Married Chic evil and cunning!!

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Married Chic evil and cunning!!

Post by TheRep » July 6th, 2017, 4:10 am

Isnt she pretty?Her name is LaKisha.She knows how to hurt really good.She is frombthe South and married to a southern man but is cheating on hom with a guy from the East Coast.My Friend was betrayed by her.She used him to get to his peoples.She made him think she was goodie two shoes all the while decieving him by sleeping with his peoples.Thats two men she has hurt.Neither of them have done anything to her to cause her to fo this.Ofcourse the beautiful ones do whatever they want.She brazenly defies any back up that can be gotten.Stating that her cousins got her back.When her evil ways where discovered.She bragged about herself ..This woman has plagued her husband and my friend.Adding injury upon injury.Not Stopping regardless to whomever may help the hubby or the friend..much respect to the southern men who dont like when women get stupid over easy coast guys.This woman is cold blooded.I hope she gets whats she deserves and really with all the others i posted..more details and addresses with phone numbers are coming soon.i want to see if they talk to gangs the way they claim they will when no gangs are around.Especially LaKisha.As she is unapologetic and continues to harm without a conscious.
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