Neighborhood Gangs

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Re: Neighborhood Gangs

Post by Niiggaaaaa » August 8th, 2016, 2:41 pm

The Legend wrote:ima give my last bit of advice

dat gang sh*t dead

u only need 4-5 real ones to make a couple millz

not 25-300+ plus n*ggas who dont take orders n do their own sh*t

but you kno if one of those fanboy type n*ggas dat wanna ride da wave n not make money :umhm: den do u

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Re: Neighborhood Gangs

Post by brownbomber » August 8th, 2016, 11:02 pm

RepRedtillDead wrote:
brownbomber wrote:Dragons etc sound like some South West gangs.. Best friends were East side & was a drug crew Un less u talkn bout another best friend,, that's not even the same side of town.. I noticed n ur other thread n Midwest section Dat most of da gangs u named aren't n dtroit
Which gangs? There are most certainly Latin counts and Surenos in Detroit. I've seen tagging from certain gangs also but not seen the actual gang so idk if they actually here or not. Dragons are definitely east side. They're a black gang, not latino
Never heard of no dragons. Don't even sound like a name a black gang would use,. Wat area are the dragons in....wat best friends are u talkn bout..

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