The Hustle Thread: For Like Minded n*ggas on the Paper Chase

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The Hustle Thread: For Like Minded n*ggas on the Paper Chase

Post by Khmer100 » April 20th, 2017, 8:46 am

This thread is for individuals to share some game in making that bread and staying on the grind, because we all need bread. I will start of with some sh*t I saw about buying things cheap then flipping them on eBay, because this is a little side hustle of mine I started about 6 months ago. One thing I learned is that its easier to buy more expensive items and yield a bigger profit (like a watch) rather than some little sh*t like clothes. It takes too many hours and gas to have to keep shipping sh*t for little things. :tiphat:

Top 9 Products on Ebay to sell, and were to find them!

Where to Find Merchandise and Things to Sell on Ebay to Make a Profit!
Ebay is the perfect place to make money online, but not everyone knows where to find products to sell on Ebay. There's no magic secret to finding these sources! You can find them right here, listed on this page.

We already know that finding a source for your inventory on eBay is probably the toughtest part of selling. Customer service, shipping, creating a listing, even HTML are all CAKE next to the difficult task of sourcing. Naturally, other eBay sellers are not willing to give up their hard-earned sources, so what do you do? Read below and discover where to find things to sell on Ebay. It might be right under your nose right now!


Find Ebay Inventory from Manufacturers
Go directly to the manufacturer to find stuff to sell on Ebay

1.Ebay sellers should aim directly at the top, by targeting manufacturers. The closer you get to the manufacturer, the cheaper you will get your products, and the more profit you will make! This is impossible with a large company, like say Microsoft. To attain this goal, you'll have to travel up the chain by reaching wholesalers first. Eventually, a manufacturer's contact information will slip through to you. It could be as easy as peeling off the label and seeing the wholesaler's source, or they could leave a packing slip in the box. Or, you could contact them yourself. This is tough, and sometimes a long-shot, but it does happen! You may know a small local company already that wouldn't mind selling their products to you for a good price.

The eBay Stigma

Unfortunately, eBay sellers have a bad wrap. You may have to be a little creative with explaining what you do if you talk to sourcers. Instead of saying "hey, I sell on Ebay!," refer them to your personal website and tell them about how you sell what you do and your expertise in your field.


Locate Wholesalers for Stuff to Sell on Ebay
Work with genuine wholesalers to find low priced merchandise to resell on Ebay

2.Buying wholesale is tricky. Wholesalers, naturally, are purchasing large amounts of product from the manufacturers, then reselling smaller amounts to businesses. There are plenty of wholesalers, but few who will advertise themselves much. The wholesalers who DO advertise, remember, everyone else will have access to them as well.


There are many lists of wholesalers online, and on eBay. These wholesale list "providers" know there are thousands of sellers dying to get there hands on a good list of contacts for wholesalers and maufacturers. Don't fall for any'll see several ebooks for sale claiming that they have wholesale lists. These are often scams or counterfeiters. If the list were so good, why would they want to sell it? And if it is that readily available for everyone to use, how good can it be? Read here about this.


Find Liquidators and Sell Low Priced Merchandise on Ebay
Find stuff to sell on Ebay through liquidation sources

3.Liquidators are an excellent source of inventory, however, you won't find a constant source of the same product in most cases. Liquidators typically receive damaged items, returned items, or items that bombed in the market they were being sold in. Some liquidators, however, do sell completely brand new items. Like anything else, this will require research online to find the best site. Take a look at the list below for some liquidators, or use a search engine to find hundreds of online liquidators.


Finding Products to Sell on Auction - Then Resell It
Find good deals on auctions ending cheap - then flip it!

4.eBay is one of the best places to find products to resell. Whether a seller listed the item incorrectly or the item is ending at 4 am on a Friday, you can find a great deal. The strategy is to know HOW to buy. You may come across an inexperienced seller with a "0" feedback. Other buyers may not want to bid on this seller's risky items. Here's your chance to swoop in and get a deal!

You'll need to search all possibilities for the products you are looking for...misspellings, items ending at an odd time, awful pictures, items listed in the wrong category...and you WILL find deals. This can require a lot of patience on your part, but can be the most rewarding as well.


Finding Products to Sell on Ebay from Outlet Stores
Buy them out of season and resell for a quick return

5.One of your best bets to find some high quality retail items is to buy out of season. You'll see huge markdowns at the end of every season, sometimes 90%, sometimes 40%. Hitting retail stores may be a good idea, but even better sources are outlets and discount stores. These places already have discounted prices anyway, and the discounts are often steeper at the end of season sales. Either sell these items quick for an easy, speedy, profitable turn-around, or hold on to them for 6 months until they come back in season. You'll get top dollar, and you'll have some items that are no longer available to the public, even at full price!

Some often highly marked-down items are jeans, suntan lotion, scarves, winter jackets, holiday items, bathing suits, beach bags and outdoor toys.

Find Things to Sell on Ebay by Searching Craigslist & Newspapers
Search classified ads for things to resell on auction sites

6.You'll find plenty of people desperate to sell some stuff on Craigs List, The Want Ads, or in your local newspaper. Often times these people will be relatively close, and have some great items! One of the other pros to this method is that the price is always negotiable. You can always offer less than what they are asking.

You can also try posting on Craiglist or in the newspaper yourself, with a request to buy items. You can negotiate the terms, and you're sure to get some items this way.


Browse Local Thrift Stores for Quality Products to Sell on Ebay
Find things to resell at thrift shops

7.It's not unusual to find excellent items at a local thrift store, or even a Salvation Army store. Hardcover books, new clothing, and new toys are often donated to these places to resell. Look for big brand names, and you are sure to make a profit if the item is priced right. This same tactic can be applied to Yard Sales and Garage Sales. Just be sure to check all of the items for damage! The good thing about buying from some of these places is that you're supporting a charity or a small business, so you can feel good about that.


Finding Yard Sales & Garage Sale Gems to Sell on Ebay
Scour local yard sales for quality merchandise to sell on Ebay

8.Yard sales and garage sales offer the good and the bad. The worst stuff on the planet buries some of the best finds and great deals. To make the best of your yard sale voyages, check the local newspaper for yard sales and start early to avoid the crowds (and competition). Also, consider shopping in the more affluent neighborhoods (no offense, it's just common sense!), especially moving sales. The items can be better quality and sell for more. When it's time to get rid of things or move it, sometimes people are willing to get rid of their items cheap rather than lug it around. Church sales also usually have better quality items donated to them.


Your Ebay Inventory Base: Where You Can Find More Stuff!
Find more things to sell on Ebay, and add up what you have...

9.Using these sources of inventory in combination can give you a huge inventory base. Whether you'd like to supplement your income or work full-time, the amount of work you put into eBay determines your pay. Some other difficult tasks for your eBay business are marketing, customer service, design, listing, and shipping. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes second-nature. Try it out on a small-scale, selling items around your house that you no longer want. This should give you a little taste of what eBay is like. Don't get discouraged! The worst thing you can do is quit. Never give up, and your business WILL flourish!

So where else can you find more stuff to sell on Ebay? Try local established artists for a permanent source of one-of-a-kind inventory (you'll be the only one with that inventory!), other auction websites for cheap deals (like ioffer), and search the internet for what people want. And most of all, sell what you know! By sticking to a niche that you are knowledgeable about, you'll always be able to properly describe your items and know where to find more of it.
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