Stockton-North Side Gangster Crips Gang Sweep Nets 23 Members

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Stockton-North Side Gangster Crips Gang Sweep Nets 23 Members

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The investigation revealed that gang members would buy large quantities of heroin, marijuana, prescription pills and promethazine in Stockton, drive the drugs to Nevada, where they sell them at a much higher prices than they could in Stockton, officers said.

Several identified gang members were also buying firearms in Nevada through straw purchasers and either selling the guns in Stockton or keeping the guns to support gang activity, according to investigators.

Detectives served search warrants at 16 locations in Stockton and six locations in Reno, which turned up 12 arrests in Stockton and 11 arrests in Reno -- eight were documented NSGC members, one was a Norteno gang member and one was a San Joaquin County correctional officer, police said.

Six guns were confiscated in Stockton, and seven were found in Reno, in addition to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription medication, bottles of promethazine and more than $38,000 in cash, officers said.

“I want to reinforce that those groups, who continue to commit acts of gun violence in our community, will continue to be identified and will be the focus of the law enforcement community, as was the case with the NSGC," Stockton police Chief Eric Jones said in a written statement. "While the results of this investigation made Stockton a safer community, I’m committed to these types of operations and investigations in the future because getting gang members, violent criminals, weapons and narcotics off our streets is an on-going process to make Stockton the best it can be.”
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