Romantic Violence in R World (Insane Unknown Kings)

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Romantic Violence in R World (Insane Unknown Kings)

Postby Greasers712 » October 17th, 2014, 9:27 am

The IUK’s down in the city always emphasized the ‘Insane Unknowns’ part of the name. Up here, they straight-up call themselves ‘Unknown Kings’. The Insane Unknown Kings are one of the more mysterious gangs in Chicago. They take the ‘unknown’ part of their name seriously and even use the grim reaper or a ghost as their symbol. Their colors are black and white and they’re more secretive than most gangs.

The IUK’s started in 1967 in the middle of one of the Latin Kings’ many territories. At first, they were just a small group of Hispanic kids that called themselves the Insane Unknowns. But they hung out with and resembled the Latin Kings so much that the LK’s began to jokingly call them the ‘Unknown Kings.’ For a while, they acted like the LK’s little brother. By the mid-1970’s however, the IUK’s had grown substantially and branched out all over the north side. They took over the LK’s east Humboldt corner of Leavitt & Schiller and were in a never-ending war with the Royals for Fullerton.

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