Baltimore area-biggest piru city on eastcoast?

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Re: Baltimore area-biggest piru city on eastcoast?

Post by SPOOK » December 14th, 2007, 1:09 pm

Q -d0g wrote:im speaking for the b-more zone (baltimore city/baltimore county zones)..i couldnt help but notice how fast all of these piru sets popped up most aint doing jack of course but its the principle of being there i know ny had some pirus but baltimore is made mostly up of piru members.

-tree top piru (several clicks of ttp)
-elm street piru
-lueders park piru
-135 piru
-bmore dudes on here said "cedar block piru"
-inglewood neighborhood piru was on its way to getting started 2 years ago until the og got 2 homicide charges(it might be in the pen)

aside from the damus:
pasadena denver lanes
bounty hunter watts bloods
mad & family swans
& 1 of the lil homeys just informed me that crenshaw mafia blood is the latest set to set up shop..for a small city alotta sets is popping up with dudes claiming it.

aside from the cedar block & crenshaw mafia ive seen most of these members on the street 90% is teenagers some wild out ,some of the big homeys of the set school the young boys how to go about things properly

da bhb niggaz in bmore fake da pdl niggaz in bmore fake n da creshaw mafias in bmore is fake da same nigga dat started da fake pdl in bmore started cmg to make it look like how dey do it in cali n ever thing else is real except da nigga dat said he cbp n i never heard of 135 in bmore i kno dey in jersey

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Re: Baltimore area-biggest piru city on eastcoast?

Post by Ghost one » April 18th, 2017, 11:47 pm

Sounds like fake bloods to me .

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