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TheHoodUp.com is an active online community dedicaded to every hood across America. The main purpose of this site is to give the residents of these hoods a neutral common ground where they can safely and effectively communicate with one another. TheHoodUp.com is an open and uncensored forum where people can explain how things really are in their hoods, help teach the ignorant by sharing their real life hood experiences and even have peace talks with rivals to settle differences without risk of violence. The information found on TheHoodUp.com is useful for anyone with a genuine interest in understanding how life really is in an American hood. TheHoodUp.com is not here to promote or glamorize any criminal activity, TheHoodUp.com is here to give you a peek at the raw reality of an American lifestyle and culture that is loved by few, hated by many but respected by all.

Why the adult ads? Because even though this site is free for you to use, the hosting and maintenance of this site isn't free. The bills have to be paid somehow, or this forum simply wouldn't exist. Not too many people or companies are willing to advertise on sites like this, but the adult community is. In order to keep this site both free of charge and free of strict rules, we allow the adult community to advertise here. No mainstream sites will advertise on this forum. Our only other option is charging you a membership fee, and we don't want to go that route. Besides, you have to be 18+ in order to access this site anyway so adult content shouldn't be an issue for you.

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