Gang Diss Namez

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Re: Gang Diss Namez

Post by CW » July 27th, 2013, 1:25 pm

HLPDaily419 wrote:Atlantic Drive Crips=Ashy Dickz / GDz=Gay Donutz / BDz= Burned Donutz / Westside Pirus=WetStickyPussiez :lmao:
Almighty Party Players
Pears And Peaches :rasta:

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Lil Kapone
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Re: Gang Diss Namez

Post by Lil Kapone » July 31st, 2013, 3:39 pm

Million$Mojado wrote:
Lil Kapone wrote:
Million$Mojado wrote:
Lil Kapone wrote:
Million$Mojado wrote:
Lil Kapone wrote:
Million$Mojado wrote:
Lil Kapone wrote:
Million$Mojado wrote:-Cliffside Outlawz 21/CSOXXI= Cocc Succing Outlawz
-Familia HomeBoys 13/FHBX3= Faggotass Homeboys
-Texas Made n*ggas/TMN= b*tch Made n*ggas
-Oak Cliff Sureños 13/OCSX3= Oak Cliff Sissies
-Southside CLT 13= Cunts Lesbos and Trannies
-Sureños Locos Trece= Sissies Lesbos and Trannies
-4 Corners Oak Cliff TX/4iCxOCT13= Ho Corner Hoodrats
-Western Park Oak Cliff TX/WP445xOCT13 (my clicc)= Wet p*ssy Hoodrats
-Oak Cliff Texas 13 Cuzz/OCT13= Hoodrats
-Oak Cliff Thugs 11/TGSX1= OCT Rejects
-Young n*ggas Grindin/YNG= Young Nut Garglers
Aye, wat happen to OCGC? them N*ggaz waz pushin that heavy in the burbs back in 07-08 when I was der
:shrug: what hood they from?
da Cliff... or thatz were they say they came from. They tried F*ck*n sh*t up ova there in Arlington n Desoto n Cedar Hill in 07-08.
They must be from a side I don't chill or they really small or they lying on the Cliff cuz I never heard of em.
They prolly fell off. that was back in skool so i aint trippin but f*ck em

OCGC=Gas Cans
They were prolly just some foos who moved over there from the Cliff and got together and sh*t. You know those high school cliccs don't last more than 2 or 3 years though :lol:
IF that. N*ggaz was actin like they waz wit it tho.
What tha cliff doin these dayz tho?
Ain't nothing been happening on my side. My clicc was getting into it with them Hillside n*ggas from North Oak Cliff and Familia Homeboys from over by Soc. Ain't too much been happening except for some sh*t I heard about earlier this year with Highland Hills and the Grove going at each other again.
My big bro used to get into it wit dem N*ggaz ova there in the Grove heavy, Hillside waznt tryna box doe. I waz tryna roll thru in function dis summer but sh*t fell thru...

Nowadayz its str8 :shoot:

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Re: Gang Diss Namez

Post by CreezySavage » July 31st, 2013, 3:46 pm

i herd sumbody called this gang called Bishop Bloods Bacon Burgerz :lmao:

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Re: Gang Diss Namez

Post by WychMann200 » August 9th, 2013, 11:06 pm

Highland Playerz HotPockets Hairy Pussiez :lol:

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