Texas Judge Rules to Ban Bloods, Crips from Houston Neighborhood

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Re: Texas Judge Rules to Ban Bloods, Crips from Houston Neighborhood

Postby Hue5toneMoB5ter » June 3rd, 2017, 4:31 am

360 Degrees wrote:
Hue5toneMoB5ter wrote:
View Side Murda wrote:Theres def a southside/houston based ubn. And them BPS niggas out there is/was with it too. Just like NY, it started in prison and is based in prison and was influenced by T Rodgers getting all in the middle of shit then dippin off to diss it. Houston just got it first. I got a lot of 59 ru and 59 hunter homies from houston and san antonio that relocated to atl and jville florida that gave me the history since we both got similar histories we clicked. Accordin to them they been out before 1993, which is when we formed. And they 59 comes from some major road or highway out there in Texas.

we wasn't never with that ubn shit. we used to call them mutts because back in the day if u was ubn that meant u got down in jail. real blood sets predate ubn by about 10 years. i'm bps from the sw. corporate piru was started by some baby stones & they later switched to abpsn. stones also was around when hcf started. that was stoned and igfb. i cant speak on any other organization. STL

Wow this guy said Corporate Piru, how old are you nigga? Corporate Piru was in their last year or two when I got off the porch as a youngsta. After they got ran off Corporate there wasn't anyone openly claiming Blood on the SW during the 90s, ya know what honestly the Brae started wearing red and kinda acting like they were Bloods a little bit when we started beefing with them in the mid to late 90s since most of people from our neighborhood was Folks. They never was officially claiming a set, or if they were we didn't know on our side of SW freeway, but they started wearing a lot of red and some of them was BDK so I always felt like the origins of Bloods/Stones on the Brae started from beefing with Club Creek/Woodfair in the 90s. Shit was crazy bc Club Creek/Woodfair/Braeswood used to be all click tight until a couple unfortunate events took place.

Do you know if that beef still poppin? and one other thing did BPS in Houston start on the Brae?

Braeswood started off as Braeswood Hot Boyz. They turned blood later. Bloods on the west started in the Clarke. Stones started in Mo City officials but the movement started on Corporate. The beef ain't poppin nomo. I fuck wit BDs. Calmed down after Trae got shot. Mostly click beef in the streets now.

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Re: Texas Judge Rules to Ban Bloods, Crips from Houston Neighborhood

Postby 360 Degrees » June 3rd, 2017, 5:42 pm

That's whats up..when I was a kid it was hard as fuck to be a Blood, they was waaaay outnumbered was A LOT of wannabee Crips back in those days because of Snoop Doggy Dog and movies like Boyz in the Hood. A lot of copy cat gangs was around so Bloods had it rough on SW side back in those days bc they was getting attacked by everybody. Even Mexican gangs would go at them bc a lot of the Mexican gangs was cool with Crip gangs or was Folks like LRZ.

I would think Bloods are the deepest now in Houston. The gang shit to me stopped/slowed down big time when Screw movement got big, after that everybody was just tripping about their money not a set or a neighborhood, unless it was some northside vs southside shit.


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