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Post by zurichaxioms » June 7th, 2015, 7:41 am In the 1960's it was published in either Time Magazine or Popular Science that there was a patent filed for a nuclear powered tunnel digger that gets dirt so hot that it melts it into glass. Underground cities... "Nothing but a conman." ~FBI at David Koresh.

Tattoo Roseland on the neck to remind about the pursuit of arête: excellence in whatever it is you do. (“In the Netherlands, Mr. Wilders’ foes, whether murderous jihadists or the multicultural establishment, share the same ‘strategic objective’ – to increase the cost of associating with him beyond that which most people are willing to bear. It is not easy to be Geert Wilders. He has spent almost a decade in a strange, claustrophobic, transient, and tenuous existence little different from kidnap victims or, in his words, a political prisoner. He is under round-the-clock guard because of explicit threats to murder him by Muslim extremists. …Yet he’s the one put on trial for incitement. (“Oh, that was just bravado.” ~LAPD chatter at “Lowlife scum”, (~’now can’t lift arms above shoulders POW’ McCain) (I declined anesthetic (was only stoned; sober and no money for snowboarding) due to the youtube of a mainstream news report “According to a new study by some org., mercury containing vaccines may help not hinder children’s nuerological development,” whist getting a cavity drilled out because one of my partial fakes fell apart.) that was burned in the cabin at Big Bear. Not “Winning,” (~Navy Seal’s Dale Hawkins): “The Roman historian Tacticus described Emporer Nero’s persecution of Christians: “In their very deaths they made the subjects of sport: for they were covered with the hides of wild beasts, and torn to death by dogs, or nailed to crosses, or set fire to, and when the day waned, burned to serve as evening lights.” “Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded. Allah willing, before they die, they will experience humiliation and degradation every day.” ~Khaled Mashal. “Why the paradox between these two lowlifes!” ~Alaska State Trooper – “They look exactly the same!” (@ footprints near vandalized car) “Good people just don’t understand evil.” ~Hannity. Israel being unique in that they rain leaflets warning “What could I do but run for cover and return fire...” ~Pac …For every independent-minded soul… there are a thousand other public figures who get the message: steer clear of Islam unless you want your life consumed – and steer clear of Wilders if you want to be left in peace.” ~Marked for Death.) The judge didn’t have the audacity to have animosity because Bundy was funny. (“Express Yourself.” ~Dr. Dre. Not… perpetrate a cultural degeneracy towards women that mirrors this: Old wives tale: “Don’t eat sugar or your face won’t form properly.” Seeing these non-tainted (“Healthy body, healthy mind,” (~Scott Eastwood) smiling (According to Physcology Today in the Victorian Era smiling was for fools and “Yout” (~My Cousin Vinny). Drunk Knight had to stare down (God gave this land to Israel... “Killah Marine from Deliver Us From Evil - “See, were fine, alright. Now get the *** out!”” all of the sneers in Tijuana jail that disappeared by the time that I had walked the ten feet to the holding cell after trying to rat out some drug runners that stole my ID (finally), and being dressed kind of like a *** as I had bought what Ross had. I reminded myself about the divine mission blah blah blah hahaha being the reason that I took a quarter ounce of bud on the plane when I knew that my bag was going to be searched because I only had a temporary ID; that the picture had already almost rubbed off. After twenty minutes I was like ‘I guess that everyone thinks that I’m a knife fighter (scars from glass) or something, and changed my mind about ratting. So anyways, maybe those bros could tell you why they wouldn’t trust someone that’s always *** smiling (@ Ayatollah - “I watched you fall like a house of cards.” ~ 1:06 -(Wiz Khalifa ought to replace 'Lord Protector' Wish) just like never trust someone that rides a bike for transportation, always a back story. supermodels in the pink “Because I’m A Girl”, shirt, I remember how some girl chugs chocolate syrup from a gallon dispenser in a trailer’s fridge and then at seventeen asks dem “Why… (Peter’s philosopher ancestor’s wife tells to get a job: “Why…”) was I so fat?” “Music is like magic there's a certain feeling you get, When you're real and you spit and people are feeling your *** (~Slim Shady) is probably what being the object of attention means for das Mädchen; and that’s why dem being subjected to a fat childhood is just less than the pursuit of arête.) Neck tattoos are best with dabs (of wax pure THC) all day. Join the French Foreign Legion and ignore the IED friendly rules of engagement (“Through it all, courting only the ideas that define him, he has remained true to himself, his principals, his family, and his country.” ~d*ck Cheney – In My Time) (“I’m in complete *** control.” ~Jake from Top Shot @ some shaking, “For lack of better words I’m just going to call it idiotic non-sense.” ~Col. Ralph Peters. (“And the Iraqis, in this incredibly insecure environment, turned on the United States military because there was no security for themselves and their families.” ~Jeb Bush) and since this isn’t marching across the countryside like some peasant, roll up in the Humvee like in Jericho and Chocovine (“We will be the best platoon in this battalion.” ~Sgt. Savage – We Were Soldiers. “…Celebrated winning what was reported to be 97.7 percent of the vote, with a 95?percent voter turnout. “I apologize if these numbers are unacceptable for the superdemocratic countries,” he said, unapologetically.” ~The Washington Post. FTW: “What I still got left is more than what most people ever had.” ~Bruce Jenner – boxing for charity. Unforgiven: “Will Munny: It's a hell of a thing, ain't it, killin' a man. You take everything he's got... and everything he's ever gonna have...” “The Schofield Kid: Well, I guess they had it... comin'.” “Will Munny: We all got it comin', Kid.” “It ain't nothin like hip hop music carefull how you use it and please don't abuse it when you do it.” ~Chief Leatherface.
“Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.” [email protected] R.I.P. Paul. FTW let someone else take the Carrera GT for a Godspeed test spin just cause the steering is *** up: Skiers aren’t high on my list of people to feel sorry for ... lashnikov/ (“Aight slim?... And we all thought you loved yourself.” ~DMX – Party Up) but damn I’m glad that dude maxed out the V10 Scuderia. “Motor Trend Classic 2005 – “I’ve never been fond of the noise emitted by five cylinder engines; their brash thrum sounds neither sweet nor powerful. This Quattro isn’t the former, but is the latter. …(Sport Quattro) This motor speaks in guttural sputters and responds quickly to jabs at the throttle (hmmm… maybe I can learn to love a five.)

All with the F355’s interior.

2014 Ferrari Scuderia Italia F1 (apex point mid-nose FTW) scaled to the 108’’ wheelbase and the H2’s track, overhangs proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, two seats (apex), 911 Classic tail (… just a series of spoilers) (brand as “Antonia”, name “Honda Assad ISIS”) – 400 hp turbo hybrid 1.2 L VR8 VRF800F with decreased bore and a 10K redline, transaxle behind the rear axle, Quadrasteer, leaf spring rear suspension, 575 head lights, 2001 E65 tail lights

2005 Dakota crew cab - overhangs proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, Enzo cut outs, RX-792P cut outs, roofline raised at door pillar, SW20 pillars, 959 tail (brand as “Lexus”, name “Corvette LFA”) - 300 hp hybrid 1.0 L flatR-ten M diesel with the VRF800F’s stroke and a 7K redline ... iesel.html, transaxle and battery behind the rear axle, Quadrasteer, alumium body/ X-bone frame, brace across top of tailgate, carbon fiber doors – hood – roof- tail gate, lowered, 575 GTZ lights

2005 Dakota crew cab - overhangs proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, Enzo cut outs, RX-792P cut outs, roofline raised at door pillar, SW20 pillars, 959 tail (brand as “Audi”, name “Sesto Elemento”)– 300 hp hybrid 1.0 L flatR-ten M diesel, transaxle and battery behind the rear axle, Quadrasteer, FF’s front differential, aluminum unibody/ X-bone frame, brace across top of tailgate, carbon fiber doors – hood – roof- tail gate, solid front axle, 32” tires, E85 Z4 lights

Ram SRT10 reg. cab scaled to the Humvee’s track, overhangs proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, Enzo cut outs, RX-792P cut outs, SW20 pillars, 959 tail (brand as “LaFerrari”, name “Enzo Eifel F612”) – 800 hp turbo hybrid 10K redline VR8 2.4 L VTEC version of the 3.4 LS54 retaining the stroke, transaxle and battery behind the rear axle, Quadrasteer, aluminum unibody/ X-bone frame, brace across top of tailgate, carbon fiber - doors – hood – roof- bed cover/ tail gate, lowered, F50 headlights, SLS AMG tail lights

Ram SRT10 reg. cab scaled to the Humvee’s track, overhangs proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, Enzo cut outs, RX-792P cut outs, SW20 pillars, 959 tail (brand as “Ferrari”, name “Scuderia Lotus F1”) – 1700 hp turbo hybrid 10K redline WR16 2.4 L VTEC version of the 3.4 L S54, transaxle and battery behind the rear axle, Quadrasteer, aluminum unibody/ X-bone frame, brace across top of tailgate, carbon fiber - doors – hood – roof- tail gate, lowered, MC12 headlights, S2000 tail lights ... il-lights/

Corvette C6 scaled to the Humvee’s track, sedan for a 143.5’’ wheelbase, then the trunk extended for a ~160 wheelbase, overhangs proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, roofline raised at door pillar, Enzo cut outs, RX-792P cut outs, SW20 window and pillars, 959 tail (brand as “Lamborghini”, name “Quattro F288 S2K”) – 800 hp supercharged hybrid 10K redline flatR-sixteen 3.4 L VTEC version of the 3.4 L S54, transaxle and battery behind the rear axle, Quadrasteer, FF’s front differential, aluminum body/ X-bone frame, carbon fiber -doors - hood - roof - trunk, solid axles, 40’’ tires, E46 lights

Corvette C6 scaled to the Humvee’s track, sedan for a 143.5’’ wheelbase, then the trunk extended for a ~160 wheelbase, overhangs proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, roofline raised at door pillar, SW20 window and pillars, 959 tail (brand as “Maserati”, name “Sincluelf F50”) – mid-engine 500 hp 2.4 L VR16 M diesel with the VRF800F’s stroke and a 7K redline, aft transaxle, Quadrasteer, FF’s front differential, steel body, X-bone frame, solid axles, 32’’ tires, E39 lights

Corvette C6 scaled to the Humvee’s track, sedan for a 143.5’’ wheelbase, overhangs proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, roofline raised at door pillar, then the trunk extended for a ~160 wheelbase, SW20 window and pillars, 959 tail (brand as “Rafaeli”, name “Vaosser (like how Angel Dark says “water”) F40”) - mid-engine 450 hp 2.0 L VR20 M diesel with the VRF800F’s stroke and a 7K redline, aft transaxle, Quadrasteer, FF’s front differential, steel body, X-bone frame, solid axles, 40’’ tires, E60 lights

Corvette C6 scaled to the Humvee’s track, wagon for a ~180’’ wheelbase, front overhang proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, roofline raised at door pillar, rear overhang extended seven feet, SW20 window and pillars, 959 tail (brand as “Perelli”, name “Carrera F430”) – 400 hp 2.4 L VR8 M diesel with the VRF800F's bore and a 6K redline behind the front seats, aft transaxle, Quadrasteer, FF’s front differential, steel body, X-bone frame, solid axles, 32’’ tires, 996 headlights, Zagato Z4 concept tail lights

first gen F-250 crew cab long bed scaled to the Humvee’s wheelbase and track, overhangs proportioned to that of the Quattro Sport’s, roofline raised at door pillar, SW20 pillars, 959 tail (brand as “Ducati”, name “Porsche CSL”) – 400 hp 2.4 L VR8 M diesel with the VRF800F’s bore and a 6K redline, aft transaxle, Quadrasteer, FF’s front differential, unibody/ X-bone frame, brace across top of tailgate, 32’’ tires, E63 lights

Drive is shown with the TopGear Sagaris “The engine feels like it wants to escape.” The E34 M5 feels more sporty than the E39 M5 because the inline engine pushing on one side of the crankshaft wants to pick the car up whereas the E39 M5 wants to rotate around the engine more. A Ducati grabs you by the seat of your pants more than the HP2 because flat engines have the least drive or pitch. The way the undersquare 208 is pinned down is the opposite of the floaty oversquare 250. The NSX needs the low end torque of an engine with more stroke except for that increasing the stroke and thus torque all throughout the rev range would increase the drive which would make the NSX rotate on its own worse, thus VTEC: ... 47&i=29750. Horsepower is how fast torque accelerates which is why only a VTEC engine could make the NSX rotate on its own as well as it does because more low end torque shrinks the wheelbase while the car is in motion. VTEC’s elasticity lets the car settle similar to how a Hemi tweaks the powerband so that the Viper squats more and thus rotates on its own sorta well. VTEC’s lack of pointabilty caused by its more elastic power band which is the reason for both the X-bone frame and the NSX’s transversely mounted engine; is accentuated by a coupe’s weight transfer and that is why the S2000 is a convertible. Aluminum’s suppleness – the reason that Ferrari went to aluminum as the revs increased and the engines got more knife edge - combined with the NSX’s design to “Grip like nothing else,” (~TopGear best handling car that the Ferrari 575M Maranello won) is how VTEC’s elasticity was focused. It’s VTEC’s two stage powerband that lets leaf springs shimmer with carbon fiber’s directness. The electric motor has the most direct drive as in none of the boost wanting to make the World’s Fastest Lotus fly off of the road characteristic, and thus can pin down the aft transaxle. There is no new performance rear wheel drive Tahoe such as the Joe Gibb’s Tahoe because the new barchetta’s hood being higher than the sill line to harness the new technology’s increased drive, reduces pointability. The new technologies presence that lets the VRF800F 1.2 L VR8 control the Scuderia, results in a non-VTEC engine needing an acoustic exhaust to add finesse to a guttural sound. …”F1 – “The Ferrari, and especially the Honda, sound different than all of the rest.”” If you’ve ever watched a Hurricane bong swirl the smoke, maybe the billowing alludes to how more gas is going to sound less tinny and maybe this ties to why BMW’s have gone from clean lines to curvaceous as the finesse has been lost, and the NSX being the most sharp sounding engine that has the crispness for a far forward placement. An odd firing order gives more of a point to drive off of which is why a flat-8 911 would have no pointablilty or why the LFA flicks out or the Carrera GT is more planted. Truck Trend predicted ten years ago that future GM halftons would be powered by a 3.7 L I5 diesel producing 320 hp/ 650 lb-ft. This never happened because a diesel’s torque accentuating that point to drive off of will buck with a solid axle. The even firing order stabilizes the Lamborghini. A VTEC engine could only work with a front engine rear wheel drive coupe with a bed’s leverage and disconnect. The reason is given that there has never been an independent suspension rock crawler of note; the slingshot effect of a Humvee width solid axle in a street aluminum truck to give the front end some definition to counter VTEC’s floatiness. Lots of boost is necessary to liven up the WR16 so that it doesn't dive. “Motor Trend Classic 2005 – “It’s supple enough for long, high-speed runs, but never mushy or disconnected from the road. That, in fact, is a good overall descriptor of the Quattro’s persona.”” “Motor Trend Classic 2005 – “AMC engaged BMW to help production development, thinking the challenging roads and high-speed autobahns of Europe would be the right environment for the job. … We don’t push the car hard into any corners, but it feels like it wants to handle, with commendably little body roll and the transitional stability that comes with a low center of gravity.”” Given the MR2’s 91.4” wheelbase, the Quattro Sport’s 86.8” wheelbase poise has the finesse for transitional stability, that intrinsic BMW slipperiness that is exemplified by the AMX/3’s cutting edge design adding finesse to the 390; so as to capture that “You look at that engines and it’ll kill you, (~TopGear M3 CSL): (Cobra test) When the Monte Carlo comes to a stop during Training Day’s traffic stop it’s witnessed how sharply that the 911 style tail plants the car. For “Trust that the rear will come back,” (TopGear Z4 M roadster) concerning a Quadrasteer vehicle, the 959 tail’s suppleness is needed for solid axles whilst as for leaf springs the non-scaled up 911 tail yeilds the finesse for the Scuderia to drive clean lines. The MR2’s about vertical rear window and rear pillar that doesn’t extend all the way to the tail make it the only mid-engine turbo that can be throttle steered this precisely and fluidly Thanks to being designed for leaf springs sharp planted characteristic that adds finesse to the LS7, the Corvette is poised as opposite as can be to the teardrop 928 which was designed for four wheel steering with an independent suspension and thus the teardrop was really not designed to wrench the car around like how the 944 utilizes a narrower rear track to focus the inline four’s floaty drive due to it’s increased displacement per cylinder over the S2000. Mercedes almost had an office room brawl over whether the GL- Class should be body-on-frame or unibody. Without body-on-frames disconnect the suspension would have had have been too soft. The directness of the unibody, this trucks footprint, and it being mid-engine mandate the knife edge edgeness of a small displacement per cylinder to plant it. Once driving downhill on rainy Saddle Road (HI) at a turn with a drop the MK1.5’s slid out, I caught it and when it snapped back just because the hill was so steep the weight shuddered around the engine for a second as is the characteristic of less cylinders and a higher displacement per cylinder and the transversely mounted engine’s soullessness. The presence that more pulses has is exhibited with how the 8c Competizione’s “Steering feels wooden,” (~TopGear) because the high reving oversquare V8 has the 208’s planted characteristic but not the pull of the V12 and there is not the disconnect of a convertible. The RX-792P being planted by its rearward facing front wheel well is a symptom of the rotaries point to drive off being like pure suppleness in contrast the Enzo’s forward facing side vent cut outs that show that it is harnessing the drive that results from a higher count of cylinders inline. Thus it is evident as to the how the seamlessness of more pulses of less displacement, the VR engines sponginess which is a tighter point to drive off of than an inline engine, and diesels lack of elasticity that prevents it from catching on the rear of the cab for a Quadrasteer truck to not spin, will keep the up-armored version of the truck from diving. A lifts disconnect mandates the presence of an even more planted engine. The scene from Broken Arrow where a Humvee jumps and the front kinda catched alludes to the more knife edge engine requiring the suppleness of the 40X15.5 wheels. Seen a motorcycle racer do a handstand on the bars at 150 MPH and ride it off and that alludes to expecting an increased displacement V10 diesel to still apex with an independent suspension; not being kosher. The sill line dipping down at the front window, resonating with the raised roof mid-cab allows for the sports VR8 M diesel to be “drawn together” (~Comedy Central) with the chassis. The first week that I had my MR2, I was climbing the Old San Marcos Pass late at night and as the MR2 is not a four thousand pound Bimmer, speed limits should be less stringent for it and also for convertibles. I approached the turn before the last house at sixty, my friend said. I was going too fast to look at the speedometer, was going by the feel of the car. The turn was banked but the car still understeered and then the rear wheels were in the dirt with the front still attached to the road, with only a chain link fence between me and a three hundred foot cliff. The car stopped with the stone mailbox ten feet from my driver’s door. I tried to explain that as Clarkson says, “A good steering speaks to you”, and this manual steering might be Lotus designed, and it’s not a coincidence that we were still on the fine line. “I pick the rear wheel drive Lamborghini because I’m a driving purist.” ~Tanner. But there was nothing like “Nice save,”: And that’s is why the aft transaxle is such a good idea to help tuck the nose in. And something about the 911 GT3, as mentioned at Pikes Peak, having a large window of correctability mid-corner.

Group B rally is to be designated Zonda L Z06.

MK1.5 MR2 (88’, mint condition, black, 15X7 grey Kosei K1’s, 4AGE blew twice and then swapped the second gen 3SGTE). 96’ Accord V6. 2001Frontier ext. cab V6 4WD.
Two years ago, I was driving my 87 normally aspirated MR2 in the southern Sierra foothills, taking a route recommended in an old Car and Driver article. At the end of the long and flat stretch of two-lane, I came on a blind rise. Figuring that the road ahead was more of the same, I topped the rise at 50+. Big mistake. The problem was that I had been looking left during the brief instant when a sign on the right screened by bushes would have been visible. The sign showed a curving left arrow and a 20 mph caution.
When I topped the rise, I was staring disaster and several cows in the face. The road descended sharply to an off-camber left turn just 60 feet ahead. Past that was a dirt/mud shoulder, a wood fence, and a cow pasture. There was absolutely no way the car could make this turn.
For some reason I didn't panic, but I applied the brakes at close to the threshold of lockup to get the speed down as much as possible before leaving the road, as I was certain I would.
Releasing the brakes, I took the curve, attempting to stay on the pavement. The result, which I fully expected, was that the back end came around about 45 degrees, putting both rear wheels in the dirt with the fronts on the pavement. From autocrossing, I knew that the car would spin unless I applied full throttle. (If you haven't actually spun the car in a parking lot and practiced this several times, you will *not* be able to force your right foot down when this happens.)
The NSX is, by design, much more slow to rotate on its own than is the MR2. Due to this "stability", the front of the NSX surely would have understeered right off the road in this situation, whereas the MR2 was perfectly willing to let the back out slide out with the front still attached to the road.

In jail I was reading a book about the Medal of Honor Marine that joins a crack Police squad and it was mentioned that to flip a coin, draw, and shoot it out of the air, a revolver is a one handed draw while a 1911 is a two handed draw. The revolvers forward balance point increases pointabilty yet fluid transition speed is still a rearward balance point characteristic. The open top slide is a symptom of the 92’s grip resonating with the gun. The 90two’s more complete feel might increase the chance of “Two hands is twice as much chance for a mistake,” thus making the heavier 92 the better two handed pistol, but I believe it’s suppleness makes the 90two the pistol that can be duel wielded effectively. The fact of the matter is that as any other grip on the Roseland Rifle alludes to, the 90two really does point off of the barrel. Playing the only shooting sim - AA3, the different transition speeds and point shooting accuracies are awesome and what was made Knight want faster transition speed without dealing with the reality of: “I dislike light rifles because they’re whippy.” ~Col. Craig Patterson, who iced a mulie at five hundred ninety yards with a .30-378 Weatherby. “A man on a hill with a scoped rifle is truly master of all he surveys.” ~Jeff Cooper. More surface area on multiple planes is reality to make for at least M16 DMR pointabilty and yet while a shotgun is cumbersome for clearing rooms, the Roseland Rifle is faster than the thirty round M4 because it’s fluid like the MR2 turbo. Like, does the imaginary pistol have faster transition speed at forty five degrees due to a more positive joint alignment? Well that difference is accentuated with ten pounds.

The Steyr AUG with the patented modification being a rearward facing Beretta 90two grip at a forty-five degree angle in place of the AUG’s original rear grip. The 90two grip is to be scaled up to a .45 ACP length action or approximately that size, for a more positive grip to improve weapon control. The reasons for this modification are that leverage is more efficient concerning transition speed than is cradling the rifle and multiple planes off of the bore improves pointabilty. The 90two because the significance of the open top slide is that pistol points off the barrel; grip angles are discussed in Col. Charles Askins – Souped Up Man Stoppers The 90two has suppleness that like breaks the momentum ... a98e02a7bd that makes for the synergy with the open top slide. The 90two because 92 having the edges of the grip filled in where the grip plate on the 92 ends gives a more complete feel. The 90two grip being mounted rearward is leverage. The AUG because it’s a bullpup and the off by forty five degrees square stock is good for pointability as the non-trigger hand is now to grip the stock behind the rear optics rail mount. The Beta-C Mag balances the rifle and rests against the trigger hands forearm to improve pointability. This rifle is hereby branded as “Beretta” and named the “St. Clair Isoldi CLS II”. ... arent.html
Bullpups are naturally balanced in a non-instinctive way.

This is really the biggest problem, and the one that is hardest to solve with engineering.

The balance point on most bullpups is in between your hand and your shoulder when mounted, which is unnatural. We have a natural tendency to try to balance things between our hands, not between our hand and shoulder.

The only way to correct this is to put heavy things in front of your dominant hand, or to make the weapon short and light enough that this won't make a difference (and even then it will still be more awkward and less instinctive to point; but several modern bullpups have taken the second approach).

This balance will tend to make a bullpup tend to shift its butt under recoil, unless it is very tightly mounted to your shoulder; particularly during rapid fire. This tendency is somewhat countered by the position of your support hand so far forward on the barrel, by the fact that the overall leverage moment of the muzzle is lower (the muzzle isn't as far from either your shoulder, or your dominant hand), and by the fact that most bullpups have straightline recoil.

A conventional rifle is balanced in between your dominant and support hands, and there are good reasons for that. A human being naturally handles things that balance in the palm, or in front of your dominant hand, better, because we naturally want to balance things between our hands.

Under recoil, the muzzle of a conventional rifle rises, but just from gravity will fall into you support hand again without actually holding or pulling it down, because the fulcrum of the lever is in your dominant hand, and the balance point is in front of the fulcrum. ... -1015.html
Question: Why 45 degree angle grip?

Answer: The whole 45 angle is normally just a prefrence. while offering more control when using short burst the recoil helps tug the stock. thus a more stable rifle. it may seem like a weird thing but even at single fire its a very helpful attachment for marksmen who want rounds on target A box style.

The Pursuit of Arete: “Never realize the precious time that *** fellas is wastin.” ~Tupac.
On the evening of November 8 in Murray, Utah, Bundy approached 18-year-old telephone operator Carol DaRonch at a mall less than a mile from the Midvale restaurant where Melissa Smith was last seen. He identified himself as "Officer Roseland"
Roseland… (Pride and Prejudice – Kiera Knightly says: “You insulted me in every possible way and can now have nothing further to say? I must ask you to leave.” ... ations.pdf “Joan Rivers - “I just wish that Rhianna could take a joke as well as she can take a punch.””) lol… Imitates robot: “I am Officer Cemetery. Oh the irony.” All lowlifes revel in being lowlifes and thus obviously more executions would do wonders for society. Gaza (Scene from Stone where Norton gets paroled: “You’re always asking me about that night, and I know that I’m supposed to feel bad and everything, but that’s the thing. I never did, and I never knew why. Watching that fire take control I just thought this is awesome. And now I think this is just something I was supposed to experience.”) (“What gives you the right to be free and not me? Your whole life you never did nothing wrong?” ~Stone.) has four times the average number of hermaphrodites. Though Pakastinis compromise a mere 3.4% of Britian’s overall births, they produce an alarming 30% of the UK’s genetically diseased children.” ... z3BkCZpDZ3 Yeah I know, it sucks that their mothers were methheads. “Wow, God really broke the mold when he blessed them with so much sunshine.” ~The Horse Whisperer. “Jon Pall Sigmarsson - “There is no reason to be alive if you cannot deadlift.”” On the Daily Show when Palin can't name a newspaper they said: “Always side with the literate.” “Hamas is a humanitarian organization.” ~Pelosi. Hoah, sounds like drunk girls lol and it reminds me of: “I would never liken something as beautiful as child birth to a cantaloupe pushing out of an orange size hole.” ~d*ck Masterson. "She's desperate." ~Crowe at tag along woman. This less than zero integrity is all reminiscent of a book for class in second grade about some typical white boy keed that renames the pen a frindle. 01/27/1990 is 1+2+7+1990= “Decider” (~W.) human2000. “When I just a little baby boy, My momma used to tell me these crazy things, She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man, She used to tell me he hated me, But then I got a little bit older, And I realized, she was the crazy one, But there was nothin' I could do or say to try to change it, 'Cause that's just the way she was.” “Prime Minister Netanyahu - “Once Iran produces atomic bombs, all the charms and all the smiles will suddenly disappear. They'll just vanish.”” Isn’t that really neat? “See it all makes sense, doesn't it? … *** you *** don't *** lie to me!” ~Eminem. “...Dozens of border-area residents have reported the sounds of tunneling under their homes since 2006...” ... port-says/ “Chris Dorsey - “It takes a special type of person to be worthy of killing an elephant.”” ... d-problem/ It’s all so true. I'm so righteous. You don't have a clue. Your clueless haha *** you. Theme song from Edison FTW. English is the only language that doesn’t remind me of the click tongue language of the aliens in Signs though this is witnessed not with the Canadian Prime Minister’s mediocre lingo but I instead speak of: “The shits gets real, up up in the field, enemies get killed/ Little kids get (Dada) caught up in the crossfire, but its wide up still/” (Sam Smith ought to sing the chorus) (Democratic Strategist Bob Beckel: “It’s not worth it when these kids do backflips on snow mobiles and get paralyzed,” when it was never as pure of a test as racing. G.O.A.T. Pastrana crashing the F360 or the five times Paris to Dakar motorcycle champion not being competitive with cars despite that 4X4’s pre truth in engineering require nothing like Formula One reaction times; alludes to motorcycles just not having that level of feedback. That only a few people can be quarterback because the balance point has added finesse, all other sports excluding golf are comparable to the Chumash game of roll the round stones that are found on the Channel Islands, and thus there’s no reason for Anna Kournikova to get breast reduction. “Boobies!” ~Katy Perry – VH1 best songs. I requested no jail time for the drunk driver that fell asleep at the wheel at 7:45 AM and the Rodeo T-boned the 95’ Accord on the passenger door pillar where I was sitting at highway speeds; no apology. Four broken ribs right, two left, punctured right lung. Declined a prescription for vicoden. “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemies.” ~Snoop at murder trial. I returned a lady’s wallet from outside Safeway the other day; and FYI all of the money was there and we were outside of the cameras. “You can’t be surrounded by devils and be an angel. That’s suicide.” ~Tupac. It’s to have a lack of respect for the preciseness of the English language in the spirit of there being no word for “fellas” (~Capt. America in Spanish. In Mexico for the ten days that we had a TV the only good movies that were in English were Stone and Edison, which I watched back to back everyday turn it off when Laz dies; starting out the morning with Stone, of course.) in Spanish, everyone’s an amigo (Para Hombres ‘Casadora Inmortals’ FTW from that issue with the Top Ten Heros and Villanos cartoon); the way that innocent is flagrantly used these days. Yeah, imagine arguing with someone that has *** no integrity (Like, “When the *** did swimming become a sport?” ~ Daniel Tosh.) like the “Void of artistic value like the original Titanic,” (~History Channel – Nazi Propoganda) Palestinian that lets off rockets “Over and over, again,” (~Gladiator Emporer) and then plays on you, who is of the nature of “Putting things in quotes which is passive aggressive and thus womanly,” (~MABTW) – the used car salesman “Look over there,” and it’s like there’s a lack of appreciation for the term “Overall a positive development.” “Such is life.” ~AUS outlaw. Adios. On prison shows defects yap about how intimate it is to stab someone to death and as such “Kill non-believers in a non-one speed manner,” is alien to being a Holy religion. “We all get old Vivian. We must do it with class.” ~Blood and Chocolate. Lol at Birdbrain Bordain who while hating on President Putin, peasant said that rich people should be disemboweled. President Assad is dealing with lowlifes of the same nature. God gets bored in Heaven where time doesn’t exist and we’re his human ant hill that would be meaningless to God unless we had built character and thus grey area is just something that we were supposed to experience. “The sooner that you can match your head to what’s going on in the real world, the better off you’re going to feel.” ~Alonzo – Training Day. “A relationship without pain is a relationship that’s not worth having at all.” ~Sex and the City. The Bible contradicts itself because: “Watterson – “Calvin suddenly realizes the world has no hue, value, or chroma! Have the photoreceptors in Calvin’s eyes stopped working properly, or has the fundamental nature of light changed?? Perhaps some strange nuclear or chemical reaction on the sun has caused electromagnetic radiation to defy separation into a spectrum! Maybe objects no longer reflect certain wavelengths! Whatever the cause, it’s clear to Calvin that there’s no point in discussing things with his dad!” “The problem is, you see everything in terms of black and white.” “SOMETIMES THAT’S THE WAY THINGS ARE!!” “Israel bus segregation – “The settlers complained of safety concerns and alleged harassment of female riders by Arab passengers.”” See, it’s actually more about two beefing tribes (“And what tribe are you from? Chad!” ~Mencia and tattoos.; to the on a scale of one, two, three, four, five to infinity how special would thou rate thyself, substitute teacher, I mean Professor, that will *** babble… as to how it’s irrelevant bout’ who is to replace ‘Christians in Syria Will Pay If Assad Is Overthrown, Says Rand Paul’ and it’s like, “What the *** do you want from me?” ~Stone. “Compromise. I’m just saying.” ~King of the Hill – Bill @ let grandma die in the magic house. “So let her die on the sidewalk? You’re not saying anything!” “Some people love peace so much that they protect it with a wall of lies about war. Martin van Creveld (Culture of War) tells the truth. He explains why 99 percent of wars have been fought by volunteers: Combat can be wonderful. But when it turns to grim, a culture of war is needed to sustain fighting morale.” ~Edward. N. Luttwak, author of Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook. “Why that’s amazing. You could almost pass for a gentleman.” ~Titanic. Perhaps I am not alone to conceive that it’s not exactly “Daywalkers” (~Blade) amonst *** us (Haha I am staying at a judge's house.) ({Tattoo ‘stoneEmpire’ on the trigger finger and hand as once when I “lost it” (~”I know that everyone just wants me to” ~Lord Disick) and was rolling a joint when the police arrived I wished that wasn’t the latter on the to do list.}Imitate Family Guy bigfoot witness that would place their precious *that are magically not of the same “nature” (~The Departed @ DiCaprio’s contrary aspirations). sighs. yeah sure… the fact of the matter N *** AKA reality* as to where some rockets were just let off, could give less than a *** about that Rhino ‘Hope.’ “There’s no doubt about that.” ~Kourtney Kardashian – Scott an alcoholic. Isn’t that really neat? "I was always disapointed in not quite pursuing arete at the level that I envisioned." ~Sir Sheen. Probally - level of *** integrity... Bergdahl isn't aware that at the trial of Ghandi's killer when it was went over all of the attrocities that resulted from the just of that woman from Rambo 4 whom Stallone wanted a fence between them when explaining reality to symbolize the level of disconnect... Pema Chödrön – Awakening the Heart. “Payne began to have nagging doubts about the legality of his undercover activities in a foreign country, but good sense yielded to the challenge of carrying out his dubvious assignment.” ~Deep Cover – An FBI Agent Infiltrates the Radical Underground. Yeah well, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said that the secret to success is to acquire assets, “Not 1:33” Thus: “Crippin.” ~Gangland. ~Lord of War. "Would you rather ride on a train, dance in the rain or feel no pain." ~The Recruit.

My sister’s best friend is half Armenian. “No anti-social behavior.” ~William Bratton. Sparkling personality (“Fifth Gear – MR2 Spyder – “…Just lacks that little bit of sparkle.””) Doleta Goleta (Ayers) not differentiating between a warzone and a non-failed society takes so much talent – but that’s only if you ask me. “Dr. Zuhdi Jasser – “I’m a US Navy Lieutenant Commander first and a Muslim second.” – “It’s understandable that ISIS exists given the realities of life without being behooved by the nearby goldmine oil fields.”” “Time Magazine – Bibi’s Choice: “If the tangos figure it out, they will never have a better partner than me. I can make it happen and make it stick.”” “It was all about that yayo bank roll.” ~

Most of the firsts and still standing records in aviation history were set by a German/ Jew and fighter pilots are better off being short with a broad chest. I am a quarter French/ Swiss nobility traced back to the 1300’s C.O. of Saigon (“SAO 92 FTW.”) Full Bird Colonel fighter pilot genetics elite athlete, a quarter native born German from an affluent family, and ancestor Thomas Lynch signed the Declaration of Independence. TopGear America’s replacements for Rutledge (Congrats @ the 1000 hp VTEC at Pikes Peak. “f*ck those people.” ~Stone. “That Porsche sounds… eh.” ~TopGear America.) should be the Jew that I bought the MR2 from, whose name is Julias (fifth MR2) but prefers that friends call him Jew. Batman and Robin(s) are to be “The three S’s, steroids, steak, and *** Lord Disick, Israel, bro from Tijuana jail that has skulls tatted on skull, and Lil Jay The weapons experts are to be Kaiea, Miller, and chrome F-250 Ryan from the Big Island. The butler is to be Chris Dorsey. The joker is to be Klienfield (Steal the million dollars? …Yeah lol.). The calculator was invented by a Jew in a concentration camp. “That heavy building and the swamp do have a synergy.” ~meth head (As I heard the FBI agent that took down the heroin kingpin in New York say: “Never think about what the other guy is going to do to you in a fight, only what you are going to do to him.”) Hitler. Time Magazine – Bibi’s Choice: “Benzion’s lifework was a 1,384-page history of the Spanish Inquisition. The book has a radical thesis: that the Conversos, the Jews who had willingly converted to Chistianity and were then killed by the thousands for allegedly practicing Judaism in secret, had done no such thing. Almost all of them were practicing Christians, Benzion wrote, and their extermination came from a deep and murderous anti-Semitism, not from religious prosecution.” Yeah, it’s understandable that they were as scared as you should be concerning the selling enticement of raping France being played on Iceland these days and as such after the first five million USD to whoever funds the non-airsoft prototype (or if you’re not stranded on an island as I am, the airsoft gun at a gun show would showcase the Roseland Rifle’s tactical advantage.), the patent will be signed over to a trust for arming Iceland. Godspeed, invention prone Jews.

I am alien to Stormfront. “Motherfucker!” ~Lazerov. The poster of the calculations on the MABTW forum expressed dismay at this guy ... pe-of.html ... story.html as for the reason that he said that he supports winners and thus would have sided with: “My people are as emotional as frauens.” ~Hitler. Yeah, sorry that this is Lord of the Flies and thus “It was necessary,” (“There’s just no one else I could give this to.” ~The Departed) to quell the “That’s racist,” (~Ben “Lumberjack.” ~That 70’s Show) “That’s not true”, (~model on the E’s The Face is called stupid) lingo of derail and run everyone around in circles. “New shoes!” ~Tyra Banks @ her Lexus by Funkmaster Flex. “Bibi’s Choice – “There’s a greater chance in doing nothing, he says, than in acting. Game theory would also suggest that there is no downside to Bibi’s bluster.””

The amount of fuel needed to vaporize 6 million bodies:
First off, we need to determine the amount of energy that is required to boil away all of the water in the body.
The change of temperature of a pound of water of 1 degree Fahrenheit is one btu.
The assumed beginning temperature of 99 degrees (Human body temperature)
Once the temperature of the water reaches 212F, it requires 970btu to heat that water into 212F steam.
So, from 99F to 212F is 113 btu.
Add in the latent heat of vaporization (970btu) and you get 1,083 btu required to vaporize one pound of water.
The average human body (Lets say malnourished) is 100 pounds...
75% of the human body is water, so, 75 pounds of water needs to be vaporized.
75 pounds * 1,083 btu = 81,225 btu required to vaporize one human body.
"The heat content of anthracite (coal) ranges from 22 to 28 million Btu per short ton"
So, one short ton of Anthracite will vaporize approximately 270 human bodies.
To vaporize 6 million human beings would take 22,222 short tons of anthracite.
Keep in mind, this is assuming 100% efficiency of heating, so the actual amount of coal would be significantly higher in real world application.
(At least double)

Real Bigfoot tracks can’t be faked because of compression lines and impact ridges as explained at thirty three minutes of Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know is Wrong. Thus like aliens and UFO’s, Bigfoot is a shape shifting demon. Holographic universe. Cyptid – The Swamp Beast. “That’s just your opinion” has replaced critical thinking. Might be nothing but there were no dinosaurs discovered before the 1800’s. ... saurs-scie Bibi’s choice: “For Netanyahu the Jews are not so much God’s chosen people as his argumentative ones.” Evidence of the Bible being doctored is this gluttonous eaters of meat babble.

The Israel Foreign Legion (PARADISE FOUND –"Wailua is Hawaiian for two fresh water streams mingling. This was just the inspiration we needed for our Aloha Series Wailua Ale brewed with tropical passion fruit. A refreshing, citrusy, sun-colored ale with the cool taste of Hawaii." (“Well snakeshit, I have a problem and I think that you’re the solution.” ~We Were Soldiers. “Joe Teti – Dual Survival – “Teamwork FTW.”” “I like anyone can count all of my friends on one hand and Rossberg just isn’t one of them.” ~Hamilton. ... mk1999.jpg “Ted, White, and Blue – “What the *** part of “Stop!” (running or I’ll shoot) don’t you understand.”” I only get basic cable… But as the only funny woman, Joan would not put on a backwards baseball cap and bob her head to the kook (“I can’t beat them over their heads as to enable them to “Ackrite.” (~2001.) ~Jake – Top Shot) Fashion Police song that jungle bunny’s the English language like how the lispy Scotts’ and especially the Australians just aren’t keen that English is supposed to be a noble sounding language, as is exemplified by say, I guess, Longshanks son; and thus a doctor that jams to that “He ain’t all there is he,” (~Young Gunz) might not have the audacity to feel that Heaven is too good if said gem *** up. Fine-curdory version “Showed you how to tie a flag on your head, And represent your motherfuckin set 'til you're dead” (~S N double O P, D O double gizee) Pac’s blue and off white coat that the “Guest lady,” (~Hey there neighbor lady – How High’s Red and Meth) picked out, Cape version of Laz’s jacket, mid-night purple Lucky Brand Dress shirt, XXL Lucky Brand green Cobra Co. Auto Oil shirt, dark grey Lucky Brand Santa Cruz jeans, and boots after the Lucky Brand camo hat that my sister who worked at that store said that Obie Trice wore in a music video. Change first and middle names to ‘Francis (born St. Francis Hospital - Santa Barbara, CA) Lazerov (Hawkins)’ and like Kim Cessarion’s undressed inspires appreciation for not calling a Mercedes a Merc, don’t call me Frank. “But am I less Holy, cause I choose to pump a blood and drink a beer with my homies.” ~Pac. As with “Ve-hi-cles” (~Barry Cooper – Never Get Busted Again) the emblem is to be the BMW emblem with Apacalpse now helicopters fading into the distance. Creed: "What is the reason for my living if I don't believe in anything worth dying for to protect?" ~ ... gn-display) is to have four divisions. Dutch/ French/ Jew. White. Scottish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Irish, and all of the rest. The best for I. The rest for Jet Li ... Ziyi_9.jpg, Micky Rosenfeld, and the Lord Disick look-alike (“Fox and Friends – “Jew just sounds offensive.””) FBI agent from New York. ... 128&page=1 Israel released a paper stating that full blood sibling mating (listen – that’s not the plan) reduces deleterious diseases; but as for you sir there is no benefit, so that will of course get you sir marched to the ditch.

* Watterson’s comics about building character.
* Weed is the new wine that the Apostles were “drunk” on; “But they are not drunk per say.” Supposedly the Washington State Patrol published a study in the early 1990’s that no surprise found that stoned drivers performed better than sober drivers.

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