation for peace.

14. When a white person becomes a 5% does that make him righteous or GOD-like? Answer: Emphatically no! As it has been taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that when a member of the Caucasian race begins to study the culture of the original man (Blackman), he is by that act bestowed with the title of a Muslim Son, meaning: One who is not righteous by nature but one who comes under the protective light and righteous in an atmosphere of peace and understanding.

15. What is the 5% Concept on Elijah Muhammad? Answer: That the birth and growth of the Temple of Islam under the leadership and guide of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was predicted hundreds of thousands of years before his birth. We bear witness to all the prophets spoken of in both the bible and Holy Quran and teach that the life and works of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was and is the culmination of all the prophets, apostles, and messengers sent before him to warn and prepare the people for the Day of Judgment. Knowledge in the mind of Elijah Muhammad, who in turn Wisdom (wised) this Knowledge to the people, but the understanding of this knowledge and wisdom was lacking until the mystery of the seventh seal was revealed by Allah himself.

16. Where can one go to further their knowledge on the teachings of the five percent? Answer: These answers and questions were formulated by Shabazz Adew Allah and is one of many publications produced by members of the 5% Nations of Gods and Earths. Made available to the public for examination, evaluation, and enlightenment. Today the 5% is a growing Nation with many educational centers throughout the cities of New York and in many different states.

The Headquarters of the 5% is located in the heart of Harlem (MECCA) its address is as follows:
Allah School In Mecca
2122 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.
New York, NY 10027
(212) 665-4175


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The Enlightener (The NGE National Anthem)
Written by: Knowledge Allah & Amar Education












NGE Values (Leadership)


The NGE Creed
Written by Life Allah originally from the Oasis in Now Why Cee On the wisdom cipher day in Now Cipher Victory 15,091.
Final revision was written on the wisdom wisdom day in Father Equality Born of 15,092.

No one is more righteous than I. I am GOD or EARTH! As an original person, I realize that I am a member of a universal family which is known as “Civilized People.” I am proud of the Nation of Gods and Earths and will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit upon Allah, The Father, and the NGE regardless of the situation in which I find myself. I will not use my knowledge or wisdom to exploit others, with this power.

Greatness is my watchword. My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind, accomplishment of my determined idea and the welfare of the babies. I will strive to remain all wise and righteous. I will be proficient in my lessons at all times. I am conscious of my role as GOD or EARTH. I will fulfill my responsibilities inherent in that role. All people are entitled to outstanding guidance and leadership; I will provide that guidance and leadership. I know myself and will constantly strive for self improvement. I will be a true and living role model for the young to emulate and will teach them the truth simple and plain.

Education is a key factor in building any nation; I will utilize this factor when adding on to the cipher of growth and development. I will be dedicated to those in this nation that are true and living. I will exercise initiative by not waiting on any mystery Gods or Earths. I will not compromise the truth or my integrity regardless to whom or what. I will not forget, nor will I allow this family to forget that word is bond and that we are civilized, GODS AND EARTHS!


The Student Enrollment (1-10)
1. Who is the Original man?
2. Who is the Colored man?
3. What is the population of the Original Nation in the wilderness of
North America, and all over the planet Earth?
4. What is the population of the Colored people in the wilderness of
North America, and all over the planet earth?
5. What is the area in square miles of the planet earth?
How much is the land?
How much is the water?
6. What are the exact square miles of the useful land that is used every
day by the total population of the planet Earth?
7. How much of the useful land is used by the original man?
8. How much of the useful land is used by the Colored man?
9. What is the birth record of the said, Nation of Islam?
10. What is the birth record of said nations, others than Islam?


1. The original man is the Asiatic Black man; the Maker; the Owner; the
Cream of the planet Earth - Father of Civilization, God of the
2. The Colored man is the Caucasian (white man). Or, Yacub's grafted
Devil - the Skunk of the planet Earth.
3. The population of the Original nation in the wilderness of North
America is 17,000,000.

With the 2,000,000 Indians makes it - 19,000,000.
All over the planet Earth is 4,400,000,000.
4. The population of the Colored people in the wilderness of North
America is 103,000,000

All over the planet Earth is 400,000,000.
5. The square mileage of the Earth is 196,940,000 square miles.

The land is 57,255,000 square miles.
The water is 139,685,000 square miles.
6. The useful land that is used every day by the total population of the
planet Earth is 29,000,000 square miles.

7. The Original man uses 23,000,000 square miles.

8. The colored man used 6,000,000 square miles.

9. The said, Nation of Islam, has no birth record. It has no
beginning nor ending. It is older than the Sun, Moon and Star.

10. Buddhism is 35,000 years old.

Christianity is 551 years old.

The Lost Found Muslim Lesson No.1 (1-14)

Devil settled on the Best Part of the Planet

Answer: Because the Earth belongs to the original Black man.
And knowing that the Devil was wicked and there
would not be any peace among them, he put him out
in the worst part of the Earth and kept the Best Part
preserved for himself ever since he made it. The Best
Part is in Arabia, at the Holy City (Mecca).

The Colored man or Caucasian is the Devil.

Arabia is in the Far East and is bordered by the
Indian Ocean on the south.

2. Why did Mossa have a hard time to civilize the Devil -
2,000 B.C.?

Answer: Because he was a savage. Savage means a person
that has lost the knowledge of himself and who is
living a beast life.

Mossa was a half-original man and a prophet.

Two thousand B.C, means before Christ. In the
Asiatic world, it was in the eleventh thousand hour.

Civilize means to Teach the knowledge and wisdom of
the human family of the planet Earth.

3. Why did we let half-original man, Columbus, discover the
Poor Part of the planet earth?

Answer: Because the original man is the God and Owner of
the Earth, and knows every square inch of it, and has
chosen for himself the Best Part. He did not care
about the Poor Part.

Columbus was a half-original man was born in Italy,
which is southeast Europe. His full name was
Christopher Columbus and the place he discovered
was North America. He found the Indians here who
were exiled sixteen thousand years ago from India.
They are original people.

4. Why did we run Yacob and his made Devil from the Root
of Civilization, over the hot desert, into the caves of
West Asia, as they now call it - Europe? What is the
meaning of Eu and Rope? How long ago? What did the
Devil bring with him? What kind of life did he live?
And how long before Mossa came to teach the Devil of
the forgotten Tricknollegy?

Answer: Because they had started making trouble among the
righteous people telling lies. They accused the
righteous people causing them to fight and kill one

Yacub was an original man and was the Father of the
Devil. He taught the Devils to do this devilishment.

The Root of Civilization is in the Arabian Desert. We
took from them everything except the language and
made him walk every step of the way. It was twenty-
two hundred miles. He went savage and lived in the
caves of Europe. Eu means hillsides and Rope is the
rope to bind in. It was six thousand nineteen years

Mossa came two thousand years later and taught
him how to live a respectful life, how to build a home
for himself and some of the Tricknollegy that Yacub
taught him, which was devilishment - telling lies,
stealing any how to master the original man.

Mossa was a half-original, a prophet, which was
predicted by the Twenty-Three Scientists in the year,
One - fifteen thousand nineteen years ago today.

5. Why did we take Jerusalem from the Devil? How long

Answer: Because one of our righteous brothers, who was a
prophet by the name of Jesus, was buried there.

He uses his name to shield his dirty religion, which
is called Christianity; also, to deceive the people so
they will believe in him.

Jesus' Teaching was not Christianity. It was
Freedom, Justice and Equality.

Jerusalem is in Palestine (Asia Minor). Jerusalem is
a name given by the Jews, which means founded in
peace, and it was first built by the original man, who
was called Jebus; also, Salem and Ariel.

We took the city from the Devils about seven
hundred fifty years ago.

6. Why does the Devil call our people - Africans?

Answer: To make our people of North America believe that the
people on that continent are the only people they
have and are all savage.

He bought a trading post in the jungle of that

The original people live on this continent and they are
the ones who strayed away from civilization and are
living a jungle life.

The original people call this continent - Asia, but the
Devils call it, Africa, to try to divide them.

He wants us to think that we are all different.

7. Why does the Devil keep our people illiterate?

Answer: So that he can use them for a tool and, also, a slave.
He keeps them blind to themselves so that he can
master them.

Illiterate means ignorant.

8. Why does the Devil keep our people apart from his social

Answer: Because he does not want us to know how filthy he
is in all his affairs.

He is afraid because when we learn about him, we
will run him from among us.

Socialist means to advocate a society of men or
groups of men for one common cause.

Equality means to be equal in everything.

9. Why does Muhammad make the Devil Study from
thirty-five to fifty years before he can call himself a
Muslim son? And wear the greatest and only Flag of the
Universe? And he must add a sword on the upper part of
the Holy and Greatest Universe Flag of Islam?

Answer: So that he could clean himself up.

A Muslim does not love the Devil regardless to how
long he studies. After he has devoted thirty-five or
fifty years trying to learn and do like the original
man, he could come and do trading among us and
we would not kill him as quick as we would the
other Devils - that is, who have not gone under
this Study.

After he goes through with this Labor from
thirty-five to fifty years, we permit him to wear our
Holy Flag, which is the Sun, Moon and Star. He
must add the sword on the upper part.

The sword is the emblem of Justice and it was
used by the original man in Muhammad's time.
Thus, it was placed on the upper part of the Flag
so that the Devil can always see it, so he will keep
in mind that any time he reveals the Secrets, his
head would be taken off by the sword.

We give him this chance so that he could clean
himself up and come among us.

The Holy Flag of Islam is the greatest and only Flag

The Universe is everything - Sun Moon and Stars.
They are planets. Planets are something grown or
made from the beginning.

And holy is something that has not been diluted,
mixed or tampered with in any form.

10. Why did Muhammad and any Muslim murder the
devil? What is the Duty of each Muslim in regards to
four devils? What Reward does a Muslim receive by
presenting the four devils at one time?

Answer: Because he is One Hundred Percent wicked
and will not keep and obey the Laws of Islam.

His ways and actions are like a snake of the
grafted type.

So Muhammad learned that he could not
reform the devils, so they had to be murdered.

All Muslims will murder the devil they know he is a
snake and, also, if he be allowed to live, he would
sting someone else.

Each Muslim is required to bring four devils.

And by bringing and presenting four at one
time, his Reward is a button to wear on the lapel of
his coat.

Also, a free transportation in the Holy City
(Mecca) to see Brother Muhammad.

11. Have you not learned that your word shall be Bond
regardless of whom or what?

Answer: Yes. My word is Bond and Bond is life, and I will
give my life before my word shall fail.

12. What is God Body?

Answer: The name of the militant vanguard group
that belong to Nation of Gods and Earths.

13. What is the meaning of Lieu. and Capt.?

Answer: Captain and Lieutenant.

The Duty of a Captain is to give Orders to the
Lieutenant, and the Lieutenant's Duty is to teach
the private soldiers in God Body; also, train them.

14. What is the meaning of M.G.T. and G.C.C.?

Answer: Muslim Girls' Training and General Civilization

This was the name given to the Training of women
and girls in North America - how to keep house,
how to rear children, how to take care of their
husbands, sew, cook and, in general, how to act at
home and abroad.


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English Lesson No. C-1 (1-36)

1. My name is W. F. M U H A M M A D.

2. I came to North America by myself.

3. My uncle was brought over here by the Trader three hundred seventy-nine years ago.

4. My uncle cannot talk his own language.

5. He does not know that he is my uncle.

6. He likes the Devil because the Devil gives him nothing.

7. Why does he like the Devil?

8. Because the Devil put fear in him when he was a little boy.

9. Why does he fear, now, since he is a big man?

10. Because the Devil taught him to eat the wrong food.

11. Does that have anything to do with the above question, No. 10?

12. Yes, sir!. That makes him other than his own self.

13. What is his own self?

14. His own self is a righteous Muslim.

15. Are there any Muslims other than righteous?

16. I beg your pardon? I have never heard of one.

17. How many Muslim sons are there in North America?

18. Approximately three million.

19. How many original Muslims are there in North America?

20. A little over seventeen million.

21. Did I hear you say that some of the seventeen million do not know that they are Muslims?

22. YES, SIR!

23. I hardly believe that unless they are blind, deaf and dumb.

24. Well, they were made blind, deaf and dumb by the Devil when they were babies.



27. Do you mean to say that the Devil fooled then three hundred seventy-nine years ago?

28. Yes, the T R A D E R made an interpretation that they receive G O L D for their
labor - more than they were earning in their own country.

29. Then did then receive gold?

30. NO. The Trader disappeared and there was no one that could speak their language.

31. Then what happened?

32. WELL, they wanted to go to their own country, but they could not swim nine thousand

33. Why didn't their own people come and get them?

34. Because their own people did not know that they were here.

35. When did their own people find out that they were here?

36. Approximately sixty years ago.


The Lost Found Muslim Lesson No.2 (1-40)

1. Who made the Holy Koran or Bible? How long ago? Will you tell us why does
Islam re-new her history every twenty-five thousand years?

ANS. The Holy Koran or Bible is made by the original people, who is Allah, the
supreme being, or (Black man) of Asia. The Koran will expire in the Year
twenty-five thousand; (nine hundred eighty years from the date of this writing).
The Nation of Islam is all-wise and does everything right and exact.
The planet earth, which is the home of Islam, and is approximately twenty-five
thousand miles in circumference. So the wise man of the East (Black man)
makes history or Koran to equal his home circumference---a year to every mile.
And, thus, every time his history lasts twenty-five thousand years, he renews it
for another twenty-five thousand years.

2. What is the Circumference?

ANS. 24,896 miles; (approximately 25,000 miles).

3. What is the diameter of the Planet?

ANS. 7,926 miles; (Seven thousand, nine hundred twenty-six miles).

4. What is the total square mileage?

ANS. 196,940,000 square miles; (One hundred ninety-six million, nine hundred forty
thousand square miles).

5. How much is the land and water?

ANS. 57,255,000 square miles of land. 139,685,000 square miles of water.

6. What is the total weight of our planet?

ANS. 6-sextillion tons --- (a unit followed by twenty-one ciphers).

7. How fast does our Planet travel per hour?

ANS. 1,037 1/3 miles per hour.

8. What makes rain, hail, snow and earthquakes?

ANS. The Earth is, approximately, covered under water; (approximately 3/4ths of its
The Sun and moon --- having Attracting Power on our Planet, while our Planet
--- making the terrific speed of 1,037 1/3 miles on its way around the Sun.
The Sun draws this water up into the Earth's rotation, which is called
gravitation, in a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect. But as this
mist ascends higher , and increasing with other mists of water in different
currents of the atmosphere, until when she becomes heavier than gravitation.
Then she distills back to the Earth in the form of drops of water or drops of ice,
which depends on how heavy the mist was, in the current of the air it was in.
There are some layers or currents of air --- real cold and warm, and some very
swift and changeable. So when the water strikes one of these cold currents, it
becomes solid ice in small, round drops in form or in a light, fluffy form which is
called snow. But this water is not ever drawn above six miles from the Earth's
surface by the Sun and moon. The reason it rains back on our planet is
because it cannot get out of the earth's sphere. With its high speed of rotating
around the Sun --- makes it impossible.
Earthquakes are caused by the Son of man by experimenting on high
explosion. In fact, that all the above is caused by the Son of man.

9. Why does the Devil teach the eighty-Five Percent that a mystery God
brings all this?

ANS. To conceal the True God, which is the Son of man, and make slaves out of
the 85% by keeping them worshipping something he knows they cannot see
(invisible) and he lives and makes himself rich from their labor.
The 85% knows that it rains, hails and snows; also, hears it thunder above
his head, but they do not try to learn who is it that causes all this to happen---by
letting the 5% teach them. He believes in the 10% on face value.

10. Who is that mystery God?

ANS. There is not a mystery God.
The Son of man has searched for that mystery God for trillions of years and
was unable to find a mystery God. Sot hey have agreed that the only God is the
Son of man. So they lose no time searching for that that does not exist.

11. Will you sit at home and wait for that mystery God to bring you food?

ANS. Emphatically No!

12. Tell us why the Devil does not teach that?

ANS. Because he desires to make slaves out of all he can so that he can rob them
and live in luxury.

13. What brings rain, hail, snow and Earthquakes?

ANS. They continue daily to teach the 85% that all this that you see such as
rain, snow, hail and Earthquakes comes from that mystery God that no one
will ever be able to see until he dies. This is believed by the 85%.
The 10% know that when man dies that he will never come back and tell the
living whether he lied or not because the dead is never known to return
from the grave.
All the History of Islam never reveals anything that no man had ever been
able to come back from a physical death. But there is a chance for mental
death because the Lost-Found was once dead mentally and many of them
revived from it.
But they were not physically dead --- only mentally dead.

14. Who is the 85%?

ANS. The uncivilized people; poison animal eaters; slaves from mental death and
power, people who do not know the Living God or their origin in this world,
and they worship that they know not what --- who are easily led in the
wrong direction, but hard to lead into the right direction.

15. Who is the 10%?

ANS. The rich; the slave-makers of the poor; who teach the poor lies --- to
believe that the Almighty, True and Living God is a spook and cannot be
seen by the physical eye.
Other wise known as: The Blood-Suckers Of The Poor.

16. Who is the 5% in the Poor Part of the Earth?

ANS. They are the poor, righteous Teachers, who do not believe in the teachings
of the 10%, and are all-wise; and know who the Living God is; and Teach
that the Living God is the Son of man, the supreme being, the (black man)
of Asia; and Teach Freedom, Justice and Equality to all the human family
of the planet Earth.
Otherwise known as: Civilized People.
Also are: Muslim and Muslim Sons.

17. What is the meaning of civilization?

ANS. One having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and is
not savage.
Pursuit of Happiness.

18. What is the Duty of a civilized person?

ANS. To teach the uncivilized people, who are savage - civilization
(righteousness, the knowledge of himself, the science of everything in life-
love, peace and happiness).

19. If a civilized person does not perform his Duty, what must be done?

ANS. If a civilized person does not perform his Duty, which is Teaching
civilization to others, they should be punished with a severe punishment.
(Ezekiel - Chapter 3, 18th verse; St. Luke - Chapter 12, 47th verse).

20. What is the prescribed Law of Islam of said, person of that Ability?

ANS. That the civilized person is held responsible for the uncivilized and he
must be punished by the Nation of Islam.

21. Who was the Founder of Unalike Attract and Like Repel?

ANS. An original man, who was a scientist by the name of Yacub, born
twenty miles from the Holy City (Mecca) in the year - eight thousand four

22. How old was the Founder?

ANS. When Yacub was six years old, while playing with two pieces of steel,
he discovered one piece had magnetic in it and the other piece did not.
Then he learned that the piece with magnetic attracted the piece that did
not have magnetic in it.
Then he told his people that when he was old enough, he would make a
nation that would be unlike, and he would teach them tricknollegy, and
they would rule for six thousand years.

23. Tell us what he promised his Nation he would do?

ANS. That he would make a Devil; graft him from his own people; and that he
would teach them how to rule his people for six thousand years.

24. What was his Idea of making Devil?

ANS. It was predicted of him that he would make Devil - eight thousand
four hundred years before he was born.
So he was born with a determined idea to make a people to rule for six
thousand years.

25. How long did it take him to make Devil?

ANS. Six hundred years he was in grafting devil or making him from the Black

26. What year was that?

ANS. It was in the year - eight thousand four hundred, which means from the
date of our present history of Koran.
Or, about two thousand and six hundred years before the birth of the
Prophet Musa.

27. What was the name of the Place where he manufactured the Devil?

ANS. Pelan. The same that is called Patmos in the Revelations, Chapter 1:9th
verse, an island that is situated in the Agean Sea.

28. And what kind of Rules and Regulations - including all Laws enforced
while manufacturing the Devil?

ANS. Yacub's first rule was to see that all his followers were healthy, strong and
good breeders. If not, he sent them back (all that he found that was not
good in multiplying), and that they should marry at the age of sixteen.
Next, Yacub gave his people the Law On Birth Control - to be enforced while
manufacturing the Devil. That was to destroy the alike and save the
unlike, which means kill the (Black babies) and save the brown babies.
This law was given to the doctors, the ministers, the nurses and cremator.
The Doctor's law was to examine all that marry. And this was his law:
That anyone desiring to marry must, first, be qualified by the doctor and, in
turn, he qualified or disqualified them to the minister.
The minister would marry only the ones that were unlike.
The Nurse's law was to kill the Black babies at birth by sticking a needle in
the brain of the babies or feed it to some wild beast; and tell the mother
that her baby was an angel baby and that it was only taken to heaven, and
some day when the mother dies, her baby would have secured her a home
in heaven. But save all the brown ones and tell their mother that she was
lucky that her baby was a holy baby; and she should take good care of her
baby, educate it, and that some day it would be a great man.
All nurses, doctors and ministers - Yacub put them under a death penalty
who fail to carry out the law as it was given to them.
Also the Cremator, who would burn the Black babies when the nurse
brought it to him.
Also death for them if they reveal the Secret.
He also had other rules and laws which are not mentioned in this Lesson.

29. Tell us why he was successful in all his undertakings?

ANS. Because the people, who were his followers, obeyed Yacub's Laws.
Regardless what he told them to do, they did it. If not, they paid with their
lives for every law they broke.
Yacub did not build prison houses to imprison his people. When one fell
victim of the law, the penalty was death and was enforced in every victim.

30. Tell us what and how the Devil is made?

ANS. The devil is made from the original people by Grafting (by separating the
In the Black man there exists two germs: one - a Black germ, and one - a
brown germ.
Yacub, with his Law on Birth Control- separated the brown germ from the
Black man and grafted it into a white by destroying the Black germ. After
following this process for six hundred years, the germ became white, and
weak, and was no more original.
Also, by thinning the original blood, it became weak, and it is no more the
same. Thus, this is the way Yacub made the devil.

31. To make devil, what must you do first?

ANS. To make devil, one must begin grafting from the original.

32. Tell us the mental and physical power of a real devil?

ANS. The mental power of a real devil is nothing in comparison with the
original man. He only has six ounces of brain, while the original man has
seven and one-half ounces of brain which are original.
The devil has six ounces of brain; they are grafted brains.
The devil's physical power is less than one-third that of the original man.
The devil is weak bone/weak blood because he is grafted from the original,
therefore his mental and physical power is much weaker than the original

33. What is devil?

ANS. A grafted man which is made weak and wicked.
Or, any grafted, live germ from the original is a devil.

34. And can you reform devil?

ANS. No. All the prophets have tried to reform him (devil), but were unable. So
they have agreed that it cannot be done unless we graft him back to the
original man which takes six hundred years.
So instead of losing time grafting him back, they have decided to take him
off the planet - who numbers only one to every eleven original people.

35. Tell us the exact date of the expiration of the devil's civilization.

ANS. Expired in Nineteen and Fourteen.

36. Tell us the exact number of years, months and days of devil being
birthed on the planet.

ANS. Six thousand and twenty years; and seventy-two thousand, two hundred
and forty-one months; two million, one hundred ninety-seven thousand,
three hundred and fifty-one days at the date of this writing.
(6,020 years; 72,241 months; 2,197,351 days).

37. Tell us what the devil teaches the eighty-five percent? That the God is
a righteous and unseen being - exists everywhere?

ANS. ALLAH is the God in the Earth and in the Heavens above, and is Just and
True, and there is no unrighteousness in HIM.
But is not unseen.
Is Seen and is Heard everywhere - for HE is the ALL-EYE-SEEING.

38. Then why did God make devil?

ANS. To show forth HIS power - that HE is All-Wise and Righteous.
That HE could make a devil, which is weak and wicked, and give the devil
power to rule the earth for six thousand years and, then, destroy the devil
in one day without falling victim to the devil's civilization.
Otherwise to show and prove that ALLAH is the God - always has been and
always will be.

39. Now, tell us, would you hope to live to see that the Gods will take the
devil into hell in the very near future?

ANS. Yes. I fast and pray, ALLAH, in the name of HIS Prophet, W. D. FARD, that I
see the Hereafter when ALLAH, in HIS own good time, takes the devil off
our Planet.

40. What will be your reward in regards to the destruction of the devil?

Peace and happiness.

I will give all I have and all within my power to see this day for which I
have waited - 379 years.


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The Actual Facts

The total area of the land and water of the planet Earth is 196,940,000 square miles.
The circumference of the planet Earth is 24,896 miles.
The diameter of the Earth is 7,926 miles.
The area of the Land is 57,255,000 square miles.
The area of the Water is 139,685,000 square miles.
The Pacific Ocean covers 68,634,000 square miles,
The Atlantic Ocean covers 41,321,000 square miles.
The Indian Ocean covers 29,430,000 square miles.
The Lakes and Rivers cover 1,000,000 square miles.
The Hills and Mountains cover 14,000,000 square miles.
The Islands are 1,910,000 square miles.
The Deserts are 4,861,000 square miles.
Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high.
The Producing Land is 29,000,000 square miles.
The Earth weighs six sextillion tons - (a unit followed by 21 ciphers).
The Earth is 93,000,000 miles from the Sun.
The Earth travels at the rate of 1,037 1/3 miles per hour.
Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second.
Sound ravels at the rate of 1,120 feet per second.
The diameter of the Sun is 853,000 miles.

The Solar Facts
1. Mercury is 36,000,000 miles from the Sun.
2. Venus is 67,000,000 miles from the Sun.
3. Earth is 93,000,000 miles from the Sun.
4. Mars is 142,000,000 miles from the Sun.
5. Jupiter is 483,000,000 miles from the Sun.
6. Saturn is 886,000,000 miles from the Sun.
7. Uranus is 1,783,000,000 miles from the Sun.
8. Neptune is 2,793,000,000 miles from the Sun.
9. Pluto (Platoon) is 3,680,000,000 miles from the Sun.

In all, there are a total of 9 Visible Solar Facts. They are a compilation of the known mean distances of the 9 observable Planets to the Sun of Man. One of the first calculations that can be done is to sum all of these distances. This can be done in steps by taking each distance and seeing what it Borns

1. Mercury's distance Borns Born (9)
2. Venus's distance Borns Culture or Freedom (4)
3. Earth's distance Borns Understanding (3)
4. Mar's distance Borns God (7)
5. Jupiter's distance Borns Equality (6)
6. Saturn's distance Borns Culture or Freedom (4)
7. Uranus's distance Borns Knowledge (1)
8. Neptune's distance Borns Understanding (3)
9. Pluto's distance Borns Build or Destroy (8)

The sum of 9, 4, 3, 7 , 6 , 4, 1, 3 and 8 is 45, which Borns Born (9) Therefore, the sum of all the Planets' distances is Born on Born. This is also equivalent to the Sum of the Mathematics (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 45 = 4+5 = 9). Within this reference frame, the Sun is the Cipher Planet, being that the Distance it is from itself is a Cipher.

Out of all of the Planets in the Solar Facts, only the Earth has a distance and a relative position with respect to the Sun that Born the Same, which is Understanding. This Understanding is the Resonance at which Life is manifest in this Solar System, which Fruit of the Seed of Knowledge shown on the Planet Earth. In fact, the Planet Earths attribute as far as distance is Born Understanding, or which is Borning a Child into existence. This not to say that Life can not exist on the other planets, or other points of view of the Light of the Sun of Man, its just that the Life that does exist in these other points of view has extra challenges of maintaining such a conditions to allow Life to flourish.

Now Knowing what the speed of light in the vacuum is, which is approximately 186,000 miles per second, U can C how long it takes for Light that the Sun of Man activates to reach various stages of Mathematics, which the Planets from Knowledge to Born (Mercury to Pluto) represent.

To get the time it takes for Light to travel from Sun to, say for instance Mercury, U divide the Distance by the speed, or 36,000,000 miles by 186,000 miles per second. In this case, U get 194 to the nearest second, roughly 3 minutes. Then going through all the Planets, you get the following times for Light to reach each one (teach one).

1. It takes 194 seconds (3 minutes 14 seconds) for Light to reach Mercury, or for Knowledge to be activated to its completion.
2. It takes 360 seconds (6 minutes) for Light from the Sun of Man to reach Venus, which represents Wisdom.
3. It takes 500 seconds (8 minutes, 20 seconds) for Light from the Sun of Man to reach Understanding, represented by the Planet Earth.
4. It takes 763 seconds (12 minutes 43 seconds) for Light from the Sun of Man to reach Culture or Freedom, represented by Mars.
5. It takes 2597 seconds (43 minutes 16 seconds) for Light from the Sun of Man to reach Power or Refinement, represented by Jupiter.
6. It takes 4763 seconds (1 hour, 19 minutes, 23 seconds) for Light from the Sun of Man to reach Equality, represented by Saturn.
7. It takes 9586 seconds (2 hours 39 minutes, 46 seconds) for Light from the Sun of Man to reach God, represented by Uranus.
8. It takes 15016 seconds (4 hours 10 minutes 16 seconds) for Light from the Sun of Man to reach Build or Destroy, represented by Neptune.
9. It take 19785 seconds (5 hours 29 minutes 45 seconds) for Light from the Sun of Man to reach Born.

In this instance of using the immediate Universe, or Solar System as a model, we C that Light from the Cipher of the Sun goes from Knowledge to Born in about five and one half hours. This shows a timely progression on how the Mind communicates with the rest of the Immediate Universe, which parallels with the length of Time it takes to distribute nutrients throught the entire body by means of digestion and filtration into the blood stream.

We can C the planets as DESCRIPTIONS in terms of men or beings coming from various planets, as men or beings coming from various points of View on Light. For instance, knowing the Attributes for a planet such as Mars, being that it is Red in shade, and that has been associated historically with War, we can C that if, for instance, someone made a description of Men from Mars, who Build up Civilization but had it Destroy through acts of War, we can C that these Men, or a "Man from Mars" deals with the Attribute of War and Blood Shed. This means that many Men who are "from Mars" have brought there type of existence, that is there attitude of War, to the Planet Earth. Similarilly, Men from Venus would exhibit the Qualities of such Planet, such as High Temperature or modes of Temper Tantrums, Strong Emotions such as the High Pressure, Winds and Heat, which exist in the atmosphere of such a planet. Venus is stereotypically associated with Strong Women, but Men are known to B from this Planet, or type of attitude also. In fact, this is the basis for a some literature written by the Colored Man by the name of Dr. John Gray, who wrote "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."

In terms of other characteristics from other planets, we can C, for instance, Mercury, being a swift planet in orbital velocity, as representing a Hyperactive personality, who is in usage of lots of adrenaline. These type of people find it very difficult to calm down, they R always on the go. At the expanse of such hyperactivity, they are hard to keep up with, and Life has extreme challenges existing within there Cipher. Also, there exposure of Light and Energy which they reflect on is Very Intense, and will often kill or turn of people who are uncomfortable with such intensity of Light and Energy. The planet Mercury finds it difficult to keep an atmosphere, because it would be evaporated off into space from its lower gravity and would not Bond the higher kinetic particles of the gases that may exist around Mercury.

Planets, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, are Gas Giants. They may have a reflection on ones physical Hygiene and Weight as far as proportion of Mass with respect to other people in the Universe. They number 4 out of 9, that is those with that order of Mass.

Jupiter is the most massive of the objects in the Solar System, besides the Sun of Man. The majority of its constitution is hydrogen, methane, and ammonia gas. Its appearance my be Menacing because of its size, but in a reality, its just a lot of hot air :)

The planet Saturn is comparable in size and composition to Jupiter. Its significant feature is its Rings, which consist mainly of metallic and icy debris. It also has a myriad of satellites It is one of the greater spectacles in the Solar System, because of its flambouyancy. These are the Charismatic people who garner a lot of attention. However there challenge is how to address all the attention that is given to them, and often times, mananging all such elements may lead to collisions between various satelittes and debris under there influence.

In contrast to its relatively large size and mass, Uranus is one of the more Inconspicious planets. It has 10 moons, 11 rings, it is a gas giant, and so forth, yet its appearance and the appearance of its satellite are very dim and sublime. Its rotation axis is near parallel to its orbital plane around the Sun of Man, so U have one side which is periodically in the day and the other side which is periodically in the night. It is very difficult for this planet to get Noticed. If U viewed the Sun of Man from the planet Uranus, the Sun of Man would appear to go around in circles in the sky, which has a semblance to Dizzyness, or going around the issue at hand, something which is Indirect.

Neptune's atmosphere is Blue, in accordance to the appearence of water out in the open on the planet Earth (althought the Planet Earth's atmospher is not necessarily "blue" but rather how the Light from the Sun of Man is refracted as it passes through the atmosphere and then reflected from the oceans, causing the SURFACE of the majority of the Planet Earth, which is water, to appear blue). Neptunes attribute is an inheritance of Greek mythology of Neptune the Manifestation of Allah over the Seas and Oceans. This attribute give the sensation of something Cold and Damp, in a Sad and Blue sort of atmosphere.

Some people have that type of personality which is Frozen, which is similiar in constitution to the conditions on Pluto, the farthest observable planet from the Sun of Man. It takes Light a lot longer to reach them, and when it gets there, it is not very Bright or Clear to them. It takes Pluto the longest to orbit around the Sun of Man, roughly 250 years! It takes people from planets such as Pluto, or perspectives such as the Farthest Planet, a longer time to make a Revolution in there Thought Process, or a change in there Life Style to Born a Completion of one Era and into the next. They are very resistant to change, or observation of new or brighter ideas, and often have a frozen and bitter disposition when confronted with such ideas.

For those who have not experienced or do not Knowledge the Physical representation of Man, Woman and Child from other planets besides Earth, then the above model may help to serve as a model of interpretting such accounts of people from other planets, as placed in various literature and narratives. The truth of the matter is, and according to the above model, is that everyone finds some sort of existence in All of these planets, that being that Lord of all Worlds finds existence in all the Worlds. However this is by no means an excuse for premature proclamations of "beings from other planets" beyond the variety of Personalities that UNI speak to everyday.


History of the NGE in Love Allah (PART I)
Written by First Born Damiek Allah.
I greet you in Peace. My name is Damiek (Dameek) Allah and I've had knowledge of self from April 12, 1986 while living in Queens and Long Island, New York. My honorable name is David Barrow and I was born and raised into a family of devout Christians with five ordanined ministers at this point in our clan. I've always asked questions to the point of frustrating my elders and wanted to know details about everything because I was always eager to learn.

Therefore you can imagine the shock my family recieved when I turned to the Nation of Gods and Earths. I instantly became the black sheep. But for the first time in my life, I was able to answer questions pertaining to religion and myself. When I first saw Gods standing in a cipher and building, I was attracted to the confidence; electricity they gave off by their wisdom and movements. The kids were young like me but wiser and more aware of their surroundings. My first righteous name was Asiatic God Allah and I had so much fire that I burned from the inside out. As a typical newborn, I switched my old friends for GODS, neglected my academic studies for my lessons, and challenged everyone who contradicted my book of life; family members and teachers were no exception. I was force fed religion and dragged to church causing me to rebel even more. I came home several times to find my lessons in the trash, burned, or destroyed by any means to dissuade me.

When people called the house calling me by my righteous name; they were told they had the wrong number. It escalated to the point where my mother moved us out of New York to Simi Vally, CA in order to separate me from the nation. Her move worked because Simi Valley was the farthest thing from any of the five boroughs and it was complete culture shock to me. I had no choice but to refocus my energies on academics and sports. At that point, I had to make this new environment my best part so I took advantage of all my new opportunities.

I changed my name to Damiek (Humble Warrior) because Asiatic was a bit too advanced for the 2% of Black who lived in the city, but I kept that fire burning inside of me by reading book like Malcolm X, How to Eat to Live, Muhammad Ali, and Behold the Pale Houre which kept me from falling off the ledge and continued the growth of my mind. Upon high school graduation, I went to junior college as a student athlete and heard that ther was this new kid from New York at my old high school who was bombing history and science teachers with the same language that I spoke. A girl, I was dealing with gave me this kid's number and we spoke that night. His name was Mustafa, who is now Born Allah. Born and I immediately made the connection as friends and also as brother of one mind. Like I stated earlier, my lessons had been destroyed several times and I rewrote them from memory, of course some of my rewrites were inaccurate, but we studied them anyway and gained the understanding.

Born was uptown flamboyant straight out the city wearing dress pants and running shoes. He was too fast for Simi and moved down to his grandmother's home in Los Angeles. He never had a chance to be humbled like me who was in that environment for two years. Born and I still kept our connectin and traveled to see each other on a regular basis. He met this kid from Brooklyn name Kwame who later became MyKing. He knew about the nation from his background and the three of us became peas in a pod. We spent countless night on three-way building , just going throught life. The funny thing about Myking was how he just came out of the hospital from a car accident. He wore a back brace and walked with a cane. Doctors said that he would never fully recover. but within weeks of Supreme Mathematics, that cane and back brace was kicked aside. MyKing taught Justice then King Born and Knowledge Born came into the picture. Sudan and Divine linked up and we all made plans to build our nation.

Born and King stared going back to New York and brought back lessons. Then we all started going back and were sparked because what lessons we had were not right and exact. We had to pay dues, but one fact is for certain, by the time we took on students outside of our circle, all the lessons were right and exact. We would bring lessons back to Calif and by now had made connections where we received 120, The Sun of Man, and plus lessons. The minute our plane touched down we would call each other and make plans to see the lessons, we were thirsty for the wisdom. We ordained the city as Love Allah and the first offical rally was held in Born's grandmother's crib. Now to say that we were the first Gods in the city would be far fetched, but I guarantee that we became the first to build a nation in our generation.

The elder God Lord Jamel came throught and taught us how to hold parliaments. Leimert Park became our Mecca, and at the ages of 16-18 years young in the late 80's and early 90's we stood as Love Allah's first born. We all had original personalities. I being first born always cause controversy because I analyzed and studied, battled my points and then my predictions which eventually came to past. Born most defintely is the backbone. He has always done the planning and organizing. MyKing and King Born were the filters that say through all of the pretenders and exposed them. Justice was all business and he lived out his lesson to the fullest of his understanding. Sudan and Divine were hard to know because they were more on the spirtitual realm where they were open to hear anything. We were all less humble than they were and felt that all things revolved around us.

Knowledge was unique because he was the middleman who kept us peace and got along with everyone. What came out of these personalities were the roots of our teaching styles. Now there are rumors of several Gods who claim to have started the nation in LA, but that's not the case. This is the first of several confessions and the proof would be to find consistency. You will eventually find all of the first born's stories to be consistent because we still remain close whether we see each other on a daily basis or years come between us. No one knows the history that we created better than us.

By now, I entered the University and came home every so often. I was amazed at the rapid growth of the nation There were days that I came home and grown men from the Mosque across the street would challenge us because we called ourselves Allah. But they never had understanding, they were grown men who was in the nation for years whose wisdom couldn't match ours. here we were as young men holding our crowns even when they threatened us physically. I recall one rally where they came to chastise us they argued while we manifested wisdom. They were frustrated and just when they tried to take it to the next leve, someone started singing Peace Allah Allah U Justice and before long, the entire park was chanting our anthem. Those brothers stared at us in disbelief and left. We never saw them again and a week later, the mosque burned down. The park was, and to this day is still the foundation.

Years have passed , and it's now April 2003. We recently celebrated the Father's Born day and we had several Gods from all over the continent visit. We are building once again. Throught my years of educaton and traveling abroad, along with my understanding of 120 lessons, I see things for as they are. I 'm not longer impressed and mesmerized when I see a group of brothers in a circle, manily because I'm past that point in my life. A alike repels while unalike attracts. We're grown men in our early thirties who have children, maintaining careers and learning how to beat the system. I've been teaching in the school system for seven years and what I know of this generation is that their world is different from ours. We can relate to them because we've been throught what they have yet to know, but in LA and shockingly in N.Y. gang mentality is the foundation. The days of "PEACE GOD, come over here and add on to the cipher" was a special time that we may never see again. We have change our methods of teaching to civilize the uncivilized. I strictly teach the 12 Jewels and if my students strive for more, I lead them to the rally.

What's disheartening at this point is that the first-born are still carrying the torch. The second and third generation, our fruit, should be putting in the work instead of us, but then again it's a reminder that we have to perfect a new style for this new generation.


Damiek Allah-First Born of Love Allah

April 25, 2003


History of the NGE in Love Allah
Note to the reader: This is the history of the NGE in Love Allah and was presented in one of the many publications created by the NGE called “The Sun of Man”

In the name of Allah, do I greet you in the highest respects of peace! First, I would like to thank the Gods at the Sun of Man for the opportunity to begin the communications between the Gods & Earths on both coasts. It will be some time before some of the Gods will get the chance to see the Allah School and speak to the real elders of our nation. It’s a long time coming.

I received knowledge in 1987 in high school in the Bronx. I returned to Cali while still on my mathematics. I lived in Simi Valley (the same place the Rodney King trial took place). It was here where I met Demiek Allah, who had moved there from Long Island. Demiek had other lessons, being that he was still in contact with some Gods back home. Even though some of the lessons were incorrect or incomplete, we studied them regardless.

Simi Valley didn’t agree with my young rebellious attitude, so I moved to Los Angeles in 1988 to complete my schooling. During this time, Black pride was booming; dashikis, African medallions and kufis were real popular in Los Angeles. The 5% was only known by a chosen few and understanding was very little, so I was challenged constantly. A lot of brothers approached me about receiving knowledge, but usually didn’t stay around-except a young brother, who became Myking Allah. He had a little more understanding, being he was from New York originally. During this time, I taught an Earth named Quintara, who eventually became the mother of my first child.

Demiek, Myking and myself became close friends, studying together and just growing. We would adorn crowns and take pictures with our Book of Life. MyKing used to speak about some Gods he knew that stayed across town.. I never took him seriously because they never came around. I eventually met Sudan, Divine and Justice (Who later became Just-Life). At the time, Sudan and Divine were in-between the concepts of the Muslims and the 5%. I can remember a time when we sat up for hours arguing the concept of God; big G, little g. I always noticed Just never said anything. Just is a cold Black Seed, so as long as I’ve known him, he always done the knowledge. He and Myking were very close, so Myking had a lot to do with influencing Just-Life in the lessons. Sudan and Divine came around and became very influential in building this nation in Los Angeles.

At this time, there way only one brother who ran with us that wasn’t from the 5% but you would never be able to tell. He didn’t eat pork and he didn’t believe in no spook. After all his contact with the Gods, He became King Born, one of the most powerful thinkers among the first born. One of the last to become what we call the first born of Love Allah is Knowledge Born, by way of Just-Life doing his duty in South Central. Just-Life was the first of us to have his own apartment, so home was like a hangout for the Gods. If you didn’t see you’re a-alike anyplace, you were sure to see them at Just-Life’s home. We were young and fueled by the knowledge of ourselves. Someone who was very influential and added to our growth and development was Lord Jamel by way of Queens. Him being old enough to be our father, it came as a shock to some of us, seeing a 5%er his age. He used to get us together like an old griot, take us through our lessons, give us history, and tell us these stories that every God over 30 has. He was a major factor in organizing our first parliament in early 1990 at Leimert Park in the Crenshaw district. His presence was truly a blessing to the first born of Love Allah.

When we began having these Parliaments, our popularity grew stronger than ever. People driving by would see a group of men, standing in a cipher in the middle of the park. People came from all over, trying to find out who these young 5%ers were. Along with those who came to learn, were those who came to challenge us. When the Sunni Muslims heard about a group of young men who called themselves Allah, they wasted no time in trying to dispute this. There was a mosque right across the street from where we held our rallies. They constantly came harassing and threatening the Gods. Even the N.O.I. and the young F.O.I. challenged the Gods, but we still maintained and continued to teach. All praise to Allah. The mosque across the street was burned down during the riots, and the N.O.I. grew to understand and respect us after Farrakhan himself came and taught on the 5% in a private register Muslim meeting.

1991, King Born and I took a trip to New York on music business, so this was an opportunity to make our pilgrimage home to Mecca. I was overwhelmed with excitement about going to the Allah School in Mecca. While on my visit, I found that a lot of the lessons I learned over the years were incorrect, but the elders saw to it that I was set straight and sent back to L.A. on the right track, with a job to do. On our return to L.A. we shared everything we had learned with the first born. King Born, Just-Life and I were the first to learn 120 Lessons.

Now, there is a whole new generation of Gods in Love Allah that is taking it to the next level. I’m considered an elder here at the age of 23. This brief history that I’m sharing with you is an example of how our Father Allah’s teachings have spread and affected the lives of people in places he’s never seen. Not only is there a history here in L.A but there is a history in Texas, Washington, Louisiana and Alaska because I’m in contact with Gods from these places.

It is a must that we open the means of communication with Gods & Earths in other places to ensure that the teachings of our Father are not diluted, mixed or tampered with. If we as a nation are active in other cities and states and vocal about how our teachings are implemented and taught, there will never be a misunderstanding on who we are and what we represent.


1. Demiek Allah
2. Lord Mustafa, renamed Born Allah
3. MyKing Allah
4. Justice, renamed Just-Life Allah- (Returned to the Essence)
5. Sudan Allah
6. Divine Allah
7. King Born Allah
8. Knowledge Born Allah


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Did the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad recognize the 5%ers?
(Valuable Information from Minister Farrakhan.)
Article By Wakeel Allah


When I first received the knowledge of self — to me it was the greatest thing. That is what I thought as a young god— and it is still what I think today as a grown god. I was very grateful and appreciated the fact that I had received Islam because it was the knowledge of self that explained to me my purpose and origin in this world.

Islam made me more studious—I was eager to learn more about Islam—particularly the life-giving teachings that was contained within our Lessons and relate it to what I was learning in the Public School System. In my newly found knowledge I was so overwhelmed with the truth found in the Lessons that I had not questioned the origin of the Lessons. I just took it for granted that they originated with the 5% Nation of Islam because at that time my knowledge of the Muslims was limited. Eventually, with a little passing of time, I had learned much more about the history of the 5% Nation, Father Allah (Clarence 13X) and Old Man Justice. Researching their history led me to the history of the NOI, which of course included the history of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad.

To me, my most startling discovery was that the Lessons we as Five Percenters treasured, studied and quoted—originated with the NOI. I learned that Master Fard Muhammad asked the questions in the Lessons and the answers came from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Of course, in having many dialogues (in some case debates) with the Muslims, it appeared that some of them didn’t recognize the Five Percenters as being "legitimate" because we used NOI lessons but we were not "Registered Muslims" in the NOI. Therefore us studying and advocating the Lessons appeared to be fraudulent to them. Some of them thought that what Father Allah (Clarence 13X) did (bringing the lessons to the babies in the street) wasn’t right and exact. Now keep in mind I am not saying all Muslims thought this way because many (if not the majority) thought that the 5% Nation of Islam was right and exact (as long as we were really living out the principles of Islam). In fact, many of them started out as Five Percenters themselves.

However the question always lingered on—Did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad recognize Allah’s Five Percenters? This was a most important question. But the problem was there weren’t many around that were qualified to answer that question because none of us had ever met with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad— but that didn’t stop us from speculating. We just always thought that as long as we were striving for righteousness and did our duty by living out the lessons everything was peace. But out of curiosity the question still lingered on for me—I always speculated that if anyone knew the answer to that question—it would be the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. My reasoning was simple. History tells us that Minister Farrakhan was the National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as well as the Minister of Temple #7 in Harlem during the time Allah (Clarence 13X) and the Five Percenters were at our zenith. So naturally, I would think that it was inevitable that Minister Farrakhan and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had to discuss the Gods and Earths at one point in time. My hunch would prove to be the truth—though I would discover it 16 years later.

Just recently, the God Waduud Bisme Allah of the Allah Team called me and told me he had just purchased a historical tape of a lecture that was done by Minister Farrakhan in 1977. The name of the lecture was "Is the House Divided?" and it took place at Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ in October of 1977. What makes this tape so important and unique is what occurs at the end of the lecture when Minister Farrakhan takes questions from the audience. At the end of the lecture a Five Percenter stands up and asks Minister Farrakhan the question. A question that I’m sure all Five Percenters (including myself) desire to ask but may have never before had the opportunity. In his answer, Minister Farrakhan tells the Gods what we always wanted to know. I thought the question and answer was important enough that we had to share it will all our Brothers and Sisters in the 5% Nation and the Nation of Islam. Following is dialogue between Minister Farrakhan and the Five Percenter that was transcribed from the audio tape word-for-word.

Five Percenter: If your age 14 or 16 and you explain to somebody like your mother and father or an adult about—like you in the Five Percent Nation of Islam, right? And you explain to them what it’s about—they ask you why don’t you eat pork? They ask you why don’t you stay a Baptist? Why don’t you stay a Catholic? What would you tell them? And what do you think about the 5% Nation of Islam? Because there are a lot of Muslims who say that the 5% Nation of Islam is a bunch of gangsters and street—huh street, you know—garbage. And that we don’t give—that the 5% Nation of Islam do not tell the true righteousness and that the true righteousness is in the Bilalian and Muhammad Speaks—Also that a lot of the brothers that are Muslims started off as in the 5% Nation of Islam and they forget all about it.

Minister Farrakhan: Thank you. You heard him didn’t you? There was a brother who was in Temple #7 in New York City under the name of Clarence 13X. (At this point a person makes an inaudible statement…Farrakhan immediately addresses the person in the audience) No, don’t do that, don’t do that. The Holy Quran says evil is a bad name after faith. You may not like Clarence 13X and what he did but brother and sister if you don’t have any works that you can show for your faith, why would you knock a man who you don’t think have faith? A lot of people inside the house who didn’t agree with the way the house was being run and they left the house. And one thing that that brother did—he taught the lessons of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to young brothers and sisters. And many of those who brother represent, that are a part of the 5% Nation, they didn’t take this fall that we took because they were rooted in the lessons of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And that’s why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad before he left us he kept telling us to STUDY THE LESSONS, STUDY THE LESSONS, STUDY THE LESSONS! Because the lessons weren’t just for yesterday—they are for yesterday, today and tomorrow. And because we forgot the lessons we fell victim to deceit.

All right. Brother, I’m telling you that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad respected those young brothers and sisters who called themselves the Five Percenters. Now, I talked to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about that group that was developing in New York and now spreading. He said, "That’s good. That is good. They are studying that which Allah questioned me on and they are studying my answers to those questions." Now, how would you answer when your mother tells you—or you tell your mother that you shouldn’t eat pork?

When you go to your mother you must understand that your mother is your natural teacher. And when a child comes to the parent with new knowledge that the parent never heard before, the first reaction of the parent is, "Boy, you don’t know what you talking about, now listen boy shut your mouth." Not that she really wants you to shut your mouth but she feels kind of cheated that she’s supposed to be your teacher and here you come teaching her. Well, she’ll get over that after a while but it’s how we represent it.

I went home to my mother and I went to the kitchen to my refrigerator and I start throwing out the pork that was in the refrigerator and my mother knew that I had lost my mind because she had reared me on pig all her life and my life—not all her life but all my life. And here this nut was attacking pork chops, throwing them out the window. I wasn’t going about it intelligently and that’s something that you have to grow into the knowledge of how to use wisdom.

So if I had gone to my mother and said to my mother, "Mother I don’t care to eat any pork." And she says, "Well, why son?" I’ll say, "You know mother I was reading in the Bible"—and since mother loves the Bible and she wants to be a good Christian. Then you open the scriptures and point where Moses told Israel not to eat or even touch the carcass of the swine. Then you turn and you have to become knowledgeable where your mother is at. If you don’t know where your mother is mentally, you can’t bring your mother to where you are.

And you can’t go to your parents or to those older than you in a very dogmatic way "Well, it’s this way or that way." You see we handle truth in a cheap way because we are yet babies in the truth and don’t know how to defend the truth or represent the principles of the truth. But my brother if you show respect to mother and are gentle with your mother and set a good example in front of your mother and then learn how to take the scriptures that your mother believes in to show her the truth of what you believe. Mother will say, "Thank you son, the scripture is right, a little child shall lead us."

But I also want to say to you that the older generation is fashioned in a way that they may not understand the way the young generation wants to move. But never be disrespectful of your parents because they produced you and they cared for you when you couldn’t care for yourself. Never raise your voice at your mother because she says to you "Why don’t you go join the Baptist Church?" She’s only saying that because she loves you and in that she feels is salvation for you. But if you can take the scripture again and teach your mother you can bring your mother right where you are. My mother heard her son (this little brother) and she thought I was crazy by the way I acted. After I got a little more intelligent she saw her son had changed and she said I better go and see what has caused this change in my son and she became a follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad." (End of Quote)


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From the early 1980s to today, many Five Percenters are found among the American East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest, in cities such as New York City, Trenton, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, especially among the hip hop scene. Hip hop artists such as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, many members of Wu-Tang Clan, Brand Nubian, Hell Razah, Wyclef Jean, King Just, Erykah Badu, JusT, Poor Righteous Teachers, Noreaga, Gang Starr, J-Live, Planet Asia, AZ, Thizz-N-Livin, Nas, Busta Rhymes and many others had success spreading the theology of the Five Percenters. This spread, in part, uses the language of Supreme Mathematics, which represents universal law and order, and the Supreme Alphabet, which represents universal principles of life, ostensibly to forge solidarity with the inner-city youth through a common language. The main theme of the Five-Percenter doctrine that can be heard on hip hop records is the teaching that the Original Blackman is God, the Original Blackwoman is the planet Earth, and through the inner esoteric powers of the Gods and Earths, the youth can transform and possess its true potential, which seems to overthrow the overbearing oligarchy by becoming just rulers of themselves.

Many terms that originated as Five-Percenter jargon have been adopted into the hip hop slang as well. For example, the term "G", which today most consider to mean "gangsta", is in fact derived from the 5-Percenter belief that everyone of their Nation is God, or the letter G in the Supreme Alphabet. Other popular terms such as "word is bond", while having significantly older roots than the Five Percenters, were believed to have gained prominence through its use of the term, referring back to the Nation of Islam and the 5%'s shared 120 lessons.

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:lol: I don't know why you posted this, Sun. These are NOT the 120 Lessons. In fact, you won't find the 120 Lessons anywhere on the internet - I and many other true and living Gods have checked for them, just to cee if they're online anywhere. As of yet, I haven't seen ONE website that has the 120 Lessons on them, period. These look like Old Man Melchizadek's SW Lessons, which aren't right and exact. Again, these are (an incorrect version of) the Supreme Wisdom Lessons, which are not the same thing as the 120. I just wanted to make that known before anybody takes this nonsense on face value. An 85er would take these degrees as they are, thinking they've grasped the Sciences of the 5%, and this isn't the case. You should be trying to build, rather than send people off this this kinda stuff... If you need Lessons, you have to actually consult with the Gods/Earths of the NGE to get them. They can point you in the right direction.


Alim Shabazz Allah

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u nge now? :facepalm: peace man

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Lord Siilence wrote:
1. That black people are the original people of the planet earth.

2. That black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization.


Your kidding right ...... ? :lmao:

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King_Honesty wrote:
Lord Siilence wrote:
1. That black people are the original people of the planet earth.

2. That black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization.


Your kidding right ...... ? :lmao:
of all the outlandish sh*t in those posts, this is what you picked out? deadass? :facepalm:

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nah son, chill wrote:
King_Honesty wrote:
Lord Siilence wrote:
1. That black people are the original people of the planet earth.

2. That black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization.


Your kidding right ...... ? :lmao:
of all the outlandish sh*t in those posts, this is what you picked out? deadass? :facepalm:

f*ck u talking about i dont kno who but 1 of these n*ggas brought this post to life , i thought it was new

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King_Honesty wrote:
nah son, chill wrote:
King_Honesty wrote:
Lord Siilence wrote:
1. That black people are the original people of the planet earth.

2. That black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization.

Your kidding right ...... ? :lmao:
of all the outlandish sh*t in those posts, this is what you picked out? deadass? :facepalm:

f*ck u talking about i dont kno who but 1 of these n*ggas brought this post to life , i thought it was new
the "f*ck i'm tlakin about" is that out of all the wild sh*t in the lessons, you picked the least far-fetched of them all

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18HOOLIGAN7 wrote:u nge now? :facepalm: peace man
Am I NGE now? :wtf: I've been NGE for a long time, bro. I stated that a long time ago on here, when I used to post fairly often. This is nothing new. I don't see what's so "face-palmish" about that, b.u.t it is what it is. I just figured that the person who posted this bullshit needed to be corrected, since he was obviously waiting for some "followers" to eat it up on face value. He said these are the 5% Nation's 120 Lessons, and that is **NOT** correct. So, I let my brother Alim make a post on here, to clear things up for the public. I do the same thing when I see people posting up phoney NOI Supreme Wisdom, and even organizational (GD, BD, VL, BPS, etc.) literature. I'm not the type to conceal information from the masses, b.u.t this kinda sh*t is dangerous, since you always have young minds trying to draw this up and manifest it to the wrong people, and it can get them seriously hurt or worse. That's the only reason I take issue with it. Other than that, I really don't give a f*ck...


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buGsy wrote::lol: I don't know why you posted this, Sun. These are NOT the 120 Lessons. In fact, you won't find the 120 Lessons anywhere on the internet - I and many other true and living Gods have checked for them, just to cee if they're online anywhere. As of yet, I haven't seen ONE website that has the 120 Lessons on them, period. These look like Old Man Melchizadek's SW Lessons, which aren't right and exact. Again, these are (an incorrect version of) the Supreme Wisdom Lessons, which are not the same thing as the 120. I just wanted to make that known before anybody takes this nonsense on face value. An 85er would take these degrees as they are, thinking they've grasped the Sciences of the 5%, and this isn't the case. You should be trying to build, rather than send people off this this kinda stuff... If you need Lessons, you have to actually consult with the Gods/Earths of the NGE to get them. They can point you in the right direction.


Alim Shabazz Allah
i have the 120 lessons. i'm still typing them out when i'm done i'll post them.

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Lord Silence = Black Energy = Freemason. :2cents:

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