Exposure.Bringing evil women to the light of day!!

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Exposure.Bringing evil women to the light of day!!

Post by TheRep » July 16th, 2017, 12:22 am

Meet Suzette.Another pretty one like the one i posted in the South section.She is originally from Jamaica via Queens...but grew up in South Jersey since grade school..a ferocious woman.She likes to claim to need her space and not like clingy needy dudes...but cleverly plugs your phone into devices that downloads all of your contact information..phone numbers and private business..then brag about it...testy..she really test you...she has gotten into so many conflicts with blackmen ..whom she says she hates all the time...she will vex a blackman till he hits her then call the cops..ahe really hates blackmen..she gave my client a ride watched him on his facebook and told another man to contact the girl whos page he was on..this girl actually talks shit about gangs...her hatred for blacks is super high...mixed children and all...suzette cambell is her name...as with everyone else i post about...they are really the type to try to challange a gang just cause they want to..therefore i want to bold and confident things they say when gangs arent around to be said when you can hear...as soon as i see they will make that mistake you all will get the names address and phone numbers to anyone i post about
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