Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. No Snitching: On yourself or others! You are not allowed to post someone else's private information including personal pictures, government names, home addresses and family information unless those items were already publicly available prior to your post. #
  2. Warnings & Bannings: You may be banned after you receive 3 official warnings on your profile from a ranking member, unless you are deemed an immediate threat to the community. The banning member will determine the length of your ban, which may be a permanent ban. You may receive official warnings on your profile for various prohibited behaviors including posting useless content, spamming, snitching, not taking care of your responsibilities as a ranking member, unwarranted trolling and whatever else the consensus of the community deems righteously prohibited. #
  3. Groups: Within the community of, there are various groups you are free to join which are based on colors. However, in order to officially fly the color of your group (change your username to the color of your usergroup), you must at least have a senior rank (at least 800 posts). Until you have reached a senior rank, you are free to fly the color of your group in other ways including your avatar (sophomore ranks and up) and signature (junior ranks and up). Freshmen may not fly colors. Changing default groups is generally frowned upon once you have already chosen a default group and officially started flying the group colors. #
  4. Ranks: The ranking system on is based on how much work you put in for the community (post count). The more work you put in, the higher your rank. The higher your rank, the more features you unlock.'s ranking system is as follows (from highest to lowest):

    Godfather - 50,000 posts: Unlocks global moderator powers which grants you the ability to warn users, ban users, approve/disapprove posts, lock/unlock any topic from any region and deal with reports.

    Elite ranks: Unlocks your ability to view hidden online members, send private messages to entire groups or any combination of multiple members and grants you permission to request to be a regional moderator (moderator for specific region).
    ooog - 20,000 posts
    oog - 15,000 posts
    og - 10,000 posts

    Royalty ranks: Unlocks your ability to change your username and lock your own topics.
    king - 9000 posts
    prince - 6000 posts

    Senior ranks: Unlocks private messages, the ability to report posts and officially fly your group color (change default usergroup).
    superior - 3000 posts
    boss - 2000 posts
    underboss - 800 posts

    Junior ranks: Unlocks signatures and the ability to edit your own posts (within 2 minutes).
    general - 700 posts
    colonel - 600 posts
    major - 500 posts
    captain - 400 posts
    lieutenant - 350 posts
    sergeant - 300 posts

    Sophomore ranks: Unlocks avatars, the ability to hide your online status and create & vote in polls.
    corporal - 250 posts
    soldier - 200 posts
    foot soldier - 150 posts

    Freshman ranks: Unlocks your ability to put in work (post).
    associate - 100 posts
    prospect - 50 posts
    fresh meat - newly registered user[/center]

    Godfather responsibilities: Godfather status means you have reached 50,000 posts. Obtaining this status on grants you global moderator powers, which gives you control over the entire community and it's members. This means you now have the power to issue warnings, ban members (after 3 warnings unless deemed an immediate threat), lock topics, approve posts for new members, review / close / delete reports, move topics, and more. Please use your powers wisely and for the benefit of the community or you will be banned by the Founder. #